The 7 best PS4 inventions that are very cheap

Best PS4 inventions that are very cheap

If you are a fan of PlayStation 4, then you will like what Tecvideos has for you in this article, it is about cheap ps4 accessories that cost less than 3 dollars. In addition, they are incredible to improve your game console.

If you want to know these PS4 inventions that are very cheap, keep reading. All these inventions were specially chosen to complement the PS4 and improve as a gamer. Do not hesitate and increase your gaming experience with these incredible accessories.


strap cover

This is one of the 7 Best PlayStation 4 Inventions and Accessories because it helps us keep the control in good condition. Also, it comes with a anti-slip cover and with an adjustable strap for your hand, so that in this way you never drop it. The strap cover costs approximately €2.

Best PS4 inventions that are dirt cheap - Strap Case

Image: AliExpress

Mini steering wheel

It is a small adaptive steering wheel for your Dualshock controller, and that in this top best cheap ps4 accessories they couldn’t miss. It costs around €7 and works quite well for car games.

Best PS4 inventions that are very cheap - Mini-flyer

Image: AliExpress

trigger extenders

This is an amazing accessory as it allows you to extend the R and L buttons on your controller, so you can access your action games and weapons without getting tired, giving you better skill. The price is fantastic, because the trigger extenders they can cost around €0.50.

Best PS4 inventions that are dirt cheap - Trigger Extenders

Image: AliExpress

headphone adapter

It is an unusual accessory, but it works very well, since it is a adapter for your headphones that plugs directly into your controller. This way, you can listen to your games without disturbing anyone. It is priced at €2 only.

Best PS4 inventions that are very cheap - Headphone adapter

Image: AliExpress

Joystick Protectors

Are some Joystick protectors, which fit perfectly to fully protect them from any damage or deterioration. They are made of a super resistant material and comfortable to use, so you can play without ever having to worry about damaging them. Best of all, they only cost less than €3.

Best PS4 inventions that are very cheap - Joystick Protectors

Image: AliExpress

mobile phone adapter

It is one of the most incredible and useful inventions that have been released for the PS4. It’s about a adapter for your mobilewhich connects directly to your dual shock 4 controllerin order to play your favorite video games anywhere you want, from the screen of your cell phone.

In addition, it is completely portable, light and resistant. It has an extremely attractive price of approximately €2.55, much lower than other similar adapters.

Best PS4 inventions that are very cheap - Mobile phone adapter

Image: Amazon

Bluetooth Speakers for PS4

It is an extremely functional invention, where you can connect speakers or headphones without the need for cables, that is, directly via Bluetooth, with just two small and not at all uncomfortable parts. The bluetooth speakers for ps4 they are priced around €6, making them an excellent option.

Best PS4 inventions that are very cheap - PS4 Bluetooth Speakers

Image: AliExpress

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