where to buy capacitors for tv

How much does a TV capacitor cost?

TV capacitor repair costs $60 to $129, including parts and labor. The cost for the replacement part ranges from $0.06 to $14, with the labor portion ranging from $60 to $125 per hour. TV capacitors protect the circuit from getting too much power, filter signals, and facilitate changing channels.

Are capacitors used in TVS?

Televisions use a large number of capacitors and over time these can wear out. Rather than replacing the whole TV, it is sometimes possible to simply replace a damaged capacitor. Capacitors are checked using a capacitance meter.

How much does it cost to replace a capacitor on a Samsung TV?

TV Repair Prices by Type of Replacement Replacement Part Average Costs (Labor Included) Fuse $60 – $150 Capacitor $60 – $200 Bulb $75 – $200 Backlight $100 – $200 5 more rows •

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