The 6 best offline games for Android and iOS

Fun and addictive offline games for Android and iOS

The fun doesn’t end when we lose the signal on the network. You can continue to enjoy games that do not require an Internet connection. are you looking for games offline? In this Tecvideos article, you will find 6 fun and addictive offline games for Android and iOS. These free offline games are very complete and entertaining, you can use it with your Android device or with your iPhone. They are played without the need for the Internet, they are completely free to download and they are very active and fun.

Let’s look at the top 6 hobbies offline for Android and iOS.


Clear Vision Four

Clear Vision Four is a game made with stigmas, in which there is a legend and the game consists of making action missions. First, they explain story of a murder and the phone rings. He is one of your contacts who assigns you the mission to take down various targets.

You have to kill some funny looking characters and you can choose the maps and missions you have to decide to finish them or not. You can look through the scope of a sniper gun. You will also be able to choose how to eliminate the targets. The missions are getting more and more complicated. This is one of the fun no wifi games for Android.

Kill Shot Virus

This game offline free is from action and zombie-themed. Upon starting, there is a tutorial to explain the game to you. There are like waves of zombies that can suddenly appear and kill your friends, whom you will not see in the game again.

The missions are modified depending on the way you protect and save your friends. You can improve your weapons which are many. It is dynamic and easy to play on any phone.

aqua park io

You start by choosing your swimmer. You will be getting circuits. The game consists of a race on slides where you can touch, jump. When you jump, you can land further down the slide by improving your position in the race.

It is very easy for someone to overtake you, so you should always take advantage. You can make use of boosters. The screen has a marker that indicates where you are and how far you have to go to reach the goal. Definitely deserves to be among the 6 fun and free games without internet of our selection.

Dark Rider

This game takes place in an animated world. The mission is to enter the neighbor’s house, but the neighbor must not see you. You must hide and escape from him. If he sees you, you start from the beginning. During the game, you will receive clues to know how to continue. This is a very entertaining game to play offline.

Rock Ville Games

This offline game for Android and iOS, whose theme is shooters and it is very exciting. Its weak point is the graphics. In the game, there are many missions to accomplishyou can change the vision of the character and you have a team that helps you and to which you can give orders.

You also have an extensive range of weapons. In addition, you can send fighters to carry out bombing raids.

Bro Fist

This offline game consists of bump fists with your teammates at the right time. A different quality of this offline game is that the music is very good and encourages you to play. It is getting faster so you should also go faster. At the end, you have to punch one of the characters. If you kill him, you will have many prizes that will help you in the game.

Without a doubt, these offline games for Android and iOS are entertaining, play very well, don’t get stuck and have many levels, so it will be impossible to get bored. Finally, we leave you with a video in which you can see it more visually

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