How to See Skyrim Se Crash Log and Fix it

Skyrim adds extra features to it, know what is skyrim se crash log. However, during the launching, most people experience crashes or glitches while they are adding these mods and the running game. Where Skyrim Se Crash Log is one of the crashes Skyrim experiences Therefore in this article, we will identify why the game is crashing by examining the Skyrim crash log and try to fix these crashes by performing some of the troubleshooting methods.

Skyrim is the open-world action role-playing video game and the 5th game in the elder scroll series that is made up of many mountains and hills, developed by the Bethesda games studio and published by Bethesda Softworks. For the countless races and the work, the player develops a character to improve their attributes in the fighting, magic and also health themselves for the limitless possibilities.

Skyrim Se Crash Log

for the extra feature when they try to add the extra mods to Skyrim they might experiences the crashes like Skyrim Se Crash Log. Therefore, in this article, we will try to fix these crashes by performing the below discussed troubleshooting methods on how to fix skyrim se crash log.


How to Fix the Crash Log Skyrim Se?

However, you have to do some of the detective work like loot skyrim, to check which mod causes the crash on your Skyrim. Therefore to stop the crashing the given below are the four necessary steps to fix skyrim se crash log.

skyrim se crash log mod

  • First, you have to enable the Skyrim logging which is disabled by default.
  • To check our load order, conflicts, mod patches, and other issues we have to use the BOSS.
  • Then to check out why Skyrim is crashing we need to read the logs.
  • In the end, to determine exactly which mod causes the crash we have to use the free tool known as the windows grep inside the mods.

Next, we go into detail about how to use the BOSS and t ensure that your game mods are set up properly and that behave as expected.

For your Game Enable the Crash Logging

For Skyrim, Crash logs initially disable on your computer. We need to edit the Skyrim.ini file which is located in the game’s directory to enable it. To carry this task, you have to follow the given below steps.

  • In your directory, head to the following path “C:\Users\<Your User Name>\Documents\my games\skyrim”.
  • Now, double click on the “Skyrim.ini” file, and at the end of the respective file add the following lines”

Tweak the Mods

You have to verify the load order, mod patches, conflicts, and other issues after enabling the crash logs. To carry out these tasks you have to use the BOSS. Moreover, this is an excellent tool, that configures your loader and that helps you to avoid crashes by locating the mods that cause the CTD. So, you also need some other tools along with Boss such as the TES5Edit and Nexus MOD Manager to carry out this task. Also have a look on during setup.

To optimize Load Order follow the given below steps

  • On your device, launch the web browser and then download the BOSS and the “Nexus MOD Manager”.
  • On both Downloads files, double click on them one by one and follow the on-screen instructions to install them.
  • By heading to the start menu, to launch the click on the BOSS icon so that it performs the self-checks, re-orders the mod, and displays the results on the screen.
  • If there are any problems with the mods, then the BOSS will highlight and disables the mods that are having the missing dependency, as is recommended by the BOSS, install any patch and pay attention to all the warnings that are displayed on the screen and then take the actions accordingly.

Clear the Dirty Mods

  • Download the TES5Edit, on your web browser on your computer.
  • On the downloaded executable file, double-click on it. Then to install it follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, launch the TES5Edit and choose “Select None” on the “Master/Plugin” section.
  • Then, select “Update.esm” and click on it.
  • When you are starting from the top of the load order, now, right-click on the mod that is highlighted in the “Red” and then select “Apply filter for cleaning”.
  • Right-click on the same mode again once the process is finished. and then select the “Remove” identical to Master records”.
  • Again right-click on the same mode and select “Undelete and disable the references”. The mod will be highlighted in “Green”.
  • Save the changes, once all the mods are cleaned. Again the launch the BOSS and to ensure that there is no further issue with the mods.

Examine the Crash Logs

On your computer when you have enabled the crash logging, the new logs will be generated as soon as your game crashes to the desktop. Therefore, by having a look at this log, we need to investigate the root cause of the crash.

  • In your directory, head to the following path ”
    C:\Users\<Your User Name>\Documents\my games\skyrim\logs\scripts"

    . Here, every time your game crashes a log will be created.

  • Now, double click on the log that was created when the game is crashed. To inspect scroll to the bottom of the text file, what was happened just before the game crash.

skyrim se crash log location

Validate the Faulty Mod

So, you have to came to know the reason that crashes the game or how to see skyrim se crash log, as there is the chance might be that the information is incomplete or to terminate the problem,  in addition, there might be something that needs to be fixed. Use the third-party tool named as the “Windows GREP” is one of the most approaches to verify the reason that you have encountered  a game crash

  • On your computer, launch the web browser and download the “Windows GREP”.
  • Now, you have to double-click on the downloaded executable file and install it then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • in the text filed paste “Dragonborn.esp” associated with them (what text do you want to find?) option and click on it.

crash log skyrim se

  • Then, browse to your Skyrim folder and then to choose the location, click on the “>” icon.

how to see skyrim se crash log

  • While holding the “shift” keys on the keyboard, now select “*.bsa”, “*.bsl”, “*.esp”, and “*.psc” files, and then to confirm the selection of the files that you are looking for, click on the “>” icon.

how to see skyrim se crash logs

  • After clicking on the “Next” wait until the software finishes the searching and displays the results on the screen.
  • Windows Grep has confirmed the root in this CTD in our case, which we investigate by going through the crash logs previously. Now either to buy the “Dragon Born DLC” or “Skyrim Unbound” from the mod is either of the solutions to eliminate this CTD.


For the extra feature when they try to add the extra mods to Skyrim they might experience crashes like skyrim se crash log. So, the mentioned troubleshooting methods help you to fix the error crash log skyrim se. You can also find more information from our Techy2Tech website.

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