How to Access and Change Steam Screenshot Folder

Steam Screenshot Folder: Do you have ever made an attempt of taking screenshot especially when your playing games through Steam? People in billion numbers come across this question and they were not known about the process. Well, no problem. I am going to help anyway.

There are several methods that have been discussed here. So go through and try the same to get succeed in it. But before that, it is important to learn a few words about the Steam. Yes, exactly!! There are people who were still not known about steam.

steam screenshot folder

This is usually considered as a software program involving a huge number of games owned by one particular value. These games greatly enable all the users to undergo the installation process and auto-updating them with one particular cloud-saving facility and also chat functionality. Now let’s go deeper.

About Steam Folder

Initially, this concept has come into existence in the year 2010 and now coming with the most interesting and challenging games supported by the Mac and Linux OS. Today if you have seen, by taking the help of the steam, you can take screenshots of all the favorite games within the less period. Do you know about cloud storage as it is carrying around 1GB in size? This is all for maintaining screenshots of your favorite games taken by yourselves. Later you can show or share all such highest records with all your friends or can store them as memory itself in your PC or any other smart device supporting it.

How to Access and Change Steam Screenshot Folder

Now we have come to the point straightforward. Let us first focus on how exactly one has a chance to access the steam screenshot folder and then we learn how to change the steam screenshot folder in simple and easy terminology.

How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

There are several methods that help you to access the one and only Steam Screenshot Folder. These are the best ways that greatly helps you to access without facing any kind of trouble. So, therefore, the methods which are those we are going to discuss as mentioned below in the form of bullet points.

  • Steps to find Steam Screenshot folder
  • The process to Access Steam Screenshot Folder
  • Accessing Steam Screenshot Folder Directly from the Desktop

Let us undergo each and every method, steps involved in it and pick the best way that helps in accessing Steam Screenshot Folder successfully. So, are you ready to learn? If your answer is yes and waiting for the same? Here we go!!!!

Steps to find Steam Screenshot folder

The process is very simple. Let’s go and learn the step by step process provided in simple and easily understandable language.

  • First and Foremost, open the Steam Software and tap on the option called view-> Screenshot.

steam default screenshot folder

  • You can see the new Window appearing on the screen.  Right there, you can notice three different options like Select all, show on disk, and view online library. Pick one of the options none other than called as show on disk.
  • That’s all!!!!

Process to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Through this method, one can completely open the Steam Screenshot Folder just by following and at the same time implementing the below steps.

screenshot steam folder

  • Open the File Explorer and then you are requested to follow the below path in your system.

C:\Programfiles (x86) -> Steam -> userdata -> (yourSteamID) ->  760 -> remote -> (app ID) -> screenshots.

  • Implementing the above path greatly helps you to identify all your favorite games screenshots stored in terms of Steam Screenshot Folder respectively.

Accessing Steam Screenshot Folder Directly from the Desktop

If in case you wouldn’t likely to access or browse its location, again and again, it is possible to access directly by creating its short cut right on our desktop screen. So, therefore, to do so, follow the below steps.

  • In the first step, open the File Explorer and then open C:\Programfiles (x86) -> Steam -> userdata -> (yourSteamID) ->  760 -> remote -> (app ID).
  • Once you have successfully opened, you are going to have a chance to open the one and the only folder called Screenshots.
  • Right-click on it and then tap on the option called send to.\
  • Now again tap on the desktop for creating a shortcut on the screen.

As a result, you can see the shortcut right on the desktop. As such now you can access or open directly from your desktop without wasting all your valuable time.

How to Save Screenshots through Steam

Very simple. When you tap on the key called F12, it is going to take a screenshot automatically and save on your PC. And this feature going to allow in uploading the screenshot especially when you’re playing the game.

steam screenshot folder location

As a result, in order to customize such things, must and should visit the In-game available under the section of steam Settings.

How to Change Steam Screenshot Folder

Whenever you feel or think to change the screenshot steam folder, go through the below simple steps mentioned in the form of bullet points.

where is the steam screenshot folder

  • The very first, open the Steam Software and then click on the option called view-> tap on settings.
  • So that you can observe the new window appearing on the screen. Right there you need to tap on In-game.
  • Once it gets open, you’re going to notice the Screenshot folder just below the Screenshot shortcut option.
  • Tap on it and create the new folder where you really or preferably like to save.
  • Tap on select and again finally click on ok.
  • That’s all!!!


As per my thoughts, the information or data provided here is very much clear. If you have any doubts or likely to learn more about it, just drop a comment. We are going to help in clearing out as well as helps in updating the new and needful content. Like and share this useful content with your friends and also through any of the social profiles successfully. Stay connected Techy2Tech for learning more and more concepts that are going to be posted over here.

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