How to use a router as a WiFi repeater

How to use a router as a WiFi repeater

The internet has become an indispensable tool for carrying out different tasks on a day-to-day basis. Having a Wi-Fi signal in your home is an excellent help to keep up with your devices. However, sometimes the signal is not strong enough to certain corners of the house.

In these cases, an extender becomes an ideal solution to increase the Wi-Fi signal. If you have an extra router and want to know how to use it as wifi repeater, this article will help you. We explain the difference between both devices and how to make the correct configuration.


What is the difference between a router and a repeater

Even though the router can act as a WiFi bouncer, this does not mean that both devices fulfill the same function. Each one is designed to provide a different and unique service.

A repeater, amplifier, or wifi adapteris a device that allows expand coverage provided by your home network. This device captures the signal from your network and duplicates it through its antennas, allowing it to reach further. The network has exactly the same data, although you can also create a new one.

For its part, a router is the device that connects directly to the network. It is the one that is generally included in the internet contract package. takes care of route data signal received to direct it to wired or wirelessly connected devices. Some of them are portable.

How to use a router as a WiFi repeater - What is the difference between a router and a repeater

Should you use an old router as a repeater?

It is likely that, after suspending your contract with an internet company, you have been able to keep your router. Did you read or hear that you can use it as a wifi repeater, and now you want to try it. This is a good idea, considering the savings of not having to buy a repeater, which is expensive.

Furthermore, the method of wired ethernet connection it also has a low cost. However, keep in mind that when using an older device, you will have to go through a setup process that can be confusing. Additionally, if you are looking for good speed, these teams are probably not a good option.

Therefore, if you want to get better results when using a router as a repeater, it is best to use a more recent version. This is to avoid compatibility issues with current standards and ensure optimal use and strong signal.

How to configure router as WiFi repeater with cables

If you want to be able to extend the network connection, there are certain elements that you have to have. In this case, they are 2 routersone of them connected to the internet, and an ethernet cable. When starting the link between both devices correctly, a configuration with certain parameters must be carried out.

To start the process, you must connect them with the cable, which is basically the easiest part. You simply have to connect one of the ends of the Ethernet cable to the yellow slot LAN 1 of the router with internet access. Then, insert the other end to the same input of the router that will act as a repeater.

proceed to turn on router number 2 and observe the front lights of it. If the WiFi LED is blinking, it means the link was successful. Now start configuring both routers.

Configure Router 1

Is the first thing you have to configure, since it is the one that provides the internet signal to the secondary and other devices. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Access the router settings. You do this by typing the address or in the browser.
  2. After starting the search, a page should open automatically.
  3. There, enter the username and password of the router, which is usually “admin” in both sections.
  4. In the “Advanced Settings” panel, select the “DHCP Server” section.
  5. If the option is not checked, press the activation box to provide the internet signal to router 2.

Configure Router 2

The next step is to assign a static IP to this router, number 2. In this way, the administration of the internet by the first will be carried out correctly. As in the previous step, you must Access the control panelbut in this case, connected to the same signal.

  1. Follow the same procedure as above (type the address in the browser, enter the data and go to DHCP).
  2. Being there, deactivate this section, to be able to assign a manual IP.
  3. Once deactivated, go to the “IP address” section.
  4. Now enter the address or, in case the former is, as they cannot be the same.

You already have the option connect to router 2 without any complications. If you can’t, restart both devices so the changes will take effect.

How to use a router as a WiFi repeater - How to configure a router as a wired WiFi repeater

How to configure router as wireless WiFi repeater

Before configuring your wireless router and turning it into a repeater, it is important that you meet certain parameters. Mainly, it is vital that know the IP address of the router. You can find it in “Network and internet settings” > “Adapter options” > “Status” > “Details”.

Also, you have to reset the device to its factory version. To do this, insert a thin object into the hole behind it. Hold it down for more than 5 seconds, making sure the lights turn on simultaneously and flash.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, it is possible start programming the device to duplicate your signal.

router configuration

Connect the computer from which you are going to make the change to the secondary router (not the main one), which must be turned on. Open your browser, and enter the IP address extracted above. Being reset, it does not have a password, so you just have to click on “Login”.

If you do have a password, it comes by default under the device or in the manual. Within the page, locate the section where you can change the IP, generally in the “Network” > “LAN” section. There it places the same address of the main router, but changing the last number for a higher one.

save the changes, close the page and log in again. Now you must start the bridge between both routers.

Create the link between the routers

The first thing you have to do is disable DHCP. Then go to “Wireless” > “Wireless Settings”. There configure the different parameters:

  • SSID: Type the name of your network, which must be the same as the main router.
  • Channell: are numbers, and they must be different from the number 1, avoiding interference.
  • Enable WDS: Activate the option.

Then, go to “Search Survey” to scan the different available networks. Select the one that matches your main router and click “Connect”. now start to fill security parameters in “Wireless” > “Wireless Security”, which must be equal to those of number 1.

Once the process is finished, save the configuration in “System Tools” > “Reboot”. Thus, the router will restart and the changed parameters will be stored correctly. Connect with some device to check operation of the internet connection.

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