How to Fix Twitch Mods Tab Not Loading

Twitch is an America Live streaming service operated by Twitch interactive, A subsidiary of Amazon(  It mainly focuses on the “Gaming Live Streaming”, Which includes the board of the Esports competition, music Broadcasts, creative content, and more recently “in real lifestreams” are the additional features.

However, the recent update of the Twitch has an error, that the twitch mods not loading or the twitch mods tab not loading. many users report that when they attempt to load the twitch mods tab not loading.

twitch mods not loading

In this article, we try to resolve the bugs, twitch mods tab not loading, with little effort if you follow the below methods. And the following guide helps to solve the problem in a very small time.


Why Twitch Mods Tab Not Loading

Most of the users report that they are facing the problems like twitch mods not loading on twitch with its loading screen while they are playing the mode games. and some of the problems are listed below,

twitch mods tab not loading

  • Modes van troubleshoot when loading if the application is not launched as an administrator
  • Network problems or network failure while signing in or you didn’t sign in properly as the service was crashed and thus would not have loaded.
  • When certain twitch features are blocked by the Firewall, due to twitch mods tab would not have loaded.

The first thing you have to do is to give the twitch privileges when you encountered problems on your twitch app.

  • Firstly, you have to right-click on the Twitch Executable and choose the properties.
  • Then, navigate to the compatible tab, and check the box parallel to Run the program as an Administrator.

twitch mods page not loading

  • Now, click on the Apply and select the OK button, and click enter.

What to do, When are Twitch Mods not loading?

Here you need to remember few things when the switch modes are loading on your twitch app, below are the steps you need to be followed.

Delete the AppData

In Some cases, there might be the chances of corrupting your App Configuration files or setting files, due to which the Twitch Mods Not Loading, or twitch app not loading issue on your Twitch app. follow the below steps to do so.

  • Hold on the Window + R button to open the Run Prompt
  • Type “%App%” in the text box and press enter.
  •  Open the twitch files and delete all the selecting files.
  • Launch the Twitcher and see if the issue still persists or not.

Resign in into the Twitch Account

If you found that the Twitch Mods Not Loading or Twitch app not loading then resign into the account the reason might be you’re not signing properly. So, Signout and sign in again into the Twitch account, Maybe this will help you to resolve the issue. Follow the process to do so.

  • Launch your Twitch desktop application.
  • On the left corner of your screen, Click on the Manu icon.
  • Now, go to the file and select Logout.
  • On the Login Screen, Sign-in to the Twitch Account with proper credentials, and if the issue of Twitch Mods Not Loading is resolved or not.

twitch app mods tab not loading

Uninstall the Twitch

For most instances you need to install the Twitch app on the device,  on more cases is proven to be an effective solution for the Twitch Mods Not Loading, or the Twitch app mods not loading issue. follow the below process to do this.

  • On the taskbar, click on the search button,  and type control on the text box then Open the Control panel.
  • In the control panel, Select the Programs, uninstall programs, and double click on them.

twitch app dark mode

  • Find the Google chrome on the list app, and right-click on it to uninstall the app
  • Navigate to your browser you want and download the Twitch App.
  • Double Click on the Download file and execute the files by following the instructions on the Screen for installing it.
  • Sign in to the account, and check if the problem is solved.

Install the .Net Framework

If you haven’t installed the .net framework on the computer, then this might be one of the reasons why there is an issue in loading the twitch tab app. then follow the below steps to install the .net framework.

  • Download the .dotnet framework from the given link.
  • Run the execution and follow the onscreen instruction on your device to install it.

twitch mods not loading 2021

  • Open the twitch app and see if the issue still exists.

Modify the Minecraft.exe file

If the issue of Twitch Mods Not Loading is persisted, then modify the Minecraft.exe file in your to fix the problem, follow the below steps to perform.

  • Click on the search icon available on the Taskbar. type ThisPC in the text box and open.
  • Now locate the following location and locate the Minecraft.exe file in the location. Change the user in the following path to C:\Users\Pro\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Install.

twitch mods not loading minecraft

  • Right Click on Minecraft.exe and create a shortcut, and remember that the shortcut should be available in the install folder.
  • On the created Short right-click on it, and select Properties.
  • Here you have to go to the Target Tab, before the Target Path, then add “–workDir” and press the Spacebar as shown below  “–workDir  c:\Users\Pro\Documents\Curse\minecraft\Install\minecraft.exe”.
  • Go to your Application, and from the drop-down menu, open the Minecraft.exe short that you created recently and select the forge profile.

Toggle the hidden files

Toggling the hidden files and their respective folders is a simple troubleshooting procedure that helps you to solve the issue twitch app mods tab not loading or the twitch app mods tab not loading
twitch app mods not a loading problem, then follow the below steps.

  • Click on the search icon available on the taskbar, and Open show hidden files and Folders.
  • Navigate to the view tab and check the radio button to show the hidden files, folders, and drives.

twitch app mods tab not loading

  • Now select the button to apply and click on OK.

Run the App in Safe Mode

if you are still unable to resolve the issue of the twitch app mods tab not loading then you can run the app in safe mode. And see you can resolve the issue.

twitch mods not loading wow

  • Click the search button on the taskbar, and open msconfig.
  • Now, you need to move to the boot tab and check the boot parallel to the safe boot.
  • Make sure if the radio button parallel to the Network option is enabled.
  • Now, Restart your computer and check if the error still exists. Ensure you have to Disable the safe boot after the completion of the task.

Enable the Software Rendering Mode

If Twitch is unable to load the twitch mods tab on your computer, then follow the below step and check if the Error is resolved after Enabling the software rendering mode.

  • first, you need to launch your Twitch desktop application
  • On the top-left corner of the screen, click on the Menu Icon.
  • Now go to the file, and select the settings.
  • Navigate to the general Tab and enable the toggle button parallel to the Software Rendering Mode.

twitch mods not loading rendering mode


As you still have faces that your twitch mods not loading, you can use any other mod launcher to fix the issue. you can also use “multiMc” as your primary Modpack client because it has reportedly fixed the issue for users. Hope our article on twitch mods not loading will be helpful for you to resolve the error For more information visit our Techy2tech. Any you any doubts regarding this comment us.

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