How to Fix Sprint Error 104 in Different Ways

What is Sprint 104? Sometimes you may fail to send the text through your phone to a person or a text because of the Sprint Error 104 (now T-mobile).  Sprint Error means that the user cannot send a text to any of the contact stating that can’t send a message with Sprint Error 104. Not sent. Tap to try again.

Basically, this error triggered because the person that you are sending the message isn’t able to receive it due to wrongly configured network settings or any other glitches.Sprint Error 104

whereas the whole message states that “Can’t send a message with sprint Error 104, Not sent, Tap to try again”. So, in this article, we try to fix the error using the following methods that are mentioned below.

What Causes the Sprint Error

After getting into one of the troubleshooting guides, we conclude that the following are some of the reasons why sprint error triggered on your computer.

Outdated OS

if you didn’t recently update your Android OS or iOS. it is one of the reasons that the error encountered on your device. So, it is better for you to update your Operating system on your computer to overcome this issue.

Glitched Contact

It is possible that the contact that you are trying to send the message has been glitched, and due to this the user is unable to receive the message or text message.

Corrupted History

If the contact history on your mobile has been bugged then you might encounter the error Sprint Error 104 on your system. it is best to clear the history if you don’t need it anymore and then try to send the text and check if the issue is fixed.


Sometimes you need to clear the Text messages, Cache, and Data from the Messaging app that you are using for fixing sprint error 104.  this is especially for Samsung and the ios users because this method was most viable for them, and still, you can apply this on your respective device.


If you try to configure your phone to use the iMessage feature with your SIM card, then you encounter the Spront Error 104 on your mobile, if the same Sim card is used by another mobile. Therefore it is best to disable the iMessage in the first place, which helps you to fix the error easily. Even if you are using still using the SIM card on the same device, still is recommended to disable this feature.

How to fix Sprint Error 104

Sprint uses the CMD network whereas,  T-Mobile uses the GSM. Now because if they’re Merged there are several queries that aroused in your head. But there are not much to worry about this, the following are the methods that you need to perform to fix this issue

Restart your Device

If you’re facing the error, First you need to restart your device after waiting for few minutes, now text to the same contact again this is the first procedure that everyone follows when you face these computer errors.cant send message with sprint error 104

This is the faced by several people, as soon as they perform the above procedure the sprint error is longer exists in their device. even if you’re still facing the error then follow the below methods to resolve this issue.

Deleting the Contact

Sometimes you may not face the problem only with one contact, but also with more than just one contacts get the error, no matter what you are doing, it remains the same. However, deleting the contacts and adding back again. You may think this is so silly, but this one of the methods that solves the issue.can't send message with sprint error 104

Clearing the Contact History

This is quite similar to the above method, But here you need to clear any contact history with that contact to whom you’re unable to establish the connection due to this errorwhat is error 104 sprint

  • Delete the call history related to the contact on your device.
  • Delete all the text messages too.
  • When you clear all the History of the particular, try connecting to that contact.

This method helps to resolve the issue regarding the Sprint Error 104 and this method is applicable for both android and iOS.

Blocking the Contact

This one the technique to get rid of sending messages with sprint error 104, which is similar to the above methods. This is quite similar perform the following steps to do so.what is sprint error message 104

  • Block the Contact with which the error is encountered.
  • Restart your Mobile after Blocking the contact.
  • Unblock the contact that you have blocked and try messaging the Contact to check whether the issue is resolved.

This method is simply to fix the error regarding the message and this method is applicable for both android and iOS.

Disconnecting the Network

This is another simple troubleshooting method and it will be helpful to fix the error and it is possible to identify the culprit or will fix the issue.

  • Turn off the wifi of your device.
  • Turn off your mobile data.
  • Now, try Messaging.

Resetting the Network Settings

This is the Best procedure provided by mobile customer care, and it’s worked for many users, This method only resets your mobile device network settings and cannot erase your mobile data or any information present on your mobile. But the cellphone will just update the profile and PRL and reboot automatically. Follow the below steps to do so.

  • Turn off the wifi and the mobile data if ON.
  • Navigate to the dialer, and dial ##72786# (don’t make a call ).
  • Dailing a number will prompt a phone restart.
  • Unlock the phone immediately after the phone restarts.
  • After a few minutes, a message will arrive on the screen saying that the service is updated, and let the process be finished.
  • It may or may not restart in 20 sec or may take more time.

Calling before Texting

the issue was discovered by a user accidentally while trying to fix the error by re-entering the contact information as it is worked for quiet users after that. Call the contact and Text them after the Call. Calling a contact will help us to fix the error, which is otherwise restricted, Somehow.

Update the Data Profile

In some cases, users sometimes decide to update their data profile. The Outdated mobile phone results in the messages that are not being sent and displaying the error. TO perform the troublesj=hoot you need to follow the below steps

  • To update the Data Profile, Navigate to the settings.
  • Click on the “About Phone” option.
  • Select the Update Profile and update your profile.

You can try updating the PRL, which is referred to as Preferred Roaming List, for CMDA phones, since sprinter is a CMDA phone, this option is visible will be visible either above or below the “Update Profile” Option. As soon you update your phone, make sure that you need to restart your phone, after restart try sending the messages to know if the problem is fixed.

Disable the Messaging App

This problem arises from the fact the sender or the receiver might be using the iPhone previously and will be problematic for the Android users since iPhone utilizes the iMessage network. Below are the steps to follow to disable the iMessage on your device.sprint error message 104

  • First, you have to Power your iPhone.
  • Insert the SIM card that you used before.
  • Now, your iPhone ON.
  • Make sure that you’re connected to the Wi-Fi Network.
  • Head to Settings, and scroll down to tap on the messages.
  • Now you will find the iMessage option, and turn off that.
  • After turning off the iMessage you need to iPhone powdered on for at least an hour, and iMessage will eventually deactivate.
  • Power on your device.

After turning it off, if you notice still the error persists, then you need to follow the below steps to perform the deactivation of the iMessage through Online,

  • Visit the Apple store profile website and login with an apple account.
  • Select your iPhone device on your site.
  • Select Unregister, and then select Unregister.

This will deactivate iMessage without the help Of the device, Check if you are receiving the text. And if none of this working for you, contact the Apple supports for deactivating the iMessage on your device, where they usually send a code to your new phone and deactivate it as soon as the user is verified. This method may take 24 hours till Apple deactivated the iPhone.

Reset your Mobile

If you have done all the possible methods but still the issue persists, at last, what you need to do is to reset your phone to the factory settings, because this the only troubleshoot that is left to fix this issue.

Before, performing the troubleshoot make sure that you backup all your files, so you shouldn’t be lost all your files. After the resetting, your mobile confirms if the issue is fixed by sending a message to your contacts.


Editing Contact type and area code, Using a trusted third-party messaging app, SCRTN are a few more methods that help you to the Sprint Error 104 on the device. Hope that, in this article, anyone method will be helpful for you to fix can’t send a message with sprint error 104 on your device. Visit Techy2tech for more information.

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