The 10 best applications to CALL FREE and without a SIM card

The best apps to call for free

The applications that we will show you will allow you to make national and international calls, to any country and to any telephone, whether landline or mobile, completely free of charge. They are applications to call free totally reliable and suitable for any mobile device.

On the other hand, we will also show you the best apps to call without a sim card and for free. Keep reading, discover in this Tecvideos article how to call for free And forget about counting the minutes.


Applications to call free with Wifi

With these applications you can make calls from your cell phone or tablet. You only need to have a Wi-Fi connection or have mobile data. It is possible to make calls from Android or from iOS. They are apps to call any phone for free, totally free. Of course, in both options it is necessary to accumulate credits to be able to exchange them for free calls. However, for the simple fact of installing them, the system already offers you a number of credits to start with.


When you open it you can see on its welcome screen that this application can be used in more than 230 countries, in other words, you will be able to make free calls to any country. Proceed first to register and select your country. Enter the number of your cell phone to which a confirmation message will be sent. By logging in now, you will see a list of recent calls, there is also a messages section. You can send free messages with this app. In another section your contacts are shown and there is a last section called Credits. With what you accumulate in this section is what you can make free calls with. There are various options to access the credits, for example, watching advertisements, reading articles and tagging them, among others.

In case you are doing the procedure from the tablet, you must have your mobile handy to be able to confirm. Enter the password that you will use when you enter this application. Calling from a tablet is almost like calling for free from a fake phone.

At the time of installing the app you receive a certain number of credits. Choose the country where the person you want to call is located and their phone number. Now you know how to make free calls through this app!


This application is only for Android devices. You must first register in the Talk application and enter the data. The menu that shows the screen of this app is very similar to the previous app. You receive, as in the other, credits when you sign up. The procedure to make calls is the same as the other application. It is difficult to establish which app is better for free calls because both are very efficient.


Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular free calling apps from all over the world, and it is not for less. You can call, send messages or make video calls to any contact in your address book, without paying anything! It is a very successful option for people who do not have the possibility of contracting an additional call or message service.


Telegram is an application that is competing with WhatsApp, and more and more people are using it. Allows you to send large files, maximum security and it has a very nice interface. To call through this app, you simply have to choose a contact, click on the options section and click on call.

Unlike WhatsApp, if you want to share your contact with other people, you don’t need the phone number. Telegram has the option of being able to share the username to establish immediate communication. It is one of its most striking features, since security has always been important for this platform. Without a doubt, these alternatives are totally practical to work with.

How to make calls without a SIM card: the best apps

If you are looking for an app to call without a sim card as an alternative to the previous ones, here you will find the best ones. If you have to travel to another country or simply your sim card has been lost, the following applications are spectacular. Pay attention and the benefits will be sensational.

Most people communicate via text message using apps like WhatsApp. In fact, once Whatsapp is installed on the device, it allows you to make calls without a sim card using Wi-Fi. However, to enjoy their service, you must first receive a code, obviously on the phone card.

When we talk about a app to call without sim card, it must be the one that does not require any registration. Next, we will leave a list with some quite effective options.


It is true that this application only available for the United Statesbut still worth mentioning. We know that Google makes more and more changes, so it may surprise us. Over time, the app will likely be usable in many more regions.

Google Hangouts

This is an app to call without a sim card that often goes unnoticed on mobile phones. Furthermore, most users do not even open the application when they buy a new terminal. However, it allows you to make completely free voice calls simply by signing in to our Google email.


Do not think that this program is available only for iOS operating systems, because also found on android. However, it has a drawback, and that is that, although the calls are free, they cannot exceed five minutes. In any case, it serves to carry out quick errands effectively.


It is one of the most effective applications to call for free without the need for a sim card. But of course, unlike previous versions, it’s not free. Be that as it may, by having a Wi-Fi network nearby, calls will be possible.

How to call for free from PC

Not only can we make calls through a phone or a tablet, we can also call for free from PC. To do this, you can make use of Google Hangouts from your own gmail email. Within your account, you will find Hangouts in the sidebar to be able to send messages to your contacts and make calls, both voice and image.

However, if you do not have a gmail email and you are not interested in creating one, despite being free, you should know that there are very popular alternatives:


Although this application is intended to make videoconferences, it is also effective when making calls. Of course, their service is completely free. You will not have to install any sim card, in addition to being possible to use in different electronic devices.

On the other hand, it is a practical alternative so that the children at home have the opportunity to make calls. Thus, it will not be necessary to buy a mobile phone, much less a telephone line. Skype probably tops the list of the best app to make free calls from PC. This app is also an excellent option to call for free without a sim card.


This is an app for call from PC and from mobile devices which has become especially popular for conducting video conferences or video calls. In this case, it is not necessary to be registered or log in, just enter a “room” or call to be part of the video conference or video call. Likewise, it is possible to start a call, as we mentioned, without being registered.

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