where does the lg tv power cord go


Where does TV power cord go?

If you are facing the back of the TV, the power cord connects to your right, and the cord then fits into a track inside the TV stand and exits in the middle/back/bottom of the stand to run to the power source.

How do I connect my LG TV?

LG Smart TV Network Connection Press the SMART button on your LG remote and scroll to access the Home menu. Select the Settings button, then OK. Select Network, then WiFi Connection. Your LG Smart TV will first attempt to connect to a wired network. … Select your WiFi network from the list of available networks. More items…

Where do I plug in the power cord on my Samsung TV?

Connect the power-supply cord to the three-pronged plug at the bottom-left corner on the back of your Samsung TV. Plug the other end of the cord into the wall outlet.

How do you run a power cord through a wall?

The fish stick (also called a fish tape or glow rod) is a flexible rod with a small hook attached to the end. Use the fish stick to catch and pull the wires through the space behind the walls. The fish stick helps run the cords and wires through if there’s insulation in the wall.

Why is my LG TV not connecting to cable?

Troubleshooting Tips Try switching to each other input, maybe the ports aren’t labelled correctly. Try connecting the HDMI cable into a different Input port, maybe the port is malfunctioning. Try connecting a different device to the TV (or the same device to a different TV), maybe the other deviceis causing the issue.

Where do I plug in the power cord on my Vizio TV?

Locate the recessed area on the back of your TV that contains the power cord connection. There is usually a sticker indicating the location. Once you’ve located the recessed area, look at the top edge of the recession. There will be a port to connect the power cable.

What cord does a TV need?

Nearly everything you might want to connect to a TV these days uses the same connection: HDMI. HDMI cables carry high-resolution images and sound over one small cable.


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