What is and how to open a JNLP file

How to open a JNLP file

In this article we will teach you what is it and how to open a JNLP file quickly, effectively and easily. Of course, we will also talk about everything related to this kind of extension, what it consists of and how to use it.

When handling files applications development, whether directly on the computer or in a web browser, you will find many formats. One of the most important of all, at least for java users, is the one of the JNLP specification.

For this reason, we invite you to pay close attention to this post, where we will give you all the details you need to know, especially if you are looking to use the PROS@ system to electronic signatures of Social Security.

What is a JNLP file and what is it for?

The acronym JNLP stands for Java Network Boot Protocol or Java Network Launching Protocol. It is a format that contains information relevant to a connection, such as a remote address to download Java programs, presented in .JAR format.

These files are used both to start and to manage java applications and they are a more secure method for, for example, making electronic signatures such as those of the social security JNLP system.

JNLP files are saved using the XML extension, which makes it easy to edit on your computer. In fact, only a text editor is needed to open it, an application available on any operating system.

Now, to be able to double-click on the format and have it open automatically, you need to install Java Runtime Environment.

What does a JNLP file contain

A JNLP file has stored data that uses the XML-syntax. It is an exclusive format of Java Web Start, an application that we will define later. Files with the JNLP extension integrate application resources and web package data, which are focused on their description.

Practically, it is all the information contained in the web pages that have been created with java format. It also includes contexts, class, legal measures and descriptions of different portals.

How to open a JNLP file in Chrome

One of the simplest solutions for open a JNLP file is to use directly Google Chrome. This is one of the most complete browsers, so it is compatible with many files. Of course, certain parameters must be met for this Java extension to be compatible.

when installing Java Web Start, opening the files in the browser will be a simple task. The same goes for the plugin. java oraclea little less known, but also very effective.

If you want to use either tool in Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Download Java from its official page, in case you don’t have it installed in your browser. It is a prerequisite for opening JNLP files and other related applications.
  2. Download the JNLP file you want to open using the run button. After this, a notification will appear at the bottom of the Chrome window.
  3. Click on save, an option that is located in the search bar or pop-up window of your computer.
  4. Click on the JNLP format and give the permission to “Always open files of this type”. Once you set your preferences, Chrome will be able to open these files just by pressing the run button.

With this process you can open social security JNLP files from your browser.

How to open a JNLP file - How to open a JNLP file in Chrome

How to open a .JNLP file with Java

Since this file is a Java extension, the easiest thing you can do to open it is to use the same application. As we already mentioned, when installing the JRE, just double-clicking it will be enough to run this file. However, there are other methods that will also work for you, all derived from Java.

Among the most popular is Java Web Start, a native application to work with JNLP. This program is transparent and allows you to download the application directly to your computer. Now, there are different methods to run an app or extension through Java Web Start:

From a browser

In this case, just double-click on a link JNLP, as we mentioned recently. If the system asks for the program to use to open the file, a specific path must be given. Look inside the Java installation files, the usual path is: /opt/jdk1.5.0_05/jre/javaws.

Desktop shortcut

The shortcut can be made on the desktop or also in the start menu of the operating system. Then, Java Web Start asks the path where you want to create such access. As a result, all subsequent launches of the application in question will not require a browser.

cache viewer

It is a method used for applications already downloaded. You just have to go to the Windows control panel and double-click on the Java icon. Look for the cache section, specifically in the viewer.

From the command prompt

a command console, CMD on Windows or Shell on Linux, allows to open social security JNLP file. Write javaws jnlp_url, where jnlp_url is the address of the application’s Java file.

How to open a JNLP file - How to open a .JNLP file with Java

How to open JNLP files with text editors

The default editor that comes with the Windows operating system is more than enough. However, if you want a little more complete tools, be sure to try the following:

  • Sublime: It is one of the editors preferred by many users, it has a free version and a paid version. It is a lightweight and high-performance editor that uses few resources.
  • Atom: It is a very attractive open source editor, ideal for developers. If you work with Java applications, it is an ideal alternative.
  • Notepad++: It is one of the most advanced and popular editors on the market. It is free and optimizes the use of resources when developing applications.

How to open a JNLP file on mobile

surely you have wondered how to open JNLP files on Androidsince it is not possible natively, since Java is a complement incompatible with Android operating systems. Consequently, no pages containing JAR files or containing Java content will open on your phone.

Despite this, there are certain strategies to work around the restrictions, depending on what you want to do. The two most popular are using a file simulator and using remote desktop.

Use a Java file simulator

If you decide on this strategy, start rooting your mobile Using whatever method you like. Afterward, download a Java file simulator, such as PhoneME, JBED, Netmite, or JBlend. Follow the installation steps and locate the path where the JNLP files are located.

Use remote desktop

This method is a bit more conventional, as it is an option available natively on mobile phones. The chrome remote desktop It will be very useful in this situation. If you want to access a web page with Java, connect your mobile with Google desktop.

How to open a JNLP file on Mac

Actually, the procedure is exactly the same as the one we explained for Windows operating systems. You can use either chrome browser and the java plugins or simply install Java Web Start. run the command open document in the application and locate the file on your computer.

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