The 16 Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

The best free Nintendo Switch games

That Nintendo Switch has a large and varied catalog of games does not surprise anyone, especially users of the hybrid console of the Japanese company, but they may not know that some of these titles are available completely free of charge. For this reason, at TecVideos we bring you a list of the best free video games that you can find on the Nintendo eShop.

Some of the games that are included in this list may contain micropayments, but that does not stop them from being very enjoyable without costs. Therefore, what we intend is to show you the different possibilities you have. This also means that you will find multiplayer titles to be able to have a great time with friends, or alone, in case you want to go more at your own pace.

we go with the best free nintendo switch gamesalthough keep in mind that the list is not in any particular order, you will decide which ones catch your attention the most after knowing what they are about.


Fallout Shelter

Maybe for the Fallout series fans I know little about this title, but the reality is that it is a very enjoyable game.

In Fallout Shelter you will have to manage a Vault-Tec vault, With all of that implies. It will be necessary to take care of many people, give them work, maintain their well-being and happiness, but it will also be necessary to expand the space of the refuge with more rooms, whether they are for work, learning or rest. Of course, you can also send scouts into the wasteland to find more resources and equip your dwellers with weapons, just in case.

Asphalt 9: Legends

If you like car games, Asphalt 9: Legends is one of the great free proposals on Nintendo Switch. The gameloft gamewhich belongs to a series of mobile titles, offers a large amount of content, such as races in multiple locations, solo or multiplayer races, and even a story mode with over 800 races and cars, among which we can find Ferrari, Porsche and many more. If you are a lover of car games, you cannot miss this game on your portable console.


Anything that can be said about Fortnite will have been said a thousand times already. The Epic Games game is the quintessential battle royale in the industry and, of course, a true global mass phenomenon.

You can enjoy its gameplay, which mixes shooting with construction, and try to achieve victory while playing with friends from any other platform, since it has crossplay. In addition, you have hours and hours of play, since micropayments are used for the battle pass or to obtain cosmetic items, which does not condition your games at all. Today, you will hardly find someone who has not tried it.

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Rocket League

Let’s go from phenomenon to phenomenon. Rocket League combines two very different concepts (football and cars), resulting in one of the most fun and complete proposals, in terms of content, from the list of these free games for Nintendo Switch. In Rocket League you will have to compete with other players in soccer games from a car.

Psyonix’s game became free-to-play last year, when it was acquired by Epic Games. In addition, the title has crossplay or crossplay between the different platforms the title is on, leaving few excuses not to give it a try.

Lots of hours of fun playing exciting matches and performing the craziest tricks without spending anything beyond the Switch online subscription.

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SMITE is one of the most successful MOBAs in the industry with a long history in e-sports and offering a wealth of content. The game consists of controlling a mythological god, such as Thor, Ares or Medusa, among others. With your character you will have to enter the battlefield to fight using powers and a lot of tactics against your rivals.

It is a third-person game in which you can also form teams of between 3 and 5 players to conquer each stage for free on the Nintendo Switch.


Hi-Rez Studios’ proposal is a first person shooter that mixes shooter-based action with a fantasy world where you control a series of Champions to team up and battle.

Currently, this Nintendo Switch downloadable game has more than 25 million players on all its platforms and it has crossplay, so it will be easy for you to find a game. Customize your characters however you like and use their different decks of cards to power up their battle skills.

Super Kirby Clash

Nintendo’s iconic pink ball stars in this game in which you’ll have to fight against various types of enemies, either alone or in the company of three other players. In this brawler you can fight with up to four different classes of characters, each with their skills, a wide variety of weapons and armor. It is a game for all audiences that you can enjoy with friends if you have a Nintendo online subscription.

apex legends

If we were talking about Fortnite before, now it’s the turn of Apex Legends, another of the most recognized battle royale in the industry. The Respawn and Electronic Arts game came to Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2021, making it possible for its users to enjoy one of the most established first-person multiplayer titles, thanks to excellent gunplay and great character handling.

In addition, you can enjoy all the content that the game offers on the rest of the consoles and, luckily, optional crossplay. Sure, if you’re wondering what games can be played on Nintendo Switch for freethere is no doubt that Apex Legends is one of those that you should try sometime if you are a fan of battle royale.


The proposal of GungHo Online Entertainment reminds a lot of Splatoon in various aspects, but it has its own identity. Ninjala is a multiplayer action game starring ninjas with different abilities and powers. You will also find several game modes, quick matches and many other content that you can unlock just by playing. A very fun and carefree experience, as well as being free.


Not long ago Monster Hunter Rise was released on Switch and you may still have doubts about whether to buy it or not. Well, Dauntless may be perfect to check if it’s your type of game.

This is due to the resemblance, more than evident, between the two titles. The Phoenix Labs proposal is a action rpg in which survival through the creation of weapons and armor to personalize your character will allow you to face the monsters that you will have to hunt down. In addition, the cross-play between the rest of the platforms makes it more attractive than it already is.

pokemon quest

Pokémon Quest is a mobile game ported to the Nintendo Switch. Even so, it has its merit to be the first free-to-play game that came to the console of the Japanese company. Game Freak’s title is a role-playing game that will take you to visit Rodacubo Island, where you can explore and fight to advance and search for all the hidden treasures. Really, a game from one of the most mythical sagas of Nintendo and the world of video games could not be missing.

Rogue Company

Hi-Rez Studios once again has its leading role among the best free Nintendo Switch games. This time, we are talking about Rogue Company, the third-person tactical action game that arrived in 2020 and that It has a certain air to Counter-Strike. The title takes place in teams made up of elite agents, each with their own weapons and abilities. Also, like other titles on the list, it has crossplayso you can play with friends who don’t have Nintendo Switch.


Speaking of games that look alike, we can’t miss the kinship between Destiny and the title at hand, Warframe. The looter shooter by Digital Extremes is a free-to-play which offers a large amount of content, many customization options and, most importantly, a very complete action system. We are facing one of those games that knows how to squeeze the potential of the Nintendo console, showing a very solvent technical section.

If you haven’t been convinced by the above, maybe you’ll do it once you’re inside its futuristic setting, which will undoubtedly catch you.

Fantasy Strike

Fantasy Strike is a free to play fighting game that was funded through a Kickstarter campaign. In this way, it ended up being a free-to-play that has five game modes without going through the box. The title, developed by Sirlin Games, is based on a simple combat system, with just one button you perform all the movements, which gives more prominence to the strategy in each combat. It should be noted that all his characters are unlocked from the start. Don’t let its free-to-play status fool you, it’s an original and very attractive proposal.


We return with another brawler. Brawlhalla is a modest game consisting of a 2D multiplayer with some platforms and with a good repertoire of fighters. This proposal continues to grow with new scenarios and characters, in addition to already having several solo, cooperative, competitive online and local game modes.

Pokemon Brown Mix

If you are tired of shooters or action games and looking for a relaxing game with which to pass the time, Pokémon Café Mix is ​​a more entertaining bet than it might seem at first glance. In this title, you will have to attend a coffee for Pokémon in which you will have to solve puzzles and challenges. Take care of some cute Pokémon and make sure you give them the best service in this title also available for mobile phones.

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