How to put the underscore or ‘_’ on a laptop or computer

How to put the underscore on a laptop

Many keyboards are different, so at some point you may come across one that has a different layout than what you’re used to. When this happens, it may be because the keyboard has been manufactured in a country with a language other than Spanish, or because you have changed the language in the operating system.

It is very common that, then, we do not know how to do the accents or how to write certain symbols, such as the underscore, underscore or ‘_’. If this is your case and you find yourself with a keyboard that has the symbols in another place, in this TecVideos article we want to tell you how to put the underscore on a laptop or a computer in different ways and depending on the language so you always know how to do it no matter what keyboard you’re working with.


How to Do the Underscore on a Windows Laptop or PC

If you want to do the underscore on a Windows OS keyboard, the keyboard command is usually always ‘shift’ + ‘-‘. In the QWERTY keyboardsthe ‘-‘ sign is located right next to the right shift key.

How to Put Underscore on Laptop - How to Put Underscore on Windows Laptop or PC

However, the ‘-‘ symbol may not be where you expect it to be. For example, on many English keyboards, the key is usually right next to 0 on the number pad, as shown in the image. This is because some use the Colemak layout instead of QWERTY.

In this case, if your keyboard is in english, you just have to press ‘shift’ + ‘-‘ next to 0.

If the language of the computer is in Spanish, but the keyboard is in this distribution, then you will have to press ‘shift’ + ‘?’ on the keyboard. The question mark is right next to the ‘shift’ key on the right, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

If you have a numeric keypad, just press ‘Alt’ + 9 + 5. Regardless of what language or layout the keyboard is in, this command from the ASCII code it will always work.

On French or AZERTY layout keyboards, you’ll find the ‘-‘ key at number 8, so to put the dash down on your laptop or computer, you’ll need to press ‘shift’ + ‘8’.

If you still can’t type the underscore, you can always quickly copy it from the internet, or you can open the windows character map. Type character map in the search field on the toolbar and click on the app. You will have all the symbols, letters and numbers on the keyboard, the underscore is third in the fourth row.

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How to Put Underscore on Mac

For Macs, the command to underline is the same: ‘shift’ + ‘-‘. As with the previous explanation, some keyboards may have a different layout than QWERTY, the most traditional for Spanish keyboards.

If you can’t figure out how to type it, you can also use an assisted keyboard. Go into System Preferences and, under Accessibility, go to the Keyboard section. Activate the accessibility keyboard and you will be able to see it on your screen so you can dial ‘shift’ + ‘-‘ from the screen.

How to put underscore in Linux

If you have a Linux computer and the steps we have given you above do not work for you, you will have to apply the following command:

  • CTRL + SHIFT + U.
  • With the keys pressed, write the code 5F.

Why can’t I put the underscore symbol?

If you have followed the steps above and are still not successful, there is likely a problem with your keyboard. First of all, you have to analyze that the distribution that you have is the same as the one we are focusing on. We have made reference to a Spanish layout on a classic keyboard used in the country.

However, if you bought your computer abroad, it may have come with an English keyboard. There’s also Latin American and Asian variants, so you have to look for the keyboard language setting. First, define the physical keys and see if it corresponds to the usual distribution of the country.

Alternatively, go to the system settings, specifically the languages ​​and keyboards section, and download the language you want. Once you install it, you will be able to put the bar down without any problem.

Remember that the procedure can be done in different ways depending on the operating system. Likewise, you have to be aware of the keyboard you have, the language or the type of command you use. In this way, you will be able to put the bar low without any inconvenience.

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