How to Fix PS4 Controller Red Light Issue

If your ps4 controller red light and the controller is not working properly, then this might be something to worry about. In most cases, the red light is the symbol of the warning that might warn you that something went wrong.

As we know, Playstation4 is the video game console, that is developed by Sony. Without any type of complexities, the consoles of the PS4 are a great way to the game. Moreover, without using the keyboard and the Mouse, you can get a better experience with the use of the controller.

ps4 controller red light

Well, in this guide, we will provide you the methods how to get rid of the ps4 controller red light on the PS4 controller. And hopefully, with any of these methods, we can successfully fix the issues.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Red Light

Sometimes, if you are dealing with faulty hardware or any glitches then you might come across the red light on your PS4 controller. Below, we have provided you the simple troubleshooting methods that help you to get rid of the error.

Fix PS4 Controller Light Red While Charging

Let us perform the troubleshooting methods to fix the issue the PS4 controller changed red.

Take off Charging Dock’s Cord

Sometimes, the controllers show the red signal even if it is fully charged. So, if your chord is charged fully but shows the red signal and unable to charge anymore, then unplug the Dock’s cord from the power source, wait for a while, and plug it back in. Therefore, trying this method might help you to fix the issue ps4 controller light red.

Replace the Charging Cable

Sometimes the faulty cable will not let the PS4 charge than in such cases try to change the cable with another one. Connect the other USB cable and then check if the light bar on the PS4 shows another color. If this lightbar turns green then it is fully charged.

ps4 controller light red when charging

Reset the PS4

Resetting the PS4 controller might help you to fix the small glitches if any. Follow the given below methods to reset the PS4 controller.

ps4 controller light red

  • On the back of the controller, find the reset button.
  • With the help of the Pin, hold on to the reset button.
  • With the USB cable, connect the PS4 controller to the console.
  • Again, on your controller, press the PS button to turn it on.

After resetting the device, check if the ps4 controller light red is fixed or not.

Fix the PS4 controller red light on the System

It is a sign of high latency if your PS4 controller shows the red light while you are trying to connect to your PC. Moreover, when the latency surpasses 10m then the light flashes red. You can also disable the red light on your PC, but this is not the solution to fix the issue. But to fix the issue you have to fix the issue of the latency.

ps4 controller red light while playing

You also need to use the USB 2.0 port and also make sure that while you are connecting there must not be the interpretation. Even you can also use the wired cable when you play the game on your PC if you are unable to fix the latency.

Meaning of the PS4 Controller Color

The PS4 controller represents different colors like Red, Green, Blue, Pink. Every color has its meaning, here we have provided you some for you.

  • Blue – Player1 or the User1.
  • Red – Player2 or the User2.
  • Green – Player3 or the User3.
  • Pink – Player4 or the User4.

Even the particular event that is happening on the gameplay, then in some play stations you might come across the color Red or Blue.

Red Light Issue Caused by Hardware Problems

There might be a faulty controller, even if changing the cable or resetting the controller did help you to fix the issue. Then there might be the various hardware glitches that cause the issue. Here we have provided you a few of the hardware glitches that encounter the error ps4 controller red light.

ps4 controller red light of death

Loose Battery

This might one of the reasons that cause the issue ps4 controller red light when charging, then try to connect your battery or the port properly.

Fault Ribbon Cable

If the Ribbon cable doesn’t work properly or the faulty Ribbon cable that is available on the PS4. If there is a problem with the ribbon cable then the PS4 won’t charge and this might encounter the issue ps4 controller red light.  Sometimes this issue might fix when you clean the ribbon cable with the alcohol or else replace it with the other ribbon cable.

Battery Drained

If your battery is old and it might be drained and which results in the discharge of the battery. In these cases, you need to buy a new battery and replace it easily if you know how to open the DS4 controller.

Faulty Port

It will encounter an issue similar to the Faulty Ribbon cable if there is any problem with the USB charging port. More, you will see the low battery, as it will not charge when it is plugged in.

How to InterChange the Color of the PS4 Controller

As we mentioned above, the different colors indicate the connection of the different players. Then in this article, we will provide you the steps on how to interchange the color of the PS4 controller with the given steps.

ps4 controller red light when charging

  • On your Play station4, first, you have to create the four different profiles.
  • Then, you have to login into one of the users and then you need to switch to another user by signing out of this profile. So, that you can have the desired color.
  • Until you get the desired color, you can keep login into the other user’s profiles.

By these methods, you can change to the desired colors of the PS4 controller.

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Finally, ps4 controller red light is not a good sign in most of the time. If you have any doubts about the ps4 controller light red, then let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to Techy2tech for more updates.

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