What Is ss3svc64.exe On Startup? Should I Remove It?

ss3svc64.exe on startup is an issue which is faced by many of the users and reported that it is consuming a lot of system resources constantly. Although, it is from Asus, not a virus many users reported that their third-party anti-virus is flagging the ss3svc64.exe for suspicious being virus. While others users reported that they are seeing a popup at every start-up asking them to allow SS3svc64.exe to make a change to the computer.

Few users have to contact us that their outsider anti-virus is hailing the ss3svc64.exe on startup. Exe of doubts about being a virus. some reported that they see a pop up at each start-up and while login, requesting that they permit ss3svc64.exe to roll out an upgrade to the PC, thereby improving its performance.

ss3svc64.exe on startup

If you are also the one who is facing the issue ss3svc64.exe on startup. Then in this article, we will try the fix the issues ss3svc64.exe on startup windows 10 or ss3svc64.exe on startup by performing the below-given troubleshooting methods.

What is ss3svc64.exe on Startup Windows 10?

What is ss3svc64.exe? ss3svc64.exe file is a software component that belongs to the sonic suite published by Asus. It was designed, to allow the end-user to modify the software audio effects from the GUI interface. ss3svc64.exe description is “Sonic Suite 3” according to the ss3svc64.exe version.

It might be pre-loaded on the Asus computer, Although this tool is in no way a critical windows component. It provides various audio effects and enhancements including the reverb, bass boost, equalization, virtual surround sound, noise reduction, volume stabilization, and many more.

Above all, the ss3svc64.exe file is used to diagnose some of the issues regarding the sound output. This tool is available only on windows. ss3svc64.exe can also be utilized to analyze a few of the issues in the records of the sound yield. This is can be only on Windows. Additionally, 32-bit is used by this utility and causes an issue like 64-bit.

Is ss3svc64.exe is a Virus?

ss3svc64.exe file, even though it doesn’t harm pose any security risk, you should make sure that the file you are dealing with is safe to use. As there is a more successful modern malware conflagration, the verification of the file is necessary. To avoid being detected by the security scanners, these copycats take the legitimate and disguise themselves as executable files with the enhanced permissions.

In case if you are looking at the ss3svc64.exe,  it is a sort of ideal objective for malware to avoid detection. More often it is preloaded and located in a suitable location. Happily, you have several verifications that will help to know if you’re dealing with the threat or not.

even if it is the leftover record, it shouldn’t run without the parent application. You should find out the location of the process if you find out that the problem isn’t genuine. To do this, press and hold on Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the task manager.ss3svc64.exe on startup windows 10

Once you open the Task Manager, from the list tab choose Processes. Then right-click on the ss3svc64.exe file, from the newly appeared context menu choose “open file location”.what is ss3svc64.exe on startup windows 10

We can confirm the Suspicious by uploading the file to the malware like a VirusTotal. The service will scan the dozens of anti-virus database signatures to find if you’re dealing with the security threat or not. If your verification validates that there is no threat then we can discuss if we should remove the ss3svc64.exe? section.

Should I Remove the ss3svc64.exe?

The most effective question, should I remove the ss3svc64.exe, is not much important to the function of the operating system. So removing it may not have consequences on your device. If you have changes the custom sound preferences using the proprietary Asus utility then removing the executable may revert the changes to the default.

If you’re not depending on the sonic suite service at all, then you can remove the ss3svc64.exe without modifying the previous establishes sound settings of your device.

How to Remove the ss3svc64.exe on Startup?

If you have confirmed that the ss3svc64.exe is not a virus by performing the above-given instructions that you’re not dealing with the virus that posses the ss3svc64.exe files, you can follow the below-given instructions to remove the ss3svc64.exe from your device, without any fear that the leftovers files will not harm to the overall performance of the system.

Before uninstallation, we have to remind you that the ss3svc64.exe file is not a standalone file, where you need to delete the parent files to remove the ss3svc64.exe files from your device. Here is the uninstallation of the ss3svc64.exe and parent files of the ss3svc64.exe. Follow the below steps to do so.

  • Press and hold on to the Windows+R to open the Run Dialogue window.
  • Type “appwiz.cpl” in the text box and click on OK.

 ss3svc64.exe on startup reddit

  • A Programs and Features window will open on the screen.
  • Once the “Programs and Features” window, to locate the “Sonic suite 3” service, scroll down to the list.
  • When you have seen this select and right-click on it to uninstall.

ss3svc64.exe on startup asus

  • Follow the on-screen instruction to uninstall it.

After you have uninstalled the ss3svc64.exe file then restart your device. After your device restarts. This fixed the issue ss3svc64.exe on startup on your device and you no longer see the ss3svc64.exe on startup on your device.

Note: If you found none of the methods resolve the issue ss3svc64.exe on startup on your device, then it is recommended to use the restore repair tool, which scans the repositories to replace the missing or corrupt files. This resolves the issue in most cases. It helps to optimize your system for better performance.

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The above mentioned is the information we could provide about the ss3svc64.exe file. And found how to remove the ss3svc64.exe on startup windows 10 or ss3svc64.exe on startup as it interrupts you with a pop-up window at the start. Hope you found this article helpful and for more information visit our Techy2Tech. If you any doubts regarding this feel free to text us in the comment section and  Stay tuned for more updates.

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