Top tricks and hacks for PlayStation 4

New tricks for PlayStation 4

If you are wondering what tricks and settings are on PS4 and Dualshock 4, at Tecvideos we share the best tricks for this game console and its wireless controller. With these recommendations we want you to know your own PS4 in depth, getting the most out of your games, your Dualshock 4 controller and improving as a gamer.

So, we have brought you the top tricks and hacks for PlayStation 4 because we know that you are a fan of PlayStation video games and game consoles. These functions or tricks are 100% safe and free, with which you can boost your PS4 console and acquire more skills in your games. Do not miss this information and take note of the following description of the new shortcuts for PlayStation 4 and dual shock 4.

Tricks to improve the configuration of the PS4

There are different tricks to improve the configuration and customize your console:

  • ps4 skins is a free application that serves to personalize your game console with images and photos that you want. First install the application, find the image, paste it into the program, edit and adjust as you like.
  • For reinforce privacygo to Settings-social networks section-privacy settings, and choose who can send you messages, etc.
  • You can set up dualshock so that it starts automatically. Simply activate the option “Enter PS4 Automatically” and it will start directly with your user.
  • Change the theme of the screen It’s very simple, you just have to go to “Settings”, then download a free theme from the PlayStore and select that image or theme as your wallpaper.

Tricks to take better care of the PS4

Taking proper care of your console will help improve its performance. Thus, place your game console horizontally to make it work properly, clean it with the vacuum cleaner from time to time and take care of your games by taking them correctly so that your PS4 reads them without difficulty.

On the other hand, prevent overheating. Your console is delicate, so you should protect it from exposing it to direct sunlight and choose ventilated and cool places instead so that it does not overheat.

Trick to download games on PS4 faster

App Helper PS4 is an application that is used to quickly download your PS4 games. You must install the App, then change the language to English and copy the IP address that you must paste in the corresponding PS4 configuration.

Tricks to earn extra money with PS4

Downloading AppNana or AppLike you can play, perform tasks, fill out forms, etc., which will add points to you. These points can then be converted into money to be redeemed from PayPal.

If you are a US resident, you can request to exchange your trophies for money. These trophies are collected as you win in your favorite video games.

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