How To Watch Live TV On Firestick For Free

You may wonder How to watch live tv on firestick? Amazon Fire tv is the revolutionary incredible home entertainment, that offers you from your favorites movies to the latest TV shows and from music streaming to live TV, with the touch of the button this firestick app brings everything all to you.  With one of these devices, you can be able to enjoy the whole range of home entertainment that includes TV channels from all over the world.

If you would like to watch the Live from amazon, from your preferred provider content you can watch the live channels on the Amazon Fire. For this, there will be the “Live” tab along with the options like Movies, Apps, Shows on the navigation pane. Then, on the various channels the “On Now” row highlighting the live programs.

how to watch live tv on firestick

On the Fire TV channel guide, you will find the options “Options” row of the “Live” tab. So, in this article, we will discuss how to watch the live shows on the Firestick. Therefore the following tutorial provides you with the step by step how to watch the live tv on Firestick for free.


How to Watch Live TV on Firestick for Free?

If you worried about how to watch live tv on jailbroken firestick or can you watch live tv on firestick. Through the Amazon store, there are a number of free live services are available which is great work with this app. This amazon fire stick covers, on the budget with the entertainment-based package or a high-end service feature that compromises hundreds of the channels. But here everything that you need to know is how to watch live tv on Firestick.

Here is the list of the Live channels that you can watch on the Firestick for free. Know how to watch live tv on firestick.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu TV is majority-owned and fully controlled by Walt Disney with Comcast’s NBCUniversal as an equality stack holder, which is an America subscription video-on-demand service. For the people who are familiar with streaming, Hulu live TV represents the beautiful middle-ground but for new to streaming live TV. Hulu TV along with the traditional Hulu streaming membership, a Hulu with the Live TV membership it includes a full package of cable TV channels. Hulu is waiting for you to watch more of you are ever get sick of watching live TV.

watch live tv on firestick

From Cartoon-Network to ESPN includes everything from its 50-plus, with every major news network to boot. Hulu with the live TV includes 50 hours of the cloud DVR storage if that wasn’t enough and it doesn’t include the on-demand shows with Hulu’s streaming service, this how you can know how to watch live tv on firestick.


FuboTV is the most liked for the International sport’s fan. It provides you the Sports content that offers the best soccer, NBA, and Formula-1 with the basic cable channels. And it provides you a few of the favorites like EPSN, FuboTV includes Bravo, MSNBC, History, SyFy, and the other basic cable standards that you could expect. 4k sports and special events are offered by Fubo TV which is the only streaming service that provides these features.

watch live tv on firestick for free

Fubo TV is to be considered if you are looking for the cheaper alternative with a package of $7.99 per month. For a reduced price, this package comes with 15 Spanish language channels. It is important to you to make sure if you have got access to the local channels. While it doesn’t offer or include the ABC, it deserves the extra look. Whereas for most of the U.S market it offers local NBC, Fox, CBS channels. Your membership for the FuboTV includes cloud DVR.


When you’re looking for your budget streaming services, then the Philo is here for you, where no other services compare to Philo 43-channel with the package of $20 per month baseline package, this is how to watch live tv on firestick. It is originally designed for students who are living in college dorms. Philo offers you a few new channels but when comes to entertainment it offers you some of the best channels that include AMC, BET, CMT, MTV, Comedy, and VH1.

can you watch live tv on firestick

Philo comes with the demand and the unlimited DVR with recording features that last for 30 days. But one of the frustrating things is that it lacks news beyond the BBC  World News.

Sling TV

SlingTV is one of the inexpensive TV channels, that lets the users pick it a handful, you can know how to watch live tv on firestick with this sling TV. Sling is also the Live Streaming Channel on Amazon FireTV. You don’t need to bother with the expensive cabling packing, rather than getting a hundred channels. At a discount, slings offer you small packages of hot packages. For the subscribers, sling offers you the on-demand and cloud DVR, along with the live streaming TV. Sling Orange and the Sling Blue are the two packages that slings offers for you at a cost of $30 per month along with the option to get both packages for $45 per month.

how to watch live tv on jailbroken firestick

Bothe channels Sling Orange and the Sling Blue offer you some of the same channels like Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, and CNN, are some channels overlap. Frustrating thing is that this overlap makes the missing options from each of the packages. The three EPSN channels and the Dinsey are the packages that are included in the Sling’s Orange, but Nat Geo, FX, FS1, SyFy, and the local channels are not included in it. On the other hand, all the favorite channels are included in the Sling Blue, except ESPN. So, you can get rid of this problem by getting the Sling Orange+ Sling Blue Packages. It is not much to bother that both package efforts you more and it doesn’t seem to add much cost where you can both combo pack at a cost of $45 per month and the Sling TV doesn’t empty your pockets.


If you are looking for wireless needs, then AT&T TV Now is the best choice to know how to watch live tv on firestick. When you signup for the AT&T TV, then you will able to again the instant access to the 45+ channels, which includes the local channels, Even you will get HBO on plus and the MAX Channel suites. It also comes with the Cloud DVR, per month which will let you record for 20 hours of TV. Your single account on the AT&T TV will work o two devices and for just $5 you can add more devices.

how to watch live tv on firestick for free


But remember of the TV channels offer you the free live stream on the Amazon Firestick, but you should use them with caution as they provide the content that you should be paid for the free. Sometimes you might get into trouble with your ISP and other authorities as the consumption of the pirated content can break the copy tights of the site. Hope you find this article helpful to know how to watch live tv on firestick or can you watch live tv on firestick, for more information visit our Techy2Tech Website. If you have any doubts feel free to text us and stay tuned for more updates.

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