Snapchat Loading Screen Stuck On Tap To Load {Fixed}

Snapchat Loading Screen is one of the technical issues that many of the users facing and they are unable to open the snaps s a very common issue that every user faces. As it really annoying when something is loading and doesn’t give a quick result.

Snap Chat is a popular American Multi-media Messaging app, used to share and exchange pictures and videos, know as Snaps developed by Snap Inc., originally, Snapchat Inc., like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp is another trendiest Social media App used for sharing Photos and Short Videos Knows as a snap.

snapchat loading screen

The main feature of the snap is that the messages and the pictures are available or invisible after a short time before they are inaccessible to their recipients. Snap is one of the trendiest networks for Quick Social media updates. Like many other apps, Snapchats is also having Technical Issues, where Snapchat Loading Screen is a common issue every user faces and in this article, we will find how to fix the issue.


Why is Snapchat Not Working

If we talk about the reasons that a Snapchat arises an issue Snapchat loading screen or Snapchat stuck on the loading screen. The might be because of the following reasons.

  • Poor internet connection is one of the reasons, why the snaps are only loading but not displaying.
  • Data Subscription should be check as the reason because the data may be exhausted for the day or expired.
  • Memory or snap bugs are one of the reasons for the issue of Snapchat loading screen slow.

Issue of Snapchat Loading Screen: Fix

As the Snapchat loading screen slow is one of the common issues that every snap user faces, here are few Troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

Check Your Internet Connection

This is one of the common troubleshooting, where the Snapchat users face the issue of Snapchat not loading. The reason might be your internet connection is poor or weak or your mobile is finished.

So, verify if the problem is with your poor network connection or not, because it is one of the reasons, where everything will be loading but can’t be displayed.

Update the Snapchat App

Snapchat loading screen may be one of the reason if you App is not updated because it might have some problems working improperly. Follow the below steps to do so.snapchat loading screen slow

  • Navigate to the Play Store.
  • On the Left, Click on the Three bars in the AppStore.
  • Select the MyApp and Games, option and click on it.
  • In the updates, from the given list of updates. Select the Snapchat and click on the Update button if isn’t it.

After updating the App, Switch to Snapchat and check if the Snapchat loading screen is resolved or not.

Clear the Cache Of the Snapchat App

After you installed the game, you will download and store the data in the App. Where after few days all the junk data will be collected together and the app may crash. We unable to open the app, Snaps loading error, etc., may happen.

So, clearing the cache may help the App to load the snaps, which may fix the issue of the Snapchat loading screen slow. To do so, follow the below steps.why is snapchat not working

  • Close the Snapchat app properly, and remove it from the background process.
  • Now, head to the Settings, Find “Apps and Notifications”.
  • In Apps and notifications, Select, All Apps.
  • Choose the Snapchat, in the given list and open it.
  • Click on the “Storage Cache Option”, tap in the “Clear cache” to remove the cache files.

Then After clearing the cache, exit from the Snapchat app and re-launch the Snapchat App again. Now, check if the issue is fixed or not.

Restart the Device

If you are facing the issue, the Snapchat loading screen slow. Temporary cache on your device may be one of the reasons. Restart your device is the simplest way to fix the error. as the background running, the app may burden up the system apps.snapchat loading screen tap to load

Because it is the simplest way to resolve most of the issues on your device as all the Cache memory and temporary data stored on the RAM will be deleted and gives a fresh start to your device. After restarting your device check if the issue Snapchat loading screen is resolved or not.

Re-install the App

If the above troubleshooting methods don’t resolve the issue, but still facing the same error Snapchat loading screen slow. Then you need to try this troubleshooting method. to do so follow these methods.snapchat loading screen image

  • Select the Snapchat, Long press, and hold on to the App.
  • A Small box opens over the app, and select the Delete icon to delete the App.
  • Or you can delete the App from the App manager.
  • Once, you delete the App, go to the Playstore and re-install the App.

Once you reinstall and download the App from the App Store, then switch to the Snap chat and check if the issue is fixed or not.

Clearing the Conversation

If you are unable to Load a story or snaps of yourself on Snapchat, then delete the conversation of that particular user which might be helpful for you to resolve the issue Snapchat stuck on the loading screen. Follow the below steps to do so.

  • Navigate to the Settings in the Snapchat.
  • Scroll down to your privacy.
  • Now select, tap on the clear conversation.
  • Clear the conversation of the person, whose snaps are not loading.

Close Snapchat OPtimization

The Android devices come with some smart features to boost up the speed and the performance of the device. Where Optimisation of the Apps will help the apps to free up the space of the Operating System and makes it run Smoothly. The Optimisation of the Apps will makes lead all to sleep mode.

If you are Optimisation for Snapchat, now all the apps will download in the Sleep mode. So, if you close the optimization of Snapchat will allow all the snaps to auto-download. To turn off the optimization follow the below steps to do so.snapchat stuck on loading screen

  • Navigate to the Settings, on your device.
  • Search for Apps, Scroll download for Snapchat.
  • Select the battery, then click on the Optimisation of the Battery to disable it, if it is enabled, by disabling the toggle button off.


The following troubleshooting techniques will help you to fix the issues Snapchat Loading Screen, on your device you can even find more information from Techy2Tech. So, try to apply the above troubleshooting methods to resolve the error Snapchat loading screen slow. Try to restart your device after completing the above methods. Hope this article will help you to Snapchat loading screen on your device.

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