Top 9 TikTok Video Editing Apps

TikTok Video Editing Apps

If you like videos and social networks, surely TikTok is one of the platforms you use the most. Now if you want create entertaining contentattractive and distinctive, you may want to use more than just the tiktok filters. Therefore, next, we will talk about some TikTok video editing apps which are very original.

These tools are very practical for add filters, images, music and text, so that the videos are much more striking. The advantage is that they are very easy to use apps that you can get for free on your mobile phone.

In some there is also the possibility of paying a subscription to obtain specialized services. Be that as it may, here we describe them in detail so that you can see which one is the most convenient for you and have more creative possibilities when editing your videos.



Inshot is an application that offers a wide variety of functions, including speeding up or slowing down videos. It is also possible to place music and filters to customize your productions. It stands out for having a fairly simple interface that is practically self-explanatory.

It has the basic video editing functions, but also the adding text, frames and special effects. You can also add emoticons, cut and join sections of the videos and place stickers.

On the other hand, it does not have a wide repertoire of music, unlike TikTok, so you will not see trending tracks or audios to sync with your lips. However, there is soft hints and tones to include in the video and make it much more enjoyable.

It also incorporates neon filters and mirror filters, which give a unique appeal to your audiovisual productions. To mention one drawback, you will see a small watermark in the lower right corner. If you pay for the subscription, you can remove it and have access to other features.

If you want to discover a video editor for TikTok without watermark, we invite you to visit our article Programs to edit videos for free without watermark.

TikTok Video Editing Apps - Inshot


The main purpose of this TikTok video editing app is merge multiple clips into one. Its interface is simple, easy to understand and quite simple. You just have to open it, select the option of your choice and the tool will do all the work by itself. Aside from joining multiple videos, Timbre also allows you to adjust audio.

Keep in mind that the purpose of this app is only to cut and join videos, so it does not offer many other tools. However, it will serve as a base to later use those results in a much more complete application with other effects for TikTok. Remember that other applications may be a little more complex when it comes to handling several videos at the same time.

TikTok Video Editing Apps - Timbre


Unlike the previous one, this is one of the TikTok video editing apps that allows you to play with numerous effects. You’ll enjoy wacky filters, transitions, and many stickers that you can customize to your liking

The interface isn’t as intuitive as previous platforms, but it’s still easy to use. If you practice constantly, you will get a good use out of this application. There are dozens of effects to transform your video and make it go from simple to impressive.

It also supports adding animations, texts, and particle effects. Funimate is a free app, although for more advanced features you will have to pay a monthly subscription.

TikTok Video Editing Apps - Funimate


Vizmato is a video editor for TikTok that combines Funimate with InShot, so it becomes one of the most complete tools. You can cut and trim the videos, join several of them and make spectacular transitions. It is also possible to include clips and modify the start and end setting of each one, depending on your needs.

It has the basic editing features, but also many interesting effects. You can include audio tracksalthough only those that are integrated into the application, without forgetting that some are paid.

TikTok Video Editing Apps - Vizmato

video shop

Videoshop is another of the most eye-catching TikTok video editing apps, since its functions are very complete. It gives you the possibility to add music, adjust the speed, place subtitles and use sound effects. Among them are applause, animal noises, explosions and much more to make your videos much more fun.

Of course, it lets you cut and join parts of multiple videos, use filters and add transitions to improve results. Finally, the app directly shares the content on TikTok, as well as other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

TikTok Video Editing Apps - Videoshop


Magisto is a video creator that is very easy to use and that, in a matter of minutes, will help you obtain very good audiovisual productions. He comes with default themes for weddings, business, travel, birthdays, selfies, and more. The application is accompanied with the basic editing options, like filters and transitions.

Finally, you can share the content directly on social networks, among which TikTok is included.

TikTok Video Editing Apps - Magisto

Video Show

We present you one of the most complete applications to edit TikTok videos. It is a tool with which you can edit, split, cut, join, overlay, duplicate, enlarge and do much more with your files. Apart from that, it supports the inclusion of texts, speed adjustments and filters.

One of the most interesting functions of VideoShow are the voice narrations, which give a unique touch to your videos. It also includes more than 50 default templates to create slideshows of photos and music videos.

TikTok Video Editing Apps - VideoShow


Transitions, themes, effects, texts, music and stickers are just some of the options that you will find in VivaVideo. It is a very complete platform that not only allows you to edit, but also improve your videos for TikTok. And if you have multiple files, you can modify and merge each other to create original content, all quite easy and fast.

TikTok Video Editing Apps - VivaVideo


To finish, we show you one of the lesser-known applications to edit TikTok videos, but one of the most effective. The best thing about Quik is that it’s completely free and helps you customize videos through cuts, joins, texts, frames, emoticons, among others. Also has 23 styles or templates defaults that will help you speed up editing.

TikTok Video Editing Apps - Quik

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