What Is Spooler SubSystem App (spoolsv.exe)

what is the spooler subsystem app? spooler subsystem app is a file that determines how your Microsoft is going to handle the print and fax work on your computer. It is a process that helps the user to manage his fax and printer systems. Whenever the program sends a document to the printer spooler subsystem app add it to the print queue.

The spooler subsystem app and spoolsv.exe, the window component is an underlying file that manages the print and fax work,  which uses a lot of CPU resources that might be an issue.

spooler subsystem appIs the spoolersv.exe file is a virus? No, the spooler subsystem app is not a virus but spoolsv.exe is a safe Microsoft Windows system process called the spooler subsystem app. However the writer of the malware programs, like trojans, virus, etc., in order to escape from the detection gives their processes name as the same file name.

Spooler subsystem app error

Have you ever doubt what is spooler subsystem app ? and notice the spooler subsystem app on the task manager, which is also been shown as spoolsv.exe or print spooler.

Why it Consumes a lot of CPU

Even though the spooler subsystem app uses the CPU resources, while printing, but it shouldn’t use a lot. whereas some user says that the sooplersv.exe consumes lots of CPU usage which can lead to an issue in the widows printing system, such as an issue with the printer driver, misconfigured printer, and print queues, etc.,

If you’re noticing that the spooler subsystem app is using a lot of CPU even when it is not Printing, we recommend performing the windows printing troubleshoot. for this follow the below-given steps.

On Windows 10, head to the settings > view Update and security > click on the troubleshoot, in windows 7 you will find printer troubleshooter under the control panel > system and security, then find and fix the problems. Then it will automatically attempt to fix the problem.spooler subsystem app virus

If the printing troubleshoots is unable to fix the problems, then find for the installed printers on windows 10, go to the settings, from settings select Devices, from their choose printers and scanners, In the windows7, go to the Control panel, there you choose hardware and sound and then select drivers and printers.

In some cases, you need t remove the installed printers and in order to add and reconfigure them, use the “Add a printer” wizard.

 Is it a Virus

Is the spoolersv.exe file is a virus? or a spooler subsystem app virus?  No, the spooler subsystem app is not a virus but the spoolsv.exe is a safe Microsoft Windows system process called spooler subsystem app. However, the writer of the malware programs, like trojans, virus, etc., disguise themselves as legitimate windows process to avoid detection gives their processes name as the same file name. The real name of the spooler subsystem app is spoolsv.exe and is located in C:\windows\System32.

what is spooler subsystem appTo know the location of the file, right-click on the spooler subsystem app in the task manager, and select the “Open file location”. You should have seen the spoolsv.exe file in the file location  C:\windows\System32.

How to Disable it?

There is no necessity to disable this process. This is only necessary when you want to print or fax something. If you don’t have a printer or fax then it uses no resources and doesn’t interfere with anything on your computer. If you really would like to disable it then go for the below steps,

  • Hold the windows and the R button (Windows + R), then a popup or dialogue box will be opened. Type the “services.msc” in the text box and press enter.
  • Locate the “printer Spooler” in the list of services that are mention in the service application and double click on it.
  • To stop the services of the spoolersv.exe  click on the stop button, and the spoolersv.exe will be removed from the task manager.spoolsv exe spooler subsystem app
  • You also set the startup to “disable”, to stop the spoolersv.exe from automatic-start, when you start your PC.
  • Remember you cannot perform the printing or fax functions, or even you can’t even see the list of the installed printers until you enable the spoolersv.exe on your computer.

Delete spooler subsystem app files or folders

If you feel that disabling the spoolsv.exe spooler subsystem app is useless for solving your spooler subsystem is using a lot of CPU resources or high CPU error on windows 10, there much need to remove the files or the folders of the spooler subsystem app virus. then follow the given below  steps,

  • Double click on the “This PC” on your desktop to open.
  • A folder will be open, then Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers.spooler subsystem app has stopped working
  • Double click on the Printer folder and choose to delete the files by right click on it.

These printer folders or files are the history of the printed documents. Once you delete these files or folders the spooler subsystem app may not use too of CPU resources or disk usage on the windows.

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