New secret PS4 cheats

PS4 Secret Cheats

Like other consoles, the PlayStation 4 is a console with a large number of functions and possibilities. In this Tecvideos article we bring you the best secret PS4 tricks that not many users know about. These will allow you to customize your console, enhance your gaming experience, get more out of your controller, or use the PS4 for things other than gaming.

Curiosity piqued? So he reads on and discovers these secret ps4 cheats that will leave you and your friends very surprised.


Trick 1: customize the menu

This first trick consists of putting personalized backgrounds for free on your PlayStation 4. To achieve this, you will simply have to go to settings, enter topics and then on PlayStation Store.

Once there, you simply have to search for the free themes that the PS Store makes available, download and install it.

Trick 2: Avoid damaging your eyes on PS4

Spending many hours playing Play can make your eyes dry or irritated. This is why we recommend going to your console settings, accessibility, and then put your text in: large, bold and higher contrast.

In this way, you will notice how your eyes will tire much less and, therefore, your hours of play will be much healthier for your eyes.

Trick 3: increase the memory of the PS4

Without a doubt one of the best secret ps4 tricks, which will allow you to increase the capacity and space of your PlayStation 4 hard drive.

The first tip is to use an external hard drive. Why? Because you will be able to save all your files, save games, videos and more.

If you don’t want to have an external hard drive, another solution is change the internal disk of your PS4 for an SSD disk. Although it may be a somewhat expensive solution, it is one of the best and most efficient, since it is a faster, more durable and higher capacity disk.


Secret PS4 Cheats - Trick 3: Increase PS4 Memory

Trick 4: Create Custom Dualshock 4 Skins

In this fourth trick, we are going to teach you how to customize your Dualshock 4 so that it looks as beautiful as in the video.

  1. First, you have to enter this page that is like an online Photoshop.
  2. In addition, you must load the templates that I also leave you and that I have made for you, in order to customize your ps4 controller.
  3. Once the page is open, add the template and image that you want to design.
  4. Put it in the background of your template and export it.
  5. Once you have it exported, print it in DIN A4 size and proceed to paste it with double-sided tape.

PS4 controller template download link.

Trick 5: watch movies for free on PlayStation 4

An easy but successful way to watch movies. You only have to access the Playstation 4 browser, enter a page that I will leave you below, and start enjoying 100% free movies!


Trick 6: Capture the funniest moments

If you want to capture those funniest moments of your PS4 games, in this lifehack we will show you how. You just have to access the settings of your PS4, accessibility, and turn on quick screenshots.

Now with just a double press of the button Compartir you can capture those funniest moments of your games.

Secret PS4 Cheats - Trick 6: Capture The Funniest Moments

Trick 7: order your games

Sorting PS4 games becomes important when we have many installed. In this trick, I easily teach you how to do it.

You just have to go to a game, click on the options button, add a new folder and create folders in which you can divide and organize your favorite games. Easy right? Well, put it into practice.

PS4 secret cheats - Trick 7: Sort your games

Trick 8: Block messages from people on PS4

This trick is very important for those of you who constantly receive annoying messages or requests while you are playing. Do you want to block them? Do it now! You must go to settings, account management and in privacy settings activate or deactivate that friends, everyone or nobody can send you a message, friend request, team invitation and other actions.

Trick 9: Optimize the sound

If you are looking to optimize the sound of your game console, this trick is great. To do this, grab any speaker that has a 3.5mm mini jack and proceed to connect it to your TV or PS4 controller.

In this way, you will see how the games with low sound will become a real madness full of fun and sound.

Trick 10: discover trophies, achievements and curiosities

In this case I come to present you a web page that offers very good secret tricks for ps4 and available to everyone.

With this page you will discover everything related to achievements, trophies and surprising curiosities of the most popular PlayStation 4 games.

Page with cheats for PS4.

PS4 secret cheats - Trick 10: discover trophies, achievements and trivia

Trick 11: Use a PS3 controller

Do you have a ps3 controller and don’t know what to do with it? This trick will allow you to use your PS3 controller to play your PS4 game console.

You just need an OTG cable, a micro USB cable, your PS4 controller and a mobile phone.

Once you have all this, connect these cables with the controller to your cell phone and, downloading the PS APP app, connect it through the bluetooth devices menu of the PS4 settings.

Trick 12: connect automatically

Forget selecting your profile every time you turn on your ps4 and enter automatically Too much faster. You just have to access the settings of your game console and activate the automatic input mode.

Wow! That’s it, access to your ps4 faster and more efficiently.

Trick 13: use your mobile data if you don’t have internet

Use your phone’s internet when you don’t have a WiFi connection at home. Although it may seem crazy, today many people have unlimited gigabytes on their cell phones, so if one day you lose connection at home… Share from your mobile WiFi settings to your PS4!

Trick 14: send funny emoticons

This trick will allow you to send funny emojis and emoticons to your PS4 friends. You will only have to access the pages that I will leave you below, copy the icons that you like the most and, through the PS APP and PlayStation Message app, send them to whoever you want.

Link of pages with emoticons:

Trick 15: type faster

Typing on the PS4 is easy, yes… but what if I told you that you have several ways to do it? Do not use the keyboard of your dualshock 4 anymore. In this advice we recommend you to use the touch pad or a conventional keyboard and mouse. I assure you will not regret!

Trick 16: Have a faster connection

If you are looking to improve the internet connection of your PS4 console, you should definitely apply this trick. By simply using the App Helper, you can improve your internet connection and, in this way, download your games much more smoothly, or even play games with incredible internet quality. What do you need? The program that I show you next.

Trick 17: play without connecting to your PS4

When you want to play your PS4, but there is someone occupying it… it’s a chore! Well, I already have your solution: with two applications for your mobile phone, you can try and play your favorite PS4 games without the need to connect to your PS4. How? Download them below and find out:

Secret PS4 Cheats - Trick 17: Play without connecting to your PS4

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