Top 5 light games for Android

Light games for Android

Are you a fan of games, but do not have much storage capacity on your cell phone? Would you like to have games that weigh less than 10 MB? Then keep reading until the end because, in this Tecvideos article, we bring you an incredible list with the best light games for android.

With these games, you will be able to use your Android phone without worrying that it will become slow or heavy. Your mobile will work as usual, since these games are light and free. Don’t wait any longer to try them.

Top 5 Free Lightest Games

If you want to know which are the best light games for Android, you are in the right place. we will show you free games that weigh very little, so they will take up little space on your mobile. In addition, you can download them on any smart mobile device, from the Google Play platform, so they are extremely safe, quality and free.

Next, we leave you the 5 best light games for Android:

  • Modern Sniper: a game that weighs only 10Mb and, once you open it, you will have to put the name of your character. You will be a sniper who must eliminate his opponents by creating strategies so that it is not you who is killed.
  • break the prison: This is one of the fun and light mobile games where you will be a prisoner looking to escape from jail. You will have to devise strategies and complete some tasks that the game indicates to you in order to level up and complete new missions.
  • Dr Parking: They are in the category of Android games that take up as little storage space as possible on your device. It is about learning to park a car from a driving school. You must pass the levels that get increasingly difficult. Then you can play and compete online with other people.
  • Stickman Fight: you can download it totally free from your mobile. Once you open it, you can start the game. It is an action game with a character with whom you will have to fight against your enemies. The missions are fun and very diverse. The best thing is that it weighs less than 10Mb.
  • Jet Car Stunt: It is among the top 5 Android games 2021, so you can enjoy this car game for free by downloading it on your mobile. You can first try the tutorial version, so that you learn to drive the car correctly and know all the tricks you can do with it. Once you have learned, you can play against the clock and thus beat your own records.

Light gaming for PC

On the other hand, if you are looking for light PC games, we will continue to give you alternatives. Of course, these games won’t have flashy graphics, but they do serve to pass the time. We invite you to pay attention to these very funny titles, especially for the little ones in the house. You have the possibility of downloading them without any economic cost, since they are available for free.

  • 1-2-3: A large part of the light games for PC have a didactic purpose and that is what this title is looking for. It is used so that the little ones at home learn the order of letters and numbers, favoring their development.
  • Moment of Time: For lovers of mysterious facts, this game is quite attractive. Its primary objective is to know how a town has disappeared from the face of the earth. Do not forget to try it, as it offers good hours of entertainment.
  • Math Games Level: there are not many games that weigh little that offer educational entertainment for the spoiled at home. Playing is the easiest way to entertain yourself, while gaining knowledge. If you want children to learn mathematics, this game is one of the most suitable.
  • elf bowling– Bowling will always be an eye-catcher, no matter the platform or how old you are. This is a fairly light game that offers you hours of fun to spend those free moments in the office. Also, it is set at Christmas time.
  • Morgan’s Pizza: everyone loves the kitchen, either when preparing food or enjoying the most delicious dishes. Hours of fun are guaranteed in this typical point and click game, either alone or with your friends.
  • The Fall Trilogy: if you want light games for PC and that at the same time give you unparalleled entertainment, do not overlook these deliveries. They are three mystery chapters that can be enjoyed at the best moments. It is an easy game to master, while also being fun.
  • Dead Cyborg: Science-fiction games can never be missing and that is what this entertaining title offers. It has several episodes to enjoy on any computer, since it is a very light game. If you like futuristic adventures, don’t miss out on this title.
  • F1 Spirit: we close our list of the best games that weigh little with a racing game. It has a quite entertaining retro style and is more of a challenge for its players.

Why Try Light Games for Android and PC

We are sure that these alternatives They will make you spend very pleasant moments in your free time. If you use a computer with very few resources, but you like games, do not stop resorting to these titles.

This time, we wanted to show you the best light games for Android and PC. As they weigh less than 10Mb, your phone will not get heavy and will work with the same speed as always. You can purchase all these games for free and 100% safe virus free. In this way, you will be guaranteed unlimited games on any smartphone and on your computer for as long as you want.

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