The best programs to make free presentations

The best programs to make presentations

The tools to create presentations they have always been a very efficient support for students, teachers, small businesses and corporations. A good presentation can make all the difference when communicating about a topic or teaching a class.

With new applications, the options of what we can do in a presentation are increasingly varied. We can add elegant animations, creative transitions, multimedia material, clean and modern designs, and much more. So if you’re looking for programs to make presentations, here you will know the best options. There are many interesting and easy-to-use alternatives that will help you get excellent results when presenting your ideas.



Canva has become one of the preferred tools to create any type of digital design. Its use is very simple and allows the creation of images to be used in social media, ads and print layouts. As expected, it provides quite attractive templates when making presentations, perfect if you don’t want to create your designs from scratch and prefer faster options that you can easily customize.

Its filters are one of the most recognized features, as well as the ability it offers when creating branded filters. Thanks to it, you can customize your own template with the logo and colors that represent your company. You can also share it with your team so that everyone has access to the presentations.

The editing is done from any mobile device, computer or tablet. However, it has the disadvantage limiting your free options. Because of this, it is necessary to get the paid version if your goal is to create more elaborate projects, although its free options are quite extensive to start with.

Best Presentation Software - Canva

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Is a application for computers specifically intended for creating presentations. Its interface design is very similar to PowerPoint, the well-known Microsoft tool. In the case of Visme, the user experience has been simplified because its navigation is more intuitive.

The platform provides an extensive gallery of images, as well as infographic elements that will help you give a dynamic touch to your project of presentation. Thanks to this, its customization options are very efficient.

It is a program to make fun presentations, allowing you to convert boring data into tables, audio and video, maps and links, as you prefer. It is completely free and allows you to download or share your creation in one click.

If the videos you want to add make the presentation very heavy, we recommend you visit our article How to compress a video without losing quality.

The best programs to make presentations - Visme


If you are looking for alternatives to PowerPoint, this is one of the best. The templates offered by the application are unusual and are excellently in tune with the ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs. Facilitates creation and redesign of numerous presentations of all kinds.

It’s found monitored by an AI algorithm, which is in charge of testing infinite configurations for the different slides in every second. In this way, you can select the one that seems best to you according to the characteristics that you have previously defined.

Additionally, it has a unique feature, since it allows you to speak by phone with its founders, who provide advice on your projects. They take care of writing your story and creating your presentation based on your goals.

The best programs to make presentations - Slidebean

Google Slides

This Google tool in the cloud offers enormous possibilities when creating your presentations. Thanks to her, you can develop your projects collaboratively.

It offers numerous editing options, with a lots of google fonts and themes. It also allows you to insert videos between your slides, as well as spectacular animations. In fact, you can make a video with music and photos previously on your computer to later incorporate it into your creation.

The best programs to make presentations - Google Slides


Swipe is designed to turn your presentations into stories, all thanks to the multiple functions offered. It is an online platform with many interactive options, including polls and surveys. In this way, it is a unique and preferred tool for professionals and educators to create interactive material.

Using just one link it is possible to share your projects with anyone in multiple units. Likewise, the resources available to it facilitate the participation of the audience through their devices. Thanks to this, turn your presentations into a dynamic and engaging experience.

The best programs to make presentations - Swipe


Among marketing and sales professionals, SlideShare is one of the most popular options. Through this platform, you can publicly share your content in a striking and effective so others can find it. Plus, with its built-in audience, it’s easy to distribute your creations to many people, generating more traffic.


With its desktop design, Zoho Show enables create, collaborate, broadcast, present and publish of your projects instantly. It is available on Windows and Mac, even allowing you to make presentations from your mobile device.

It is very flexible and easy to customize, being possible to make a multiple edition, that is, several users can act as co-creators. In addition, it has the peculiarity of allowing the import presentations from PowerPoint and export to PDF.

Thanks to this tool, your creations will be fun and original, and you will be able to broadcast them live.

Best Presentation Software - Zoho Show

Apple Keynote

This is a pre-installed tool on Apple devices. Its intuitive interface helps its users to elaborate eye-catching and elegant presentations easily and without much effort.

This powerful application allows you to add voice narration, icons, animated presentations and various transitions. All this thanks to its enormous variety of designs. Plus, because they’re stored in the cloud, it’s easy to access your creations on any device and keep editing them.


If your goal is to create a attractive design or tactile presentations, this is the indicated program. With it, you can use any of the templates provided, or start your project from scratch, all according to your needs.

It allows you to bring content to life interactively, choosing between numerous settings and properties. You can add 3D effects, maps, sound effects, embed YouTube videos, and more. Once your presentation is finished, it is easy to share it through different channels using a URL.

The best programs to make presentations - Intuiface


It’s not just a program to create unlimited submissions, it also becomes a live streaming tool. It can be used in the integration of personnel, events and executive or educational presentations.

It allows you to record your webinars and share them, as well as add animations and polls to your projects in order to make them more conspicuous. In this way, create a unique and interactive learning experience that attracts the attention of your audience.


PowToon provides a cool animation software that makes it easy to create videos with characters, props, and more. In this way, you will be able to make very attractive presentations or tutorials for your company without the need to invest in custom animations.

Although at first glance it might seem complicated, this tool works quite similar to PowerPoint. One drawback is that its free version has a 5 minute limitbeing necessary to obtain the payment if you wish to extend its usefulness.

If your presentations include tutorials on computer processes, it is always a good idea to explain it with a video. In this article you will find the best free screen recorders without watermark so you can add the content you need to your presentation.

Best Presentation Software - PowToon


It is a very innovative program that provides different levels of presentations, according to the plan you select, having a free version. The base format used by the tool simulates the Zoom platform.

It has a virtual camera, which allows you to zoom in and out of the different sections of the presentation. Also, you can add graphics, videos and text, offering results of maximum quality and high resolution. It is designed to make remote demonstrations, allowing you to use your mobile as a remote control.

Thanks to its operation, your projects will enjoy dynamism and originality. Access to the free version is only available up to 100MB, this being the maximum size allowed in your creations. If you want to extend it, you need to get the paid version.

The best presentation software - Prezi


This presentation tool is unique, becoming a media solution for professionals in marketing and sales. It helps its users to synchronize a slideshow and a video, placing them next to each other.

It is very versatile and supports playback in various ways from the browser, mobile or iPad.

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