How to Fix Windows 10 Sound Not Working Problem

Windows 10 Sound Not Working: Here and now, we see a lot of users facing various hardware issues. But remember solving those issues is not a big deal. Let’s start analyzing a few techniques for one of the issues encountered among them. Like, how to fix windows 10 sound not working problems? Or no sound on computer windows 10/8/7? Follow the below suitable fixes.

However, you will have a rollback option especially at the time of windows update. But this might be considered the last option. Usually, sound plays a major part in all the devices. Most of the users crosscheck how effective the audio is? This is specially done at the time of purchasing.

Windows 10 Sound Not Working

Once after the purchase or after a perfect update, if no sound on a laptop, tension not!!! Start trying the below fixes with no fail. In general, all the systems were being developed and work on multiple audio commands. Doing so describes how sound is very much important. Before you start, ensure you have not put the speakers mute.

How to Fix Windows 10 Sound Not Working

Are you ready to apply the below fixes? Tension not!!!! Implementing these methods and solving was as simple as that!!!! Let’s go start, follow the instructions and solve the issue right now.

  • Verify your driver.
  • Crosscheck the respective sound card.
  • Check whether the speakers and headphone cables are connected in a proper way or not.
  • Sound and Audio Troubleshooter
  • Restart the system once after the update
  • No sound after performing updates

Verify Your Driver

  • Open the control panel-> sound-> now if you see, there will be the playback and recording tabs. Go for it and choose it as default.
  • Keeping beside this, you can try for another alternative. Go to Start-> type device manager in the start menu and then press enter.
  • Once it gets open, expand the sound, video, and also game controllers. And then start locating audio device-> double click and open properties.
  • Finally, crosscheck whether the device has been installed in the right way and do the device working perfectly or no. This is applied when windows 10 sound not working.
  • Now at last in the Driver tab, simply click on update driver or uninstall it. Go to the respective device manager-> action-> and then scan for the hardware changes.
  • As a result, doing so will absolutely reinstall the driver without any fail.

Crosscheck the Respective Sound Card

  • Before going into this method, crosscheck your system, does the sound card working properly or not. If you notice the same fix windows 10 sound not working problem, fix it right now. To do so, select search-> device manager-> and then tap on settings respectively.
  • Open device manager-> tap on sound-> video and game controllers in order to expand such categories. Well, if you notice it’s a presence, they have been installed with no fail.
  • Remember, all the tabs or laptops generally will not maintain sound cards. But contains integrated sound processors that appear most similar in the respective device manager.
  • Do not forget to verify its working status. If it is well-worked, the issue is absolutely related to sound settings, cables or with the speakers.

Check Whether the Speakers and Headphone Cables are Connected

  • Do you want to fix windows 10 sound not working problem??? Go through this method immediately.
  • Nowadays, we see new PCs which were coming up with 3 or more jacks. This mainly includes one microphone, line-in jack, and line-out jack respectively.
  • In turn, all these jacks were connected to the sound processor. Crosscheck whether the speakers were connected with line-out jack or no. If not, simply try to connect with each jack and check whether the sound is produced or failed to do so.
  • If in case of using headphones, make sure that you have already plugged in with a line out jack to the respective sound card or PC.

Sound and Audio Troubleshooter

  • While all the above methods failed to perform, try to use the built-in troubleshooting technique supported by windows10/8/7. This might fix the issue in a very short time.
  • Go to the control panel with the help of the command Win+X-> There below system and security, tap on finding and fix problems.
  •  Or right-click on the speaker-> taskbar notification-> choose to troubleshoot sound problems. Doing so will open the sound and audio troubleshooter.
  • And then go for hardware and sound-> troubleshoot audio recording, which notifies all the issues if any.
  • If you wouldn’t find any, it is perfectly fine with no bugs. That’s all!!!!!!!

Restart the System Once After the Update

  • Usually, most of the time whenever users face irrespective of the type of issue, they go for an option called “restart”.
  • In order to do so, choose start button-> go to the option power-> and then select update and restart. Or you can also choose update and shutdown based on your need or requirement.
  • Even though if you face the same problem, run the audio troubleshooter without any fail.

No Sound After Performing Updates

Well, even after implementing various methods, facing the same fix windows sounds not working problem, try to restore it. As a result, check whether it has been fixed the issue of windows 10 sound not working shortly.

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Final Verdict

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