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Cheats for PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 may already be years old, but many of us continue to play it and enjoy its classic titles. For this reason, at Tecvideos we bring you a list of the best tricks for playstation 3 that will surprise you even after so many years.

With these hacks and tricks you can improve the image of your console, free up storage space, customize it and much more. Explore all these tips for PS3 and DualShock 3 and tell us if we have left any out.


Improves the image quality of the PS3

One of the tricks and hacks that everything ps3 gamer should know is how to improve the image quality on the console. To do it:

  1. You must go to Settings and look for the option Resolution Improvements. Then go to Smoothing and tap Yes.
  2. Then go to Display Settings, Video Output Settings, and select the mode your console is connected to. Then select the highest quality.
  3. Lastly, go to Filter for interference reduction and activate it. If your PS3 is connected via HDMI, enable the Full RGB Range option. Then, turn Pb/Cb on, and under Deep Color Output, check Auto. You will notice how the resolution and image quality has improved.

Clean PS3 easily

To keep your PS3 clean and working properly. hold down the button on the drive while unplugging the power cord, plug it back in without releasing the button. Don’t be scared, the fans of the Play 3 will start to sound, which air it out and deep clean it. Stop pressing and press again to make it stop.

Cheats for PlayStation 3 - Clean the PS3 easily

Improve internet speed

If you want improve connection when playing online or use the console to browse the Internet, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Network Setting and go to Connection Status List. Write down the numbers that appear in the IP address, subnet mask, and router.
  2. Go to Connection Settings, go to Custom, then Wired or Wireless as the case may be. Under Manual Settings, choose Auto-Manual Detect and write down the data you backed up earlier. In primary DNS put 8 in everything and in secondary put 8-8-4-4. Hit continue.
  3. Then, under MTU, choose Automatic, review the settings and hit OK. Check the connection and you will see that it is faster and smoother.
Cheats for PlayStation 3 - Improve internet speed

Create your own custom skins

Customize your console and controller with your own skin with custom templates. To do so, in this article we leave you the step by step and the templates to print the skins: How to create custom skins.

We also explain how to do it in the video below. You can cover your console with designs from your favorite games for free!

Enjoy animated backgrounds

Are you always looking for new backgrounds to put on your console interface? If you go to the search engine of your WEB browser and place “Dynamic Themes PS3” you can download animated backgrounds. Go to theme settings to modify it and apply your new backgrounds.

Format your PS3 controller

If you find that your DualShock is malfunctioning, you may need to reset it to correct the problem. Format your PS3 controller by pressing a small button on the back of the DualShock.

Cheats for PlayStation 3 - Format your PS3 controller

Free up space without deleting games

Space problems are very common when we have a lot of games in our library, but is it possible to free up some of the space without losing your games? With this trick, you can free up ps3 space without deleting games. Go to Game Data Tool and you can delete updates, data or save games.

Fix bugs on PS3

If your PS3 is not working properly, try this trick before sending it in for repair:

  1. Turn off the Play 3 and hold the power button until you hear a beep, release.
  2. Press and hold again until you hear 2 beeps, release again.
  3. You will see the console turn on with 5 options with which you can solve errors, format or rebuild data and much more.

Surely more than one of these hacks and tricks will work for your Play3. Give it life again and do not stop playing with this console by applying these very useful tricks.

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