why is my vizio tv talking to me

How do I get my Vizio TV to stop talking?

How to turn off the narrator Power on the TV and press the MENU button on your Vizio remote. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the System option and press the ENTER button to select. Use the arrow buttons to scroll down to the Accessibility option. … Scroll down to the Talk Back feature and set it to OFF.

Why is my Vizio TV talking back to me?

If you keep hearing narration on your Vizio TV, it may be because you have activated the Talk Back feature. In 2017, the Vizio Company began adding advanced accessibility tools to its televisions. That included a feature that would aid persons with visual and hearing impairments.

How do you get your TV to stop talking to you?

1 Enable or Disable Text-to-Speech Press MENU on your remote to open the main screen. Scroll up or down and select Settings, and press OK. Select Accessibility, and press OK. Select Voice Guide, and press OK. Select ON to enable or OFF to disable the text-to-speech feature.

Why can’t I turn off audio description?

If a manual change is necessary, you’ll need to go to the settings icon. Choose Accessibility, then select VoiceOver. You can turn it off from there.

How do I turn off voice Accessibility?

Turn TalkBack / Screen Reader Off From a Home screen, swipe up to access all apps. If unavailable, tap the. Apps icon. … Tap. Settings. to highlight it then double tap to select. Tap. Accessibility. … Tap. TalkBack. … Tap the. TalkBack switch. … Tap ‘OK’ or ‘TURN OFF’ to highlight it then double tap to select.

Where is the menu button on a Vizio remote?

It might seem weird that Vizio did not include a ‘Menu’ button on their remote since you need it to access most TV functions. There is no clear answer as to why Vizio opted not to have a ‘Menu’ button, but you can still access the settings by simply holding down the ‘Input’ and ‘Volume Down’ keys.

Where is settings on Vizio TV?

Access the Settings menu Press the Home button. From the Home screen, use the directional pad on your TV remote to navigate to and select Settings. From here, select and adjust your desired options. Picture: Adjust the viewing mode, picture size, and Expert Settings like Backlight and Brightness.

How do I turn off narrator on Comcast?

While watching full-screen video, press the down arrow on your Xfinity remote. The transport bar will pop up on the lower third of the screen. Press the left arrow twice to highlight the audio description on/off option on the screen (the audio description logo). Press OK to turn audio description on or off.

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