How to send large files for FREE

How to send large files for free

If you are going to send a very large file over the internet, you probably cannot do it by email. In fact, most services have a limited number of MB to send. Therefore, you are probably wondering how to send large files for free.

Well, there are different platforms that allow you to send all kinds of files. Some of them do not even have a transfer limit, so they will be very practical to work with. Also, you don’t have to spend any money, because they are free services. Here are the most popular options for sending large files.



It is one of the most easy, fast and practical to use to send large files for free. You don’t even need to register and the number of uses is unlimited. Every time you go to send a file on WeTransfer, you will be able to transfer data from up to 2GB.

The procedure is simple, since the platform generates a link, which is sent to your contacts. When they access the link, they will see the file for a time up to 7 days. With this tool you will have the opportunity to send these files to up to 20 users.

How to send large files for free - WeTransfer

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is one of the newest heavy file sharing services with the feature of high compatibility. It is possible to use it in web browsers, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows Without inconveniences. The main advantage respect to the previous one is the size of the file, since it admits weight of up to 4GB.

Now, it requires the installation of a plug-in in the browser you are using, although it will not take much time. Once you have the extension installed, open your email and attach the file. Activate the plugin and you can share large files

Another interesting fact is that if you use the extension in Outlook or Chrome the limit is extended up to 10 GB. If you want to know how to send 20 GB files, Send Anywhere has a limit of 20 GB on your mobile platform.

Despite having to install a plug-in, you are not required to register on the page.

How to send large files for free - Send Anywhere


Another of the easiest options to use and similar to WeTransfer, since you can upload files of up to 2 GB. What’s interesting is that it supports simultaneous file uploads, so it allows you to save a lot of time. After sending the large files by MailBigFile, the recipient will have a period of 10 days to download them.

As a disadvantage, the interface of this platform is not as clean, clear or intuitive. Still, it’s still an effective service if you’re pressed for time and don’t want to spend any money.


Hightail is a service decent, practical and quite easy to use to send large files. The most common use is for documents that integrate numerous photographs, which increases their weight considerably. It has a storage capacity of up to 2 GB and as a gift it gives you 5 electronic signatures.

The files to be sent will have a 250MB maximum size which, as you can see, is not as high as the previous options. In addition, it is essential that you register to access its free features.

drop box

This is one of the best-known and most complete tools to share large files for free. Thanks to Dropbox, it is possible to send files to all your contacts, without requiring them to open an account on the platform. Storage is up to 2 GB and if you send recommendations to your contacts, it goes up to 16 GB.

It is a very easy to use platform that you can manage from its website or with folders on the desktop. These are automatically synced with your cloud account. Also, you can create shared folders to see them with other people.

The downside is that your storage will run out soon if you only rely on Dropbox. As a consequence, you will have to pay for more space or delete your files.

How to send large files for free - Dropbox

google drive

If you’ve wondered how to send large files via Gmail, you’ve probably heard of Google Drive. It is a web service that works in a similar way to the previous one, offering its users cloud storage space. Anyone who has the access link can open the saved files. Additionally, the primary user has the ability to share a specific link to a certain file.

To use Google Drive you need to have a Google account, although you can use the same one from your email. You will have 15 GB free storage to get the most out of the tool.

In the strict sense of the word, Drive is not intended for sharing large files. However, your service is very practical and quite used to send files quickly.

Also, if you want to know how to send large files by mail, it is necessary to use Google Drive. The platform will allow you to attach, through Google Drive, files larger than 25mb.


OneDrive is another of the easiest services to use, although many people overlook it. It works in a similar way to the previous platforms, being the Microsoft cloud storage tool. It offers up to 15 GB of free storage, which can be extended if you recommend the service to your friends.

All the data you store in the cloud can be sent to your contacts for free. Once you upload the files, you just have to click on the button share and select a recipient.

As in the case of Gmail, it is necessary to have an Outlook email.

How to send large files for free - OneDrive

Mail Drop

This is an interesting option if you are a Mac computer user. The platform is integrated with the Mail app and is completely free. It works through iCloud, generating a link through which it is possible to download the files.

It is not necessary that the recipient use Mail Dropbut if you do, the files are automatically sent as an attachment.


The most attractive thing about this tool is that it does not put limits on the size of the file. For free you can send practically what you want without any inconvenience. Of course, if the file is very large, it will probably take a long time. some time to fully charge.

Once the files are ready, you can share a link for direct download. On the other hand, if the file is less than 10 GB in size, it is automatically stored in the cloud. Otherwise, sent via P2P.

Unlike the previous tools, to take advantage of Terashare it is need to download an app. However, it is very simple and intuitive to use.

Toffee Share

Again, we present an alternative in which you will have no limit for data transfer. It uses P2P, so the data is sent directly from the sender to the receiver, without intermediate storage. However, you can only share files to a single user per shiftand not simultaneously.

ToffeeShare works using a link or, alternatively, a QR code. It is not a comfortable system, since the receiving user must have the browser window always open. Even so, the good thing is that there is no registration, installation or payment required.

How to send large files for free - ToffeeShare


Like the two previous cases, there will be no limits to share large files, and all for free. What you will have is register to use the servicebut it is something that will not take you long.

Files you upload to SendThisFile last for up to three days, during which time the recipient must download them. It is the most basic option and the only one available in its free plan. If you pay a subscription, you will have many more options and services.


We finish this list of the best tools for share files big free with one of the most interesting There is nothing to pay, no limits, no desire to sign up, and it offers 14-day duration. Recipients will have up to 2 weeks to download the files.

On the other hand, the Smash page is very easy to use, intuitive and has no complications. The interface is extremely simple and you just have to press a button to upload files. Another interesting fact is that it supports the inclusion of passwords in download links.

Finally, you can pay a subscription to get more benefits, priority transfers and URL customization. In short, it is a comfortable and highly versatile platform.

How to send large files for free - Smash

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