The best photo editors for iPhone

The best photo editors for iPhone

Although the iPhone is known for having a fantastic camera, the initial photo you take doesn’t always look what you’d expect. With a few highlights and a few color tweaks, you can sure make it look perfect for social media sharing!

For this reason, photo editors become an excellent tool for retouching the results. In this TecVideos article we will teach you which are the best photo editors for iPhone that are available in the app store, some free and some paid. Any of them are excellent options that will help you create sensational images.

One of the advantages of the applications that we will be describing is that you do not need to be a professional in photography. Just knowing some basic concepts and familiarizing yourself with its use will be more than enough.



VSCO is one of the apps to edit photos most popular in the Apple app store, and has a free version. Sure, if you want to access additional features, you need to pay a subscription. It is a very complete editor, but apart from that, it is also a social network where photos are shared.

This application offers numerous filters, presets and advanced camera controls. New options are added monthly to improve the user experience. Among the most prominent are contrast correction, exposure and temperature.

Best Photo Editors for iPhone - VSCO


It is Google’s photo editing app, and it is considered one of the best for photo editing. The best part is that it is a app to edit photos on iPhone free that offers professional editing tools, from the most basic to those that require a lot of technicality. Includes cutting, focus points, error correction, brightness, contrast and color modification.

As you can imagine, there are also various filters to apply to the images and give them a distinctive touch. If you don’t want to invest in a premium or paid app, SnapSeed is one of the best options.

Best iPhone Photo Editors - SnapSeed


An excellent app to edit photos, completely free and that will help you if you don’t have much knowledge in this field. Among its interesting functions is draw pictures, use brushes, add text, use stickers or create collages. Besides, it is also a very good free video editor. Although some of its features are paid, you can use most of its features without paying.

A Color Story

Like most photo editors, A Color Story comes with its own filter and resizing options. In addition to this, its peculiarities lie in the possibility of write, draw and attach stickers and shapes in the pictures. It stands out for having a fast, simple and intuitive interface.

The download is free, but to use the filters and special features you have to pay a subscription.

Afterlight 2

It is one of the most powerful photo applications, it is the revised version of the acclaimed Afterlight. It is an exclusive payment app, although after canceling the subscription you will be able to access free and new content every month. It is an intuitive, easy and with advanced and professional functions.


This application became famous for transforming images through its filters and textures. It makes photos look artistic, but don’t think it’s too hard to use. The truth is that it is a very simple application that gives you the opportunity to use more than 800 filters.

Prisma is available in the Apple app store as a free download, although its more advanced features are paid for.

The best photo editors for iPhone - Prisma

Adobe Spark Post

A photo editor for iPhone that is designed to enhance images quickly and easily. Filters, contrast, lighting, warmth, text and graphics are just some of the available options. Adobe Spark Post is a free application in its simplest version, but you have to pay for premium services.

photoshop express

Photoshop is one of the editors par excellence, regardless of the operating system. It can be used as a hobby or also professionally, and that is why the express version has been a total success. It offers many resources including color adjustments, definition and removal of imperfections and stains.

As a negative point, it is not as intuitive as other platforms, since we are talking about a slightly more advanced tool. Be that as it may, it is a free app that you cannot miss if you want professional results.

light room

This is another of the applications developed by Adobe and is characterized by being extremely advanced. Apart from its basic functions, it is possible to precisely modify the tone curve, in order to choose which colors stand out more than others. It’s not just an editor to add filters, but a complete photo studio to enhance image quality.

As with most apps, it has its free version and advanced paid features. However, the free version of Lightroom is quite complete and will allow you to post amazing images on social networks.

Best iPhone Photo Editors - Lightroom

Photoleap by Lightricks

The premise of this platform is to combine the functions of all photo applications in one place. Although it may seem unreasonable, Photoleap is very clean and intuitive. Its interface is easy to use and offers basic controls, classic filters and advanced effects.

It is an exclusive application for iOS and mandatory subscription, so you must pay to take advantage of its benefits. Its price is a bit expensive, so we suggest you try any other of the alternatives that we give you here if your budget is not very high.

Huji Cam

One of the most sought after photo effects for images is retro. For this situation, Huji Cam is one of the most appropriate applications. It has a light effect that makes the appearance of the photograph older so that it seems freshly taken in the 80s and 90s. It is a free app, but you can get more filters if you pay a small amount.


After people and landscapes, food is probably one of the most photographed things in the world. foodie is the perfect app for food lovers. In fact, its filters are designed to provide shades that highlight the colors of food. It is completely free and easy to use.

dark room

A photo editor for iPhone that will leave incredible images, even those that you would initially discard from the gallery. Improves the quality of blurry and dark images and makes them look as if they were taken with high precision. dark room is a app developed for low light photos And the best thing about it is that it’s free.

Best Photo Editors for iPhone - Darkroom


SKRWT is another excellent photo editing app for iOS, with a free version and paid tools. You can directly use the camera through the software, adjust distortions, correct framing and get the best results.

air brush

Airbrush is a widely used application for making beautification touch-ups, especially grain removal. She whitens the teeth and adds a natural shine to the face and all without the need to pay anything at all.


An app available on iTunes that became popular due to its filters being used by content creators and social media influencers. With Candy you can create custom collages and stickers that will make your posts more entertaining.

On the other hand, it incorporates beauty tools, such as increased makeup, lipstick, teeth whitening, among others. Of course, it is a free download application.


You can also download it from iTunes and it stands out for being a very complete application. PicLab offers the typical photography resources, as well as adding stickers, effects, filters and typography. It is designed to publish content on social networks and become a trend on the web.

The download is free, although some of the advanced configurations are paid.


With Pixlr you can create collages, backgrounds, layouts and stylize images with text and drawing tools. At the end of the edition, this free application allows you to share the results on social networks. Explore your creativity and experiment with montages and unique images!

The best photo editors for iPhone - Pixlr


An app developed specifically for edit portraits, so its functions are specific to selfies. It is used to redefine smiles, whiten teeth, add touches of makeup and rejuvenate the skin. Facetune is a free app with advanced paid features.


We end this list with one of the most popular apps to edit photos in recent months. SNOW is a Korean application to edit selfies, add filters, stickers and correct imperfections. His wide variety of filters, animations and effects make this app one of the most used in social networks. The only drawback is that it tends to lower the quality of the photos you edit on it, but it makes them much lighter and easier to share.

The best photo editors for iPhone - SNOW

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