How to Fix OK Google Not Working

Is ok google not working? Google Assistant greatly helps all the users to search for any information in very less time. Most of the time people use this on a daily bases without wasting even a single minute. People like and prefer this for easy access. You can search for anything required with this ok google.

Weather Reports, news and also helps to handle certain tasks like making a call, sending the message, and much more can be accessed without facing any kind of trouble. But now what happened to it? Millions of users started complaining about the trouble faced at the time of accessing the Ok Google command.

OK Google Not Working

At times Ok Google is repeated continuously and one could not even stop the command said by one of the users. Are you facing the same? Never mind. We will help you out by providing a few simple and understandable solutions. Have a look and start accessing accordingly.

OK Google Not Working

Well now it is the time to learn certain methods to fix ok Google not working troubleshooting issue. These methods might help you to fix in very less time.

  • Enable Google Voice Search if Disabled
  • Check the Language Settings
  • Retrain the Voice Model
  • Rule out all the Fixes
  • Update the Google App

Do try them out one by one and check whether it is working or failed so.

Enable Google Voice Search if Disabled

This is the simple method or the basic one which has to be checked by all the users at the beginning itself. There are greater chances to get ok google not working pixel when it is not enabled. Even though it is turned on by default do not forget to cross-check because there is a chance that had been turned off at times by mistake and you have not noticed well. So, therefore, follow the below steps and implement accordingly to fix ok google not working troubleshooting issue.

  • Long press on the respective home button.
  • Click on the grey color icon appearing on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to the option called more-> click on Settings and then devices.
  • Check whether the Google Assistant option is turned on. If it is not enabled toggle to the right and enables it right now.
  • That’s all!!! As simple as that!!!

Check the Language Settings

When you notice the respective Google assistant is not responding to you, you are speaking in a different language. In general, the US English will be provided as a default but still not a big deal if you check by navigating to the settings option. In order to do so, follow the below steps one by one accordingly and fix right away.

  • Go to the app-> Menu-> Settings-> voice under search-> choose the appropriate language available in the form of lists at voice model.
  • As such the lists consist of various languages that have a chance to set primary and secondary languages if you like to prefer so.
  • So therefore by providing a tick mark in the dialog box it considers the languages you have chosen without any fail.
  • And therefore Google automatically switches between those languages when you speak and also the issue will be solved to a greater extent.
  • If at all this might not be the reason behind the cause try out below methods to fix right immediately.

Retrain the Voice Model

This is one more issue caused on several intervals. It is caused when the voice model does not work properly. Therefore results in ok google not working troubleshooting issues. In general terms, the voice model is none other than refers to the setting saved and recognized all your voice command respectively.

In detail, this all means actually at the beginning itself asks us to say the command ok google. So that it recognizes your voice and save for further access. So this is all about failed to recognize your voice and displaying such kind of error.

In that situation try to restrain the voice model implement the below steps and fix ok google not working troubleshooting issue right away.

  • First and foremost long press on the respective home button and say Ok Google.
  • After doing so click on the blue icon appeared on the right corner of the screen.
  • And there you need to click on more options available at the top right of the screen.
  • Now choose settings and then click on voice match.
  • Click on teach your assistant your voice again option and then perform a click on retrain. Once after successful retraining a new voice model appears which successfully use the Google Assistant.
  • At last speak and record by following all the provided instructions accordingly.
  • Finally, once all set tries by saying ok google and check whether the issue has been fixed or still getting the same. If fixed no problem. If not try the below methods to fix.

Rule out all the Fixes

One has to remember in general the Google Assistant must and should need either WiFi or the mobile data for further operating. So it is very much important to check whether the data is ON for further access. It might be the simple step solution but at times if the user forgot to enable internet connectivity and looking forward to accessing OK Google face this particular issue.

Update the Google App

If all the methods do not work one and only thing the user has to update the App with no other doubts. In order to do so follow the below simple steps provided in the form of a bullet list.

  • Go to the Google Play store-> navigate to the respective app.
  • If you see the installed button then it is already upgraded with the latest version.
  • If not click on update and access accordingly.

Final Words

As per my point of view, all the methods given here were very clear. If you have any doubt or like to have a better understanding drop below in the comment box. We reach and help you in short. Also if you feel this information is very much useful to you and like to forward for all your well-wishers go ahead by taking any of the social networking sites as a medium. Keep connected with Techy2Tech for better and useful articles.

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