The 6 best PS4 GAMES for ANDROID

PlayStation 4 games for Android

If you would like to have the best PlayStation games, then you have come to the right place, because in this Tecvideos article, we want to recommend the best ps4 games for android totally free.

These are versions of games for smartphones, identical to those for PlayStation 4. Best of all, you can download them from your Android for free. Amazing, right? Well, don’t miss out on all the information we have for you.


The 6 best playstation games on Android

If you are a fan of video games and you like to play anywhere, we bring you a list of PS4 games for Android mobiles that you did not know. In this sense, we wanted to tell you that it is totally possible to get copies of PS4 games of excellent quality, so that you can play from the comfort of your mobile. All this, without the need to have ps4 games (without PS Plus) on a console.

Next, we will see which are the best free PlayStation games for Android:

  • pay day 2: The copy is called Armed Heist. You can find it in PlayStore. It has the same graphics and the same story as Pay Day 2, where you will be a character whose mission will be to rob banks and confront the police.
  • Uncharted: Among the best free PS4 games for Android is Unearthed, the copy of the classic Uncharted, where you will have to complete incredible missions in historical and mysterious places. In addition, you have weapons to fight the enemies that appear along the way.
  • Overwatch: The exact copy of this video game is called Shooter of War and it is in your PlayStore. The only problem you will see is that it is not available in English or Spanish. It has the same plot, where you can choose the character with which you will fulfill all the missions that are proposed to you, eliminating all your enemies.
  • Last Day on Earth: You get it under the name The Outlived and it is one of the best PlayStation 4 games for Android. Once you download it you will be able to start the game where you will represent a man who survived the zombie invasion. You must survive and kill the zombies that you find.
  • Battlefield: In PlayStore it is called World War Heroes and it is of excellent quality. You will start with a very simple training to learn how to shoot and then you can play online with a group. The idea is to eliminate as many enemies as possible to accumulate more points and win.
  • GTA V: You can also get it in the PlayStore under the name of Gangstar Vegas. The quality and gameplay is identical to GTA V. You will be able to complete missions with great freedom, since you can take any car in the city, weapons and do what you want, avoiding being killed at all costs.

In the following video you will see how to download similar PlayStation 4 games for Android, specifically, the Uncharted 4 or Horizon alternatives.

PlayStation 4 game emulators for Android

How to install PS4 games on Android? An emulator creates the necessary conditions for PS4 Android games to run. A few years ago this was impossible, but now can you download PS4 mobile games with this tool. Creating games for PS4 emulator for Android is an extensive process, as these consoles are really advanced.

However, emulators are not the only way to get PS4 games on Android. At your availability are the PS4 Android ROMs. Thanks to them you will have the experience of playing like on the PlayStation, but doing it on your phone.

Types of PS4 Game Emulators for Android

Of course. It is usually launched by brands that are responsible and nobody makes any big complaints about them. If you have any doubts about the application, we recommend reading the reviews. We are still going to recommend the best-known PlayStation 4 game emulator programs for Android:

  • ePSXe for Android: It is available on the Play Store platform. It is reliable and with an excellent structuring in the software. It is located in one of the most downloaded paid apps and the rating is four and a half stars with more than five hundred thousand users.
  • PPSSPP PSP emulator: Your team has created stable software. The acceptance of individuals is noted in its more than fifty million downloads. Also, the definition is extremely high.
  • Classic Boy (Emulator): another of the programs with the best PlayStation games for Android. It is an emulator that is multi-platform, that is, it works for various consoles. It is not only suitable for Play 4 mobile games, but for other consoles such as Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advence, Game Boy Color and Sega Genesis and others.
  • fpse for android: a reliable payment program with many hours invested in improving functionality and appearance. With it, it is easy to play PS4 games on Android. In addition, this app has a wide variety of gamepad or physical controls, high quality visual texture and multi-player mode. Get the best PlayStation 4 games with FPse for Android.

We recommend these PlayStation 4 games for Android because they are 100% safe and of unmatched quality.

PlayStation cross-platform games for Android

It is not only possible to use emulators or alternative versions to native PlayStation video games. Actually, there are some titles that are cross-platform that you can enjoy both the console and on your mobile. Next, we are going to describe some cross-platform PlayStation games for Android that are really eye-catching and that will give you a great time:

  • Fortnite: Despite the fact that it has been on the market for a few years, it is still one of the most acclaimed games. Millions of players enjoy it day after day and one of its main features is that it is multiplatform. So if you don’t own a PlayStation 4, that’s nothing to worry about. It is possible to download the video game for your Android phone in a really simple way. True, the gameplay is a bit more complicated than on a console, but you’ll get used to it anyway.
  • Minecraft: More than a decade has accompanied this video game to the biggest gamers in the world. It is a video game that practically has no end and you can do everything you want and whenever you want. You can download it to your phone without any complications. minecraft is one of the most impressive games of all time.
  • PUBG: Another of today’s most acclaimed PlayStation Android shooter games. In fact, it has its own mobile version. The graphics won’t be as powerful as on a console, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it either. Dozens of weapons to choose from, maps to explore and hours of fun await you with this title. It’s time to download it to your mobile and start playing alone or with your friends.

In short, you can resort to any of the alternatives that we have described to spend hours of entertainment. Remember that you can use other games that are very similar, emulators or multiplatform games that are the closest thing to the world of consoles.

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