How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

WhatsApp has revolutionized the world of instant messaging applications and has become one of the most popular. The conversations and stored data there they can be of great importance and whether they are related to work or your personal life, you most likely do not want to lose them.

It is possible that you have changed your operating system, and now you need to know how to transfer whatsapp from android to iphone. It may seem quite complex, but it is easier than you think, as long as you use the best methods. In this TecVideos article we help you to know several alternatives that will help you achieve it.


Can you transfer data from Android to iPhone?

This may be one of the first questions you ask yourself when you switch from one device to another. On Android, you can save a backup of your messages in google drivewhereas, on iPhone, it is stored in iCloud. The thought of automatically transferring information from one operating system to a completely different operating system may seem impossible.

However, there are different methods and programs that make this job possible quite simply. In fact, there are also applications that allow you to change your WhatsApp to the iPhone style. Here are the best options to transfer your WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone or vice versa.


This app represents a simple and effective solution at the time of transfer whatsapp from android to iphone. It is designed to support direct data transfer from one device to another. Before using it, you need to run it on your Windows or Mac computer and follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iOS and Android device to your PC.
  2. In the sidebar of the interface, select the WhatsApp function and choose the option Transfer WhatsApp Messages.
  3. The devices will be automatically detected by the application, marking them as origin and destination. You can change the destination location with the button Flip in case it is incorrect.
  4. Once the destination is determined, click Startwhich will start the transfer of the chats.
  5. Once the process is complete, you will be notified when it is safe to remove the devices.

The next time you launch WhatsApp on your iPhone, the newly transferred data will be automatically detected and restored. Please note that if you have already used the App on your iOS device, existing data will be deleted.

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iCareFone – WhatsApp Transfer

It is a professional transfer tool that has the features you need to transfer your messages from one device to another. In a few clicks, the process will be completed effectively, regardless of data type. The process to follow is:

  1. Connect both devices via USB on your PC, while turning on USB debugging on your Android. Also, confirm your trust in the computer from your iPhone.
  2. Back up your WhatsApp data on the source device using a backup.
  3. Check the backup account on WhatsApp without disconnecting the device.
  4. Restore the data on the target device.
  5. Your data transfer will have been completed.

If for some reason you have lost your WhatsApp messages, you can visit our article How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without uninstalling it.

iTransor for WhatsApp

iTransor is specially designed to transfer WhatsApp to a new device, no matter its operating system. Its use is very simple and it is characterized by being secure by protecting your data. To use this program, follow these steps:

  1. Install iTransor for WhatsApp on your computer, and launch it.
  2. Connect both devices to your PC via USB, and click “Transfer WhatsApp between devices”.
  3. The program will detect them and display them on the screen, configuring the Source and Destination device.
  4. Hit “Transfer” and start the process. The iPhone will reboot and display the transferred WhatsApp data.


It is a software that is available on Windows and Mac, and that can be downloaded for free from its online platform. Its design allows its users transfer messages from one system to another comfortably. In addition, it is very versatile, since it makes it possible to restore data from other social networks.

When you have installed the program on your PC, proceed to run it. When it is open, select the “Restore Social App” option. Once there, click on “Restore WhatsApp messages”.

Next, connect both devices to your computer and press “Transfer”. This is when the process will start automatically, and the data will be transferred from Android to iPhone.

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Tenorshare WhatsApp Transfer

With Tenorshare you can transfer all your WhatsApp messages and attachments from your Android to iPhone. In addition, it makes it easy to perform and restore backups on both operating systems, offering a simple approach.

To use it, you must connect target device and choose backup. From then on, your WhatsApp data will be quickly restored to the new device.

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