Paladins Codes 2021 – Full List and Guide to Use it

Many Paladins players are unaware of the Paladins Codes that are provided in the game. The codes in Paladins are actually a 17-character code with a combination of alphabets and numbers. You can use these codes in the game to win various appearances and skins. You can change your Champion’s look using those skins and make it more impressive.

Paladins – Champions Of the Realmis a free multiplayer Hero shooter online game which was developed by Evil Mojo, an internal studio of Hi-Rez. This game became available for players on May 8, 2018 on all Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PS4 platforms. In June 2018, a Nintendo Switch platform version was released.

Paladins Codes

The Paladins game is a must try if you have not played it yet. It has gained immense popularity worldwide in the span of 2 years. If you also want to enhance the visuals of your champion using Paladin Codes, read this article to know how to get them. We are providing you an easy guide here to use the promo codes in Paladins.

Paladins Codes

The game Paladins takes you to a fantasy world environment. The Champions in the game are possessing different abilities and natures. There are usual champions just like normal humans and there are some who champions with supernatural powers. Goblins and Dragons are also included in the game. To make the game more interesting, new Paladins Champions are frequently updated to the game. You can always customize your champions features according to your mood.

The Paladins game will give you codes as a reward for good playing. The rewards can be either a unique skin or a  radiant chest roll. You will get access to a large number of cosmetics to use them on your champion. MVP poses, common and uncommon cosmetics, Emotes and Sprays are all the collections of items in the Cosmetics section. If you get a radiant chest roll 8 times, then you will be rewarded with a Legendary Card.

How To Use Paladins Promo Codes

The Paladins game will reward you with a promo code which you have to redeem to get the skins into your account. Each Paladins Codes is related to a specific skin or appearance. You can easily redeem these promo codes by following the simple steps below.

1.  Go to Steam or EpicGameslauncher and launch the Paladins game. You will have to make sure to be logged in into your account.

Paladins Free Codes

2. When you get on the game’s home page, select the  “Store” option.

Codes for paladins

3. Now, you will be taken to the game’s store. Click on the “Accounts” tab on the top of the screen. Then, select “Redeem a Code”‘.

Paladins Free promo codes

4. You will see a Redeem Code box. Enter the code which you want to redeem and click on “Submit”.

codes for paladins

5. A few seconds later, you will get the skin related to your code in your account. Finally, click “OK” to confirm.

Paladins codes free

This completes the process of redeeming Paladins codes into your game account. You can use those redeemed skins to add special touch to your champion’s looks.

Redeem Social Media Paladins Codes

If you want to redeem the paladins promo codes from any social media site, then you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of Paladins
  • Log in to your account.
  • Head to the Community Page.
  • There’ll be several social media websites with their links provided.
  • Follow them to redeem codes.

Paladins Game Codes 2021

We are providing here some genuine Paladins Codes for you to use. You can easily redeem these paladins promo codes and get the skins into your account. Each code will give a different skin feature. You can select anyone based on your choice.

  • APXSFCAEB58D71212 – Redeem this promo code to get an Infernal String.
  • AZDRCXYYF67872018 – Redeem  this promo code to win a unique skin.
  • WAXHZZDFF54672017 – Redeem  this promo code to get a unique appearance.
  • APXRCRCBD47071212 – Redeem this promo code to get a Radiant Chest Roll.
  • AZDRCRCFS42272018 – Redeem this promo code to win  unique skin.
  • PBEB16F4B4EB60909 – Redeem this promo code to get a unique skin.
  • PBEB039513B260909 – Redeem this promo code to win a unique appearance.
  • PCNW3802C655360719 – Redeem this promo code to get a unique appearance.
  • PBEB3DF4B4EB60909 – Redeem this promo code to get a unique skin.
  • PCNW3802C009060719 – Redeem this code to get a voice pack
  • PCSY1304FFE0160719 – Redeem this promo code to get  unique skin.
  • PCNW34DF76B2160719 – Redeem this promo code to get a unique skin.
  • PCBC1E975BA7360719 – Redeem this promo code to get a voice pack.
  • PCSY18FE15DEE60711 – Redeem this promo code to get a unique skin.

You will have to redeem these Paladins Codes by the method we have shown above.

How To Get Codes For Paladins

You can also use some of the social media apps to get free promo codes. All you have to do is link your account with the social media app.

1.  You can get the pretty skin Champion Ying by linking the  Paladins to your Twitch account.

2. To get Victor Charcoal skin, follow Twitter account of Paladins.

3. To get Team Fortess 2 Barik, play Paladins on Steam.

4. To get Victor Weapon skin, follow Facebook account of Paladins.

5. To get Onyx Stallion Mount skin, subscribe Paladins official channel on YouTube.

6. You can get Jenos Resplendent skin by linking Paladins to your Facebook account.

7. To get Battle Cat Mount skin and Bomb King skin, sign up for an account on Twitch Prime Free trial.

8. You can also link your Hi-Rez account with PSN account and get Stage 4 Androxus skin.

One can easily get any one of these skins with very little effort. All you need to do is just follow and subscribe some of the official pages of Paladins.

Final Words

We hope this article was helpful for you and you were successful in earning a free Paladins promo code. You can redeem the promo codes that we have listed above and get yourself interesting skins. You can modify the champion’s looks in a unique way with all the skins provided to you in the game. Those who have not played it yet, we would say this game is a must try once in a lifetime.

If you found this article useful, please share it with your friends. You can suggest us some amazing skins in the comments section. For more information, visit our website.

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