How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding in Windows 10

These days various people have come with the complaint claiming that the Taskbar Not Hiding in their systems. Instead, it is going to display all the time. I couldn’t close and facing huge trouble. Usually why people think to hide the taskbar, only because it provides some extra space over the screen showing the entire picture big and neat.

Windows 10 has the same specifications, features related to taskbar hiding options available in previous Windows versions. That means all its functionality going to be controlled with an option located over Settings available in it.

taskbar not hiding

So, isn’t it interesting and are you curious to learn? If yes, I am going to help you explaining the needful content mentioned over here. So, let’s start learning the process to get rid of the issue as well as some more interesting facts that could help you much better and faster in order to get rid of it. Let’s give a chance and try!!!!

Taskbar Not Hiding? Here is the Fix

Usually, there are many troubleshooting ways that might help you in getting rid of the problem like windows 10 taskbar not hiding. Yes, absolutely!!! All these methods were none other than mentioned and explained right below.

  • Update and Restart the Windows10 OS
  • Troubleshooting the taskbar not hiding issue on cross-examining the taskbar settings available in your system.
  • Restart the Windows Explorer [Quick Fix]
  • Taskbar not hiding windows 10 issue due to the offending application. [Notification Badges]
  • Disable hardware acceleration
  • Restart Chrome
  • Try other browsers rather than Chrome

Let’s start to go throughing one by one without messing up things and equally not getting g panic very fast.

Update and Restart the Windows10 OS

Before starting the process, make sure you are updated to the latest Windows version. Follow the below simple steps.

taskbar not hiding windows 10

  • The very first, use the shortcut key Windows+I.
  • This is what helps to open the settings available on the desktop.
  • Now Right there you see the option called updates and security. Click on it.
  • If in case, the screen showing you any update to be done, I highly suggest or recommend updating it manually.
  • Sometimes, the issue encounters due to the lack of updates done on your system. So do it immediately and check whether the issue got solved or being the same.

Cross-Examine the Taskbar Settings

This is a simple trick that I am going to tell you which in turn helps to get rid of the issue called taskbar not hiding windows 10. Nothing but just go to the Settings in your Windows10-> personalization-> taskbar.

windows 10 taskbar not hiding

Right there if you have noticed there are two options saying automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode and at the same time automatically hides the taskbar in tablet mode. Remember first always applies for the desktops/ laptops whereas second applies on a tablet. Once you move the switch to the right, the option is perfectly enabled.

Restart the Windows Explorer

This is another way that helps in getting rid of the taskbar not hiding issues. Very simple!!! Follow the below instructions and doing so might solve your problem in less time period.

taskbar not hiding 2020

  • The very first, try to use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+Esc. This is what helps to open the Windows task explorer.
  • When you see the basic details on the screen, tap on the option called more details.
  • Now try to figure out the Windows Explorer available under the processes and then you are requested to tap on it with the left button on the mouse.
  • Finally, tap on the restart button in order to restart the entire process.

After undergoing these steps, you are requested to check whether it has been worked out or still being the same. And to do so, tapping anywhere on the desktop is one option. Cross-verify the preferences again as it could have a chance of changing options automatically after the restart or after undergoing the Windows upgrades respectively.

Taskbar not hiding windows 10 issue due to the offending Application

Basically, any application in your system keeps on showing notifications none other than called notification badges on one particular icon. Do not forget as this should not affect your full screen. At times, it is going to hide the taskbar not every time but sometimes!!! Even though you have come crossed the notification on the opening app it still shows which makes very irritating. And more recently the Windows 10 has solved through the Action Center. But even though it got the same result, keep restarting the application causing the problem until it gets disappears.

Disable hardware acceleration

Are you the Chrome user? Or using Chrome very much regularly and noticed the issue called windows 10 taskbar not hiding in fullscreen youtube, If yes here are the certain steps to be followed. So, let’s go!!!

  • Open Chrome’s menu and pick the option called settings.
  • Now, do scroll the entire screen and click on Advanced.
  • Right under the system, you can see the option called Relaunch chrome. Tap on it.
  • Now do check whether the taskbar hiding problem is solved or not yet.

Restart Chrome

Last but not least trying to restart the Chrome web browser and check what exactly the change encountered. To do so, follow the below steps carefully and implement the same without any fail.

  • The very first, open the settings and select the option called Advanced.
  • Doing so you can notice another screen. This is where you need to select an option called restore settings to their original defaults.
  • And then click on restore settings option again.
  • Wait for a while as the process is on the flow and reinstall the chrome after undergoing necessary changes. That’s all!!

Try other browsers rather than Chrome

Even after undergoing the above method, it’s being same? Then its time to make use of other browsers rather than preferring chrome for further web access. Like Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any without undergoing any kind of doubts.


Finally, in my opinion, one or the other method among these will definitely help you. If you still have any doubts or need proper guidance, just drop down in the below comment box. We are going to help you irrespective of time. Thank you. If you think these methods are very much helpful at the same time useful, like, share with all your friends or through any social networking sites without any hesitation. Keep connected with Techy2Tech for learning more and more interesting things posted over here.

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