How To Fix Vizio TV Remote Not Working

Is your Vizio tv remote not working? Are you unable to control the settings of your high-definition television? It may be because of two reasons Vizio tv remote not working or losing the remote.

If you are having one of these problems, then let us discuss some simple methods that can solve this problem vizio smart tv remote not working (without using the original remote).

Vizio TV Remote Not Working

Keep in mind that if your Vizio TV is connected to a cable box or satellite receiver, then you are not able to control volume or channel. You must use manual buttons on those boxes only. Also, if the Vizio TV you have is manufactured between 2010 and 2013, then it comes with an IR blaster for controlling home theater devices.


What is Vizio TV Remote

Vizio tv remote is a remote control that is used with the Vizio television to change channels and adjust volume etc.

vizio smart tv remote is a highly effective replacement of the normal television remote which helps in controlling the functions of the television such as changing channels, playing or pausing movies or videos, adjusting volume etc.

Why is My Vizio TV Remote Not Working

There are many reasons why your Vizio tv remote may not be working. The batteries might have gone dead, you might have purchased a defective replacement vizio smart TV control, there could be an issue with your Vizio Tv itself or somebody might have changed your channel on purpose.

Whatever may be the reason, here are some effective Vizio smart TV remote control replacement solutions to fix your vizio tv remote. Let’s look at how to fix these issues one by one.

How to Fix Vizio TV Remote Not Working

Here are some effective methods that can help you in getting rid of this situation Vizio smart tv remote not working. You must first try to look for it before buying a replacement vizio smart TV control.

Check the Batteries

You need to check whether the batteries installed in your remote are working or not. If they are low, you should go ahead and replace them with new ones. Make sure that the batteries of your TV remote control are matching with those of TV. Otherwise, it won’t work at all.

Try Replacing the Batteries

When changing batteries doesn’t resolve Vizio tv remote not working issue, it might be possible that there is something wrong with the battery port of your TV. If you have already checked them several times but no avail, then you should try removing them for a while and then putting them back again after 10 to 15 minutes. Also, make sure that you do this properly otherwise it will cause damage.

Try Pointing it Directly at the TV

When you are trying to select a particular option on your smart TV, there is a likelihood that you might be holding your remote control in an incorrect mode. You need to make sure that the antenna of the remote control is pointing towards your TV so as to avoid this type of situation. Also, try keeping your hands away from any other metal objects or appliances like microwave ovens, washing machines, etc that can interfere with its range and thus creating problems Vizio smart tv remote not

Restart TV and Vizio Remote Control

Try restarting both Vizio tv remote not working Vizio smart tv after following all the above-mentioned steps because sometimes something wrong happens at the back end which might cause this type of issue.

Reset Vizio Remote Control

If the method mentioned above does not work for you, it is possible that there might be some problem with your remote control. In this case, you need to reset vizio remote control in order to fix vizio tv remote not working situation. You can easily follow these steps in order to do so:

  • First of all, remove the batteries from your TV’s remote control and also take out the batteries from its backside.
  • Now press and hold the volume up button along with the reset button present on the battery compartment. While doing so keep on waiting till “TV” logo comes on screen or else the red light blinks over the TV screen 4 times
  • Once that is done, put the batteries back again but make sure that you use new batteries.
  • Now try using your remote control and see Vizio smart tv remote not working whether it works.

If still there are issues with Vizio smart tv remote not working vizio tv remote, then you have to contact Vizio Customer Support for further assistance on this issue vizio tv not responding to Vizio smart tv.

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