How to Turn Off Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

What is Microsoft compatibility telemetry? It is basically considered as an automated service available in the Windows10 OS. It held responsible for collecting as well as sending data through one particular system to the corresponding Windows development team. However, all this data greatly helps to improve the windows performance by fixing several issues or bugs caused previously.

Apart from this, several users also had claimed that this is none other than considered as a Microsoft tool which is used to spy on all the users. But let me tell you this is not true. Regarding this news, the company guaranteed on saying simple words mean this tool whatever we are undergoing collects the data for development crises. Try to think in a positive shade rather than negative.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Well, after noting down all these points, what data it is going to collect and send? This might have been thought by several users. Let me tell you, Microsoft going to transfer the typed text right from your keyboard every 30 minutes respectively. It also transmits the multimedia files from your system or PC to Microsoft. Not only these but also collects the device driver-related information in a perfect way.


How to Turn Off Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

I hope you are now well clear about the concept. So now we go and learn about Microsoft compatibility telemetry high CPU issue. We know that it is going to collect and send the data. And as it how we need to send, it will definitely store the data in your system leading to the corresponding issue.

You might get a doubt as we know it is causing Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk, why to be included in Microsoft Windows10. Well, let me clarify to you about this before learning certain fixes. Reasons, why it includes, is to improve the system security, system performance making it safer from the happening of virus attacks, and also upgrades the Windows OS basis on the need or requirement of the user.

So, in this way, it helps but causes Microsoft compatibility telemetry high CPU issues. To get rid of this particular issue, we are going to learn several methods that greatly help you in getting rid of it by taking less period of time. So, now, let’s go!!!

  • Turn Off Microsoft compatibility telemetry through processing CMD
  • Turn Off Microsoft compatibility telemetry by erasing CompatTellRunner.exe including owner rights.

So, therefore, now we start learning step by step process involved in getting rid of the issue Microsoft compatibility telemetry in a very less period of time.

Turn Off Microsoft compatibility telemetry through processing CMD

This is a very simple and easy method that might help in solving your issue without facing any kind of trouble. Let’s go each and every step provided below in a clear and better understand language.

  • The very first, go to the start menu and type run as a command. It is going to open a prompt window. Right there you are requested to type CMD as a command.
  • Or else try to use the shortcut key saying Windows logo + R to be typed from the keyboard. Next to it, you can notice the prompt appearing on the screen with cmd command.

microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk

  • Don’t click OK immediately. This is why because we need the CMD as an administrator. So type Ctrl + Shift + Enter at a time from the keyboard.

what is microsoft compatibility telemetry

  • Now do copy and paste the following path or the command on your CMD administration screen. [Do not forget to hit the key called Enter after each and every command].

sc delete DiagTrack sc delete dmwappushservice echo “” >
C:\\ProgramData\\Microsoft\\Diagnosis\\ETLLogs\\AutoLogger\\AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl reg add
“HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Policies\\Microsoft\\Windows\\DataCollection” /v AllowTelemetry /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

Turn Off Microsoft compatibility telemetry by erasing CompatTellRunner.exe

Now let us undergo another method that greatly helps to get rid of the issue called Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk. The process is simple. But to do this, you have to follow the below simple steps.

Login to the PC as an administrator. That means you need to sign in through the user account which has the administrative privileges.

  • Now go to the Start menu and type run and then hit enter.
  • You will see a command prompt appearing on the Screen showing the CMD as a command.
  • Or else try a short cut key that could be typed from the keyboard: Windows icon + R.

microsoft compatibility telemetry high cpu

  • Now do type the path C: Windows\System32 and then you are requested to hit enter.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Right on the screen, you will be noticing the directory window coming up with system files located in the system.

microsoft compatibility telemetry disable

  • Search for the file name CompatTelRunner.
  • Once you have found it successful, perform a right-click and do select properties.

microsoft compatibility telemetry high cpu usage

  • Once it gets open, click on the one respective security tab.
  • You can find a new window appearing on the screen.
  • Now move to the owner tab and click the option called edit.
  • Choose the option called administrations and click the apply button. Save the changes and again click on Ok.
  • Doing so you are directly taken to the ownership of the corresponding file.
  • One more point you must remember as before deleting the file, must and should change the permission of one particular file.
  • Now click properties-> move to the Advanced tab and select permissions. Also, choose the administrator account that appeared in the next window.

microsoft compatibility telemetry high cpu reddit

  • Tap on the dialog box that appeared beside the option called full control. So that it must and should give you the permissions related to the corresponding file.
  • This is all that needful thing to be deleted for getting rid of the issue.
  • And now get back to the system 32 folders, and try to delete the CompatTelRunner.exe file which helps us in turning off the Microsoft compatibility telemetry successfully.
  • At last, right-click on the recycle bin and empty the contents permanently. That’s all!!!

After undergoing this process, it means you have been successfully deleted the CompatTelRunner.exe file. And this greatly helped in getting rid of the Microsoft compatibility telemetry high CPU successfully.

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I hope you are well clear about the points or steps mentioned over here. Try any of this and get rid of Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk issue permanently by taking only less amount of time. Still, if you have any doubts or would you like to learn more interesting details, mention a single comment.

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