Trick to find out a private number

Tricks to find out a private number

Although it is not so common, on certain occasions you can receive calls from a hidden number. You don’t know who he is and it’s possible that feel some doubt to answer. It is likely to be someone from telemarketing, advertising or, in the worst cases, a scammer.

For this reason, in this TecVideos article we want to show you how to find out a private or hidden number In a simple way. We will show you methods with apps and also some strategies that don’t need any installation.

The first thing we want to clarify is that, without third-party applications, it is difficult find out who is calling you if you don’t answer the mobile. You can identify a hidden number, but on the condition that you pick up the call. With this trick to find out a private phone, within your phone you can do a simple configuration:

  1. Go to the Settings section of your phone.
  2. Go to the Calls section, located in Sim Card or Connections.
  3. Look for the Hidden numbers or Private calls option.
  4. Tap the Show all numbers checkbox.

This is the only way you will be able to see a private number, but only after you have answered. If your phone doesn’t have this option, or you don’t want to answer the call at all, check out the solutions below.

You must know the difference between hidden number and unknown number. A hidden number cannot be seen on the screen, while the unknown number can be seen on your phone. The point is that you do not know who is calling you, which also generates certain suspicions.

Next, we will talk about some applications that will help you identify those numbers already prevent advertising calls, spam or fraud.


True Caller

This app works by creating a huge database with thousands of phone numbers. This is achieved by all users who use the application. If you register with it, you will give it access to your agenda.

When you install the app, all the calls you receive will go through a filter. Then, the sender’s number will be checked against the platform’s database. Consequently, it will identify if the user is legitimate or if it is fraud, advertising or a robot.


By installing and giving the necessary permissions to the application, you will have access to a very large database of phone numbers. It works in a similar way to the previous one, with the aim of contrasting the calls. You only have to mark as unwanted numbers all those identified as fraud, spam, advertising, marketing, among others.

In addition, the application incorporates a black list that suggests some unwanted numbers that have already been cataloged by other users.


CallApp is an application that serves to identify calls and also as a recorder. Probably what interests you the most is the first option, although its recording function is very interesting. For example, if you answer the call and realize you’re in trouble, you can record to use the data you get to solve a problem.

Be that as it may, the purpose of the app is identify, block and trace calls from people you don’t have registered. And if you want, you can automatically block unknown numbers.


It also works almost identically to the options above, but with the opportunity to Create your own blacklist. Once you identify the unwanted numbers, you just have to place them on the list and block them. Also, it comes with its own function to record calls.

Who’s Calling

Regarding the calls, the operation is the same as in all the options written in this article. However, it stands out for an important difference, and that is compatibility with text messages, WhatsApp and social networks. That’s right, you can use it to know who contacts you through Facebook.

Also, create a record of unknown or private numbers that make Calls at inconvenient hours. No matter what company they belong to, you won’t have any inconvenience.

If you want to know more calling applications for your mobile, you may be interested in our article The best applications to call for free.

Tricks to find out a private number - Applications to identify an unknown number

Another method that you can use to find out an unknown number without apps is to search for it on Google. Instead of answering the call, quickly jot down the number in your browser and you might have results. Of course this only works if it is the number of a company or agency with recognition.

Normally, if they are scammers, the numbers will not appear in the search engine.

Can you find out a hidden number without apps?

If you don’t answer the call, it doesn’t matter if you use apps or not, you will not be able to know the number. Remember that the only way to know is if your Android phone supports the configuration mentioned at the beginning of this article, and pick up the phone.

In any case, It is worth contacting your operatorwho could give you information, although it is not always a guaranteed option.

In many cases it is possible, and it is achieved by dial 69 on your mobile and call. Depending on your geographical location, you could try 57, 71 and 67, although with an important requirement: you cannot have received subsequent calls to the hidden number.

The option to dial 69 is available to call back the last number received. If someone else has called you, you will lose the opportunity to return the tone to the number in question.

Even so, our recommendation is that, if you feel doubts about it, avoid any type of contact. It is preferable to ignore the call to avoid unpleasantness.

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