Roku Remote Not Working | Best Ways To Fix

Are you a Roku user? Are you facing problems with the Roku remote not working? If roku is your favorite streaming device, you must be aware of roku remote and Roku remote is the primary way that Roku users control the link and makes it easy for you to connect to the TV wirelessly.

Each and every roku user knows roku remote well. If Roku remote is not working, you can’t use roku link. Sometimes Roku remote does not work due to many reasons like using the wrong code for Roku, defective Roku remote etc. Roku provides the best services in all aspects, but sometimes users also create problems because of their own mistakes or ignorance.

Roku Remote Not Working

However, both roku remote and rooku can face. Then this article is for you. Here, I will tell you all about roku remote not working. After reading the whole article, hopefully, your problem will be solved.


What is Roku Remote

Roku Remote is a remote control device that is used to control roku media player. The roku has an operating system that is similar to android and iOS-based devices. It enables the Roku users to install various roku channels and apps through which roku can be accessed on any TV or display with roku players installed in them.

Roku Remote is designed with roku streaming stick logo on the upper center of roku remote. Roku Remote has a trackpad to enter roku account details, Roku pin code, roku player power button, and volume up/down buttons.

Causes of Roku Remote Not Working

If your Roku remote control is not working, then there are many reasons behind it. It may be due to a battery problem or some internal problem in Roku device below may be the causes of Roku remote not working:

1. Check battery first

2. Due to roku device problem

3. Dust inside roku device, so it is not working properly

4. Remote not working due to wireless interference from any other devices such as mobile phones, microwaves, wifi routers, etc

5. Roku device power supply issue

6. If roku device is not correctly placed or wire or Roku stick is loose so it’s not working properly

7. Roku remote control button problem (tv off, volume up button does not work).

How to Fix Roku Remote Not Working

Roku has also a built-in Roku remote app that allows Roku users to control roku devices without roku remote. Roku remote not working is mostly due to bad roku connection or Roku wifi connectivity issue. Below are the methods to fix roku remote not working:

  • Check Roku wifi connection
  • Check the HDMI connection
  • Re-pair the Roku remote

Check roku wifi connection

First of all, when roku remote not respond, you should check roku wifi connection that might be the main reason for roku remote not working. Just follow the steps below to fix roku remote problem.

  • Turn on your roku device and press the home key on roku remote to open roku home screen.
  • Disconnect Roku wifi or roku internet connection and close roku app on your mobile device.
  • Now connect roku wifi or roku internet connection after a few minutes and re-open Roku app on your mobile device as well as roku remote control.
  • Now Roku remote control will be connected with roku device and you can use roku remote without any issue.

Check the HDMI connection

Check the HDMI connection of your Roku remote to ensure it is properly connected. Remotes are only compatible with TVs that have an HDMI connection, this also same for the dish remote not working.

Press the Home button on your Roku remote, then click the Settings option on the Roku home screen. Select System, then select System update option under “Wireless.” Enter roku com link code if prompted.

Re-pair the Roku remote

To re-pair the roku remote to your player, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that you are using fresh batteries in both the remote and player (if not, replace them). Make sure that both devices are positioned near enough to each other so that they can communicate with each other.

2. Point the roku remote directly at your roku player, but avoid pointing it towards any other electronic device to ensure that you get accurate results during setup. Ensure that there are no obstructions between the roku remote and roku player.

3. Verify that the roku remote is not set in any mode (e.g. roku tv remote, roku tv power etc.)

4. Verify that you have selected the right roku player from your roku remote control by pressing the Roku button and selecting the correct roku device from the list of devices found in step 5 below.

5. Press and hold both the home and fast forward keys for at least 10 seconds or until the Roku player’s light blinks rapidly. Ensure that you press both keys simultaneously without releasing them for more than 3 seconds.

6. Once the roku player’s light blinks continually, release both keys on your roku remote control and ensure that no other key is pressed or held down.

7. Once you release both keys, press the roku button on your roku remote to select that roku player.

8. Ensure that all roku lights are illuminated, then press any key on the roku remote control to finalize the pairing process. This can take up to 30 seconds, so wait patiently until the roku device setup is complete.

9. You should hear roku welcome audio or roku audio test which indicates that the roku player has been paired with your roku remote successfully.

10. If you don’t hear roku welcome audio, press any key (except home, back and rewind) to determine if roku remote pairing failed or not.


Roku remote control is a very useful accessory for roku streaming device. Roku com link code is required to pair Roku remote with roku device which makes roku com link code an important part of roku setup process. You should check roku wifi connection or HDMI connection before you use Roku remote control for your roku streaming device. For more information visit our website.

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