Snapchat Tricks And Tips For Using Snapchat App

Are you in need of Snapchat tricks? Snapchat is one of the best social networking sites that connect the various numbers of individuals successfully. In simple one can say this as the coolest application used by millions of people. If you see today, various apps or the sites will be continuously gets updated introducing new advanced and innovative features.

Similarly, Snapchat got updated and here we go with all the simple Snapchat tricks and tips provided in a clear cut format. Through this, one can easily learn the usage of this particular app and components recently added to a greater extent.

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Doing so will greatly help to edit all the snaps and making them colorful and much more without facing any kind of trouble. Therefore do not miss to learn these new updates. Learning all such things greatly helps the users to use Snapchat in a more effective way.

Snapchat Tricks and Tips

Well, looking forward to all these tips and tricks do not forget to make a note. As these help the users in accessing new features a bit more easier. Therefore here are the lists.

  • How to Get Access with Hidden Snapchat settings
  • Try to use multiple filters
  • Include soundtrack to the respective video snap
  • Try to Switch between Front-facing and Back camera especially at the time of capturing snaps.
  • Secure the Account with Login Verification
  • Adding extra text to the respective snaps
  • Enable Travel Mode for Saving Data
  • Cross verify the respective email Address

Now it is the time to go with all the details involved in each and every trick or tip provided here. Let us go through them one by one and use them accordingly.

How to Get Access with Hidden Snapchat Settings

This is the most simple. In the first step, the user is requested to navigate the settings icon available on their device. Open it and when you scroll down, one can see the option called additional services available in the form of a list. Tap on it and select manage and check out Snapchat hidden options respectively.

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Therefore once after getting this particular page, the user can notice the options like filters, front-facing flashing, travel mode, friend emojis, permissions accordingly. Where the user is ready to access all such options very well. Not only these ones can easily find out the amount of data consumption that took place at the time of travel.

Try to use multiple filters

Adding filters to one particular snap is well known. But the most special thing Snapchat has adding any number of filters to layers available in the snap.

In order to do so, one has to capture the photo, turn it into black and white and implement all the filters accordingly. If you like to add a time filter, just simply hold the image with your finger and swipe to get time filter. That’s all!!!

Include Soundtrack to the Respective Video Snap

Do you look for adding audio to all your video snap? If yes, here is a simple process. Firstly open the respective music player and then begin the tune that you like to add into the respective video snap without any fail. Now simply switch back to the main page and start recording all the tune in a more successful way. Now it is all set to play the music video along with the snap respectively.

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Try to Switch between Front-facing and Back camera

Switching between the front and the main camera is possible only when a person attempts to record a video snap and helps to capture all the reactions very well.

Secure the Account with Login Verification

This all includes especially the two-step authentication process. It is all used or enabled especially when you go add an extra layer of security to the Snapchat account respectively. Once after doing so, one cannot log in to their respective account on new devices. If in the case to have a successful login, sends the code in the form of a message which has to be further entered without making second thought. That’s all!!!

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Adding extra text to the respective snaps

The character limit provided to send a text is increased. Just simply select the range of text you like to provide and copy it successfully to all your clipboard respectively. In the next step open the Snapchat and paste it in the respective text field available at all your snap before posting on the Snapchat successfully.

Enable Travel Mode for Saving Data

People who are well-known about Snapchat tricks might come across the concept called battery hog respectively. This is one of the built-in features it has for saving all the valuable data without any fail. This is possible when you enable travel mode.

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Doing so it saves from the automatic download process carried out at all the snaps, stories posted on Snapchat respectively. Here is the path to be followed for enabling travel mode on the device successfully. Firstly, navigate to the app settings-> additional services-> manage once the travel mode is enabled.

Cross verify the Respective email Address

This is when you really new to Snapchat. It asks to verify all your email addresses provided in the respective account and accept all the terms and conditions provided by Snapchat without making a second opinion.

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Did you get it absolute or perfect Snapchat tricks that help to access further? Hope the answer is yes. For more tips and tricks, simply mention in the followed rectangular section. so that we help in updating without any fail. Thank you. If you think these points to remember are greatly helpful, share with friends or on social networking sites successfully. Get back with Techy2Tech for more interesting and better tutorials.

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