List of sites to download 3D movies online

List of sites to download 3D movies

In this Tecvideos article we present a list for download 3d movies which will be of great use to you. The 3D format allows images to be seen as if they were coming off the screen, giving them a more realistic and deep feeling. If you want watch 3D movies in Spanish at home, there are many portals where you can buy them to enjoy them on your 3D TV, so don’t miss out on all the options and enjoy.


In this case, before you can download any 3D movie, you must register with AltTorrent. You just have to provide your email, create a username and enter your date of birth. Also, don’t forget confirm your email.

Then you can access the site to find recent movies. Select the content you are looking for, press torrent and wait for the file to download so you can open it with your torrent client.

sub torrents

Anytime download 3d movies Access this SubTorrents and find them in original audio, Latin Spanish and from Spain. Tap the movie title and then Download by Torrent. Now, wait for the file to download and open it in uTorrent or qBittorrent.

Finally, you need to open the file with a torrent client just like in the AltTorrent process. When the download is finished, all you have to do is enjoy the 3D movie from your home.

With these internet sites you get movies with 3D effects, the processes are safe so don’t wait and follow them. You can play them on a 3D television or a SmartTV. In addition, you can also enjoy them in a blu-ray or in a computer with a good Graphic card.

There are plenty of 3D movies out there that you want to watch, so it’s worth taking the time to download them. If you want to know other interesting Internet pages and applications, visit Tecvideos TV and we talk about them. We also offer you other equally attractive topics.

List of sites to download 3D movies - SubTorrents

Best Torrent

This is an excellent page to download not only movies, but also complete series. It is a fairly practical website, since you only have to select the title you want. Automatically, BestTorrent takes you to a download direct to download the content immediately.

One of its most outstanding features is that it has a menu tab at the top. There is a section of the latest torrents, where a list is shown with the latest movies and series.

everything is in Spanish and in HD quality, being a very prominent page for its security. There is classification by genre, year, actors, director and total downloads. Of course, the page provides a synopsis so you know what the movie or series is about.


DonTorrent is one of the best sites to download 3d movies by utorrent, and the reason is simple: it is a website that does not use advertising to download and everything is available in high resolution. In fact, you can even to download 4K movieswithout ads and completely free.

Its interface is agile, the material is up-to-date and the downloads are virus-free, so it is a totally recommended page for you.

List of sites to download 3D movies - DonTorrent


Elitetorrent is a page very similar to the previous ones, it has a fairly wide catalog of premieres. Click on the movie and you will quickly see the download link. In addition, other related films are shown, both in Latin Spanish like in spanish from Spain.

It is possible to filter the movies by year, quality, weight, resolution, among others. Similarly, it is possible download movies in AVI fileswhich weigh very little, but without losing the quality of reproduction.


We close our list of the best 3D movie download sites in Spanish with Divxtotal, one of the most acclaimed. It stands out for having a fairly large database, with many movies available to you. Of course, there are horror movies, action movies, premieres, practically everything you can imagine.

The platform stands out for being quite stable and offering content in Spanish. There are different options of file types and sizes that adapt to each particular situation.

Now that you know where to download 3D movies, it’s time for you to get down to it and spend excellent hours of entertainment.

What 3D movies to download

We have already shown you the best places to Download free movies, specifically in 3D format. However, you may be wondering what to watch on these platforms. In fact, there are many movies to choose from, so the choice is not always easy.

Everyone has different tastes, although not all movies may be available. Be that as it may, there are some that you cannot miss, regardless of your preferences. Next, we will leave a brief list so that you know some of the best 3d movies to download.


Although there are several installments of this franchise, the one you are going to enjoy the most is the original version from 1993. Of course, the new titles are also very entertaining and have a greater graphic impact. If you like science fiction and dinosaurs, this is a perfect movie to watch in three dimensions.


One of the best movies of 2009, with impressive graphics. Images are vivid, colorful and impactful at all times. If you want to feel inside the screen, you know what 3d movies to downloadwhere Avatar is included.


This is one of the classics of classics that you cannot miss in your movie collection. In this way, you can relive feeling inside that great love story. Of course, it is also possible that you will have more than one scare due to the circumstances that are presented in the film.

Doctor Strange

If the images of this film were already impressive in two dimensions, imagine the sensations in 3D. Practically, you will pass inside the portals created by the great sorcerer. Even, there is a high chance that you will suffer from motion sickness, especially in the part of the movie when the city twists.

300: The birth of an empire

Action, action and more action, everything that awaits you in this movie. 300 is one of the most acclaimed installments of all time, so it’s unmissable in three dimensions. Obviously, you can download it right now for free on any of the pages already described.

resident Evil

To spend scary moments, nothing better than zombies, especially a resident evil movie. For example, it is advisable to see the delivery Ultratumba, which although it is more than ten years old since its release, is still very entertaining.

The Lord of the rings

Few books brought to the big screen have generated such success. The franchise of Lord of the Rings It is simply spectacular in all its sections. Soundtrack, graphics, story, nothing to say about one of the most outstanding movies of all time.

Now you have the possibility to enjoy the entire saga between dimensions to feel inside this magical world. In this way, the entertainment will be guaranteed to spend unforgettable weekends and nights. Don’t wait any longer, you already know which 3D movies to download, so try any of them and the fun will be total.

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