Why am I not getting notifications from Gmail and how to fix it

Why am I not getting notifications from Gmail and how to fix it

“I don’t get notifications from Gmail”, surely you have had this problem on more than one occasion. For this reason, we are going to give you the most effective solutions of the moment. You do not have to be a professional, but simply follow all the advice that we will give you from our portal.

There are many people who mention having this failure on their mobiles. Well, the problems with this platform are related to other problems in the mobile phone. There are several circumstances, and each one is solved differently.

Therefore, it is necessary to know exactly where the problem originates from in order to attack it from the root. Otherwise, you may not fix the problem, and if you do, it may reappear.

Next, we will analyze 5 situations that cause one or the other problem with gmail notifications on android. So, write down these details so you can find the answer you’re looking for.


misconfigured application

Believe it or not, on some occasions the problems generated with the gmail notifications are due to a bad configuration. That’s right, something so simple becomes a terrible annoyance. It’s probably due to a system update, or it just stopped working.

If you want to be aware of your emailas well as new features of the platform, a precise configuration must be made.

Steps to follow

First of all, you need to open the gmail app, which you probably have on your mobile desktop. After this, click on the menu button, which is characterized by having three horizontal lines. It is located on the left and upper part of the mobile screen.

Go to the configuration section and then in the part that says Gmail account. It is there where you have the problem, and in that same place we are going to attack the inconvenience.

Click on Notificationschoose Everyone and then go to the section Received notifications. Now click on Notify about each message and make sure to sync Gmail, this time in the data usage section.

With this you will achieve how to turn on gmail notifications on android.

Why am I not getting notifications from Gmail and how to fix it - Misconfigured app

lots of cache

The cache It causes different problems in many applications, and there is no exception with email. Sometimes the poor performance of this memory in some terminals makes the apps not working properly. In fact, in several high-end mobiles with good features, it also causes inconveniences.

When the cache has a high number, it is likely that prevent the arrival of notifications. So if you’re not getting your Gmail emails, your cache may be playing against you.

Fortunately, the solution is very simple.

Steps to follow

One has to clear cache, both of the device and of the application as such. Everything is as easy as going to the settings section on your mobile phone. Enter the applications section and look for the gmail appswhich you must select.

Then, tap on storage and click on the option clear cache. This will remove all background data from the app, and it will be free. Finally, apply the same procedure in social networking and messaging applications.

Blocked notifications

If your email notifications are not reaching you, it may be caused by a notification block. You may have mistakenly blocked this section of Gmail on your phone. Again, we mention that some updates, whether of the terminal or the app, make changes without asking.

As in the previous case, the solution is extremely simple and it will not take you more than a couple of minutes.

Steps to follow

To get started, go to the configuration section from a mobile phone and again to the applications section. You know what the goal is gmail apps, on which you must press. Go to the notifications section and make sure that the option block all is deactivated.

There are people who perform this procedure, but still have certain problems. Make sure to check that you haven’t activated the do not disturb option on the mobile, because if it is activated you will not receive notifications either.

If you want to receive notifications to see them when you have the opportunity, activate the option override do not disturb. In this way, notifications will continue to arrive without any problem.

Why am I not getting notifications from Gmail and how to fix it - Blocked notifications

battery saving mode

Android It’s one of the operating systems most complete and intelligent on the market. One of its functions is to limit certain applications when it enters power saving mode automatically.

When the terminal charge is about to run out, the battery saving it is activated so that the applications do not consume the maximum charge of the phone. There are times when some functions that are necessary are blocked, even with low battery.

The optimization of OS sometimes blocks the gmail notifications.

Steps to follow

You know where the section of settingso go there and access the section of battery. Click on the section battery saving and disable this feature. Battery saver prevents background data from running, as does sync.

There are some devices that allow you to modify the battery saving parameters. If this is your case, you can add the gmail exception and use both battery saver and notifications.

remove the restrictions

The last problem with gmail notifications on android that we will analyze are the restrictions. You should not confuse them with notification blocking. They are similar terms, but, in practice, they are different.

In fact, they are located in different parts of the mobile phone settings. The restriction is that Android does not allow background data to be used in an application. Consequently, you will also not be able to access the internet, which prevents synchronization and notifications.

Just like in the previous problems, the solution is fast, simple and very effective.

Steps to follow

Open the Settings app. Go to the applications section, pressing again on the gmail apps. On this occasion, go to the section data usagewhich is related to the megabytes used on the internet.

You must activate two options, consisting of Unrestricted data usage and background data. When you are at home connected to the WiFi network, the notification will reach you immediately. However, if you have been out on the street, it is possible that this option is disabled and you have not realized it.

In the end, the Android operating system always looking to save in all means, whether in data, balance, battery, among others.

We hope that some of these suggestions have been useful for you and that they help you solve the problem. It is even possible that you have to use several of them, so do not stop check one by one. Consequently, you will be able to have full access to all the gmail features.

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