How To Fix Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On Issue

As you’re the kindle fire user, at least once you may face kindle fire won’t turn on even when plugged in, which leads you to worry about. It’s a temporary problem and can be resolved easily but sometimes it needs special attention when the problem is crucial

Here you do all the possibilities to turn it on, but still, the Kindle fire won’t turn on. So in this article, you will learn how to resolve the problem and some interesting features of the kindle fire. As we all know that the kindle fire is the best e-reading Gadget for book lovers where you can read the books in your free time at any time and anywhere with all possibilities.

Kindle Fire Won't Turn On Even When Plugged In

The kindle fire series introduced by Amazon is an Ebook tablet that upgrades regularly which consumes the digital media. You can Download Books, Media, Apps, Newspaper, Magazines, Blogs and even more., kindle fire is easy to access.

Features of Kindle Fire HD

Besides an E-Book, it can also have some interesting features that you can have fun, Given Below are the list of  features of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

  • You can access the internet.(complete browsing)
  • Can browse your social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.,).
  • Able to work with mails(send and receive mails).
  • Access the Skype for Audio and Video Calls, Chatting.
  • Having Bluetooth connectivity with the other devices, so that you can share your files.
  • Allowance of headphones to listen to the E-books, Music, etc.,
  • Install and play the games.
  • Able to click photos with front and primary camera.
  • Compitable to HDTV.
  • It has a special feature for kids “Kindle Free Time” children.

How To Troubleshoot Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On

Device Frozen is a common Problem every user will come across, as every device has a tendency to one or the there time and we never know the particular reason for that. Don’t be panic, here are the few steps you have to go through “if your kindle fire won’t charge or turn on”.

Reset Your Device

If your kindle device won’t turn on even when you’re plugged-in the charger, this is because your device is frozen (or) hanged.  Maybe we don’t know the exact reason why this happens including your smartphones or tablets.

So, the first and common step we have to do is a soft reset if the kindle fire won’t turn on:

Soft Reset

Soft Reset includes Turning off and on the power button, here the procedure follows:

Kindle fire won't charge or not turn on

  1. Hold the power button for 20secs and more
  2. Let the device be turned off and release the button for few seconds.
  3. Turn it on again by holding the power button.

Before Hard Reset backup all your files, so that you can retrieve your data later.

Hard Reset includes:

kindle fire black screen of death

  1. Go to “Quick Settings”.
  2. Select “More” under this
  3. Select “Device”
  4. Then click “Reset to Default Settings”.
  5. Then the Device will be Reset Automatically,
  6. It will help you to clear all futile(useless) data and Apps.

Broken/damaged Device

You have tried all the alternatives, but then,  you don’t know what is happening and then you start searching to fix them back. how to resolve your problem.You try all the methods  it tends to be  are useless out of your efforts and your mind will be frozen.

kindle fire shows charging but not

Sometimes you may not aware of whether your battery pin or hardware of your device is broken. So if it happens, then you have to invest your money in replacing the damaged part of your device contact amazon to repair the device, instead of searching to fix an issue.

So, if you are in need of Amazon help or service to replace the damage,  contact the Amazon helpline no.:Call 877-690-9305 to get professional help. so, you may have a chance to resolve their.

Check With Battery

Maybe this could be one reason why your Kindle fire10 won’t turn on. Here are few possibilities

The battery is out of Charge: If your kindle fire won’t open, because the battery dead or out of charge. let it charge for 30 minutes before turning it on. Yes, this is one of the problems not to turning on your device and the kindle fire is unable to turn on.

amazon fire tablet dead and not charging

USB Cable or battery cord not working: If you still found that your battery is not charged even if it is connected. Once, check your cable whether it is working properly. If you found it’s not working then use another cable and charge your battery, if it works then you will able to turn on your kindle fire.

kindle fire 10 won't turn on

Damaged Battery: The damaged battery is one of the reasons why your device is not turning on. If the above cases are working then the problem might be with your battery. Then, you need to replace your battery with the new one. This will helpful for a device to turn on back.


The above article is about how to resolve the issue when “Kindle Fire won’t turn on”. Through the following techniques, you can able to resolve the issue and you can able resolve the problem. Hope this will be helpful to resolve the troubleshoot. If you have any doubt regarding this, feel free to contact me through the comment section. Visit our Techy2tech for more information.

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