LOOT Not Detecting Skyrim and Skyrim SE

LOOT Not Detecting Skyrim: Skyrim is an action role-playing game, which is playable either by first or third-person perspective. The player in Skyrim can roam over the Skyrim land which is an open world environment consisting of caves, fortresses, dungeons, towns, wilderness expanses, and villages.

Skyrim is an open-action role-playing game, developed by Bethesda game studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. the point of the game is that you are the hero with the power of dragon granted by the gods, the purpose to save the world from the dragons know for legends of the “WorldEaters”. You may troubleshoot an error “Loot Not Detecting Skyrim” on your PC.

Loot Not Detecting Skyrim

But there are some of the issues that the A lot of Time, that the Loot launcher can’t detect the games like Skyrim and Skyrim SE. This is actually more common than you think. This s one of the common issues every player faces, If you try to open the game it will crash, or LOOT not detecting the Skyrim. in this article, let us try to fix the Problem regarding LOOT Not Detecting Skyrim.

What Causes the Loot Not Detecting Skyrim

There are many issues that loot not detecting Skyrim which are reported by many users around the world. There are many reasons to cause the issue, where some of them are mentioned below.

  • If you haven’t launched the game, then through the steam, this is one of a cause that LOOT not detecting Skyrim.
  • It may also happen if you’re not running the LOOT MO2.
  • The issue may persist if your LOOT is unable to find the game files in the destination that it is searching init.


If you are facing that Loot Not Detecting Skyrim, don’t worry it can be solved very quickly and easily, follow the basic troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue.

  • Close your Steam.
  • Close your Computer.
  • Launch the Steam.
  • Right-click on the game. Select properties and then select the local and verify the game by clicking the verify button.
  • Try Running LOOT from MO2

Run Skyrim From Steam

The first and the foremost thing that you should do when the LOOT  not detecting the game is that you should have to launch the game from Steam. This registers the game with your steam account and authenticates it. the reason for this is to ensure that there are no third-party applications. As soon you launch the game from the stream, before closing the Game, just wait for the Menu to open. This authenticates all the game files that LOOT needs to detect.

Run LOOT and Steam as Administrator

This issue arises, when your Skyrim and the steam cannot be accessed and your game may not have the permission to be accessed by the loot. This often happens when Skyrim and Steam are in the Program(x86). These folders have some native protection, As a result, Loot unable to access these due to some restrictions. To overcome this problem, right-click on both the steam and LOOT and Run them as administrator option. if even this issue encounter then you need to move steam out of Program(x86) folder.

Change the Location of Skyrim

If you still encountered the problem loot no current game to get, and you found that the above is not worked, then you need to change the location of Skyrim from its current location. This may help you to resolve your issue.

  • Navigate to the following location  C:\Users\YourUsername\Local\LOOT.
  • Now, Open settings.yaml file with a text editor application, such as Note++.
  • Search for the “type: Skyrim” and a below it “path:…..” change the location of the line where the Skyrim is installed.


This is on the problem Loot Not Detecting Skyrim, faced by many players in the world, Hope this article, helped you to fix or resolve the Loot Not Detecting Skyrim, from any one of the methods, and if you have doubts regarding comment us below in the comment section. For more information visit our Techy2Tech website.

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