The best 26 apps for Apple Watch 2021

The best apps for Apple Watch

A smart watch is a very practical device to avoid having to use the mobile phone at all times. It has very interesting applications that help you to see the weather, play sports or even answer calls and messages. Thinking about it, in this TecVideos article we have gathered some of the best apps for apple watchin case you just bought yours and still don’t know how to get the most out of it.

There are hundreds of different programs to suit different needs. Also, there are multiple categories and it is possible that one app will suit you better than someone else. Here you will meet which are the most popular and what benefits do they offer you for your Apple Watch 5 or 6.


Best productivity apps for Apple Watch

Productivity is an essential factor in daily life, and it is something that app developers know very well. These applications will allow you to keep better control of your tasks and resources, all within reach of your wrist so that you can consult what you need wherever you are.

Spark Mail

An ideal application for manage the emails. You can link accounts, regardless of platform, to your smartwatch to view messages directly from there. That way, you won’t have to wait until you get home to find out the reason for the email.


A calendar that is available for both the Apple Watch and the mobile phone. As a consequence, you can annotate the events and consult them on the two devices as they sync with each other. You will not miss any important occasion.

Calc & Convert

An application that allows you take accounts directly on your Apple Watch. It is a very complete calculator that, apart from basic operations, also serves as a currency converter. It is ideal for investors and people who buy online or abroad.


Having a to-do list can be difficult when we forget to review it or not review it with us. With Streaks, you will always be able to check your tasks without missing a single one, since they will be literally at your fingertips. You can program up to 6 tasks a day that can help you form healthy habits and improve your quality of life.


If you are working from home or remotely, Trello is an ideal application for keep track of tasks in the team. You will be able to organize and share a wide variety of tasks, assign responsibilities and due dates to group members. If you don’t want it for work uses, you can use it to manage your own daily tasks or to do lists.

Best Apple Watch Apps - Best Apple Watch Productivity Apps

Best Apple Watch Health Apps

The health apps They are very useful on an Apple Watch, since you can take them with you while you exercise and they offer very useful information to monitor your body. Are Apple Watch apps for exercise they can measure calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate and more.

Carrot Fit

This application is intended for beginners in the world of training. Offers a 7 minute routine that will help you start having a healthier life. It serves to gain or lose weight, depending on your current situation.


The function of this app is set water amount reminders What should you drink during the day? It helps you stay hydrated by sending you notifications. You will have no excuse not to drink water properly!


A exercise app which is launched either on the phone or directly from the Apple Watch. Accurately and in detail reports the daily monitoring of physical activity. It includes distance traveled, heart rate and running time.

One Drop

If you suffer from diabetes, this application will be very useful for you. Its purpose is to have a record blood glucose levels. In addition, it keeps track of the medications and foods you consume. It also comes with features for physical exercise, all from your wrist.


The objective of this program is track sleep quality and your night rest. You do not need to activate any function, since it runs by itself just by having the app installed. It automatically detects when you are sleeping and when you wake up it shows details such as your sleep patterns.


It is a complete calorie counter, perfect for a healthier diet. It gives you the opportunity to organize meals and add different dishes to know how many calories you consume. It is used to carry out an exhaustive monitoring of the feeding.

Best Apple Watch Apps - Best Apple Watch Health Apps

Best Apple Watch Lifestyle Apps

In this section there are many applications with various uses, since each person is different and their daily life routine differs from others. Anyway, there are some very practical apps that fit most people’s daily tasks.

live time

Everyone needs to know what the weather will be like today. This application check the weather factor not only for the day, but for the whole week, which allows you to better plan activities and is complemented by the Apple Weather app.

watch chat

This application was developed for have WhatsApp on your smart watch without the need to use the mobile always. It works the same as the online browser version, since you have to scan the QR code.


With this simple program you can create a shopping list before going to the store or supermarket. Thus, you will be able to view it directly on your watch so that you do not forget any product from the basic basket.


The purpose of this app is add discount cards and partners of multiple commercial establishments. Thus, you will not always have to carry them with you, but only pass the watch through the payment centers.


An application that takes care of your finances, since it helps you plan and manage your expenses accurately. This app is easy to use, very intuitive and visually pleasing.

head space

After a hard day’s work, everyone wants to release stress, and this is the goal of Headspace. Includes various meditation exercises that will help you calm your emotions and end the day connected with yourself.


Requesting a company car is now much easier, since you do it directly from your watch. Thus, you can move where you need soon.


yes constantly you receive messages in other languages, this application translates them automatically. Of course, you have to synchronize it with the messaging app for it to work, but it will be very useful if you are learning new languages ​​or if you need to translate a text quickly.

night sky

Gives constellation information What do you see in the sky at night? It shows interesting facts so that you can learn more about them, while you have fun and enjoy moments of relaxation.


If you have many email accounts, social networks, banks, among others, this is the ideal app. Its purpose is to thestore all your passwords in an organized way. In case you forget some, you just have to check it on your Smart Watch.


Now it is possible listen to music directly from your watch, even modifying your playlists. It syncs with your headphones so you no longer have to switch songs on your phone. It’s so much easier to tap your Apple Watch or use your AirPods.


It is very similar to the previous one, except that it does not focus on songs, but on podcasts. It has a wide repertoire that you will have access to just by looking at your wrist.

Chirp for Twitter

With this extension you will be able to see the news section of your Twitter and review the trends of the day. Also, it is possible retweet, see notifications and like.

Best Apple Watch Apps - Best Apple Watch Lifestyle Apps

Games for Apple Watch

The games cannot be missing from this list, since they are very entertaining for leisure time. Since the Apple Watch screen is small and you’ll have to play with just your fingers, these are simple games that are guaranteed to distract you without being too difficult. Some of the most downloaded are the following:

Snake Wear

A classic game that has been present on mobile phones since the first generations. You should lead a snake and make it bigger as you eat all the balls you find.


To conclude this list, we present an application that stimulates your brain. It includes several minigames that improve the performance of your mental abilities. As you entertain yourself, it also improves memory and boosts mental quickness.

The best apps for Apple Watch - Games for Apple Watch

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