How to put a single name on Facebook

How to put a single name on Facebook

“I don’t want to put my real name on Facebook”, has it happened to you? Whether for security reasons for not wanting to show the surname or for aesthetics, many wonder how to put a single name on facebook.

If this is the case for you, you probably think it’s just a matter of going to settings and editing your name. However, it is not as simple as it seems and you may have to use some tricks that we will teach you in this new Tecvideos article. Let’s get to it and find out how to remove last name from Facebook or change first name.


Can the last name be deleted on Facebook?

Although you might think so Facebook does not allow to delete the last name of your profile, at least not natively. Actually, it depends on the region where you are located. You can try to remove the last name from the configuration and, if it works for you, then problem solved.

Now, Facebook most likely doesn’t support it, but don’t worry. Yes, there is an effective way to leave only your First name.

Before telling you how, it is necessary to note that if at any time you lose access to your Facebook account, Facebook may ask you to verify your identity by providing an identity document that includes the name that you have in your profile. If they don’t match, you may not be able to recover your account.

Therefore, think carefully before deleting the surname and, if you are sure, follow the tutorial carefully to find out. how to put the name you want on Facebook.

How to hide last name on Facebook

The first thing you have to do is login to facebook through the browser and not from the Android or iOS app. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your mobile or on your computer, what matters is that you use Chromeor failing that, Firexox. Well, the only way to eliminate the last name in this social network is to put it in Indonesian.

Although it seems unusual, it is a effective and safe method. Of course, we’ll show you step by step what to do so you don’t get confused while navigating in this language, which you’re unlikely to know.

  1. Enter Facebook from the browser and log in.
  2. Once inside the social network, click on the menu with the down arrow icon or where you normally access the settings.
  3. Tap Settings & privacy and go to Languages.
  4. Change the language of Facebook by choosing Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia; Refresh the page.

If you applied the procedure in order, you will now have Facebook in Indonesian. Therefore, you may be wondering how to find the settings. We have done the work for you and we explain it in detail:

  1. Go back to the settings menu and click on the option Pentaturan Akun.
  2. Click on the first option, which says um. Here a menu will open where you can change the name, although of course, in Indonesian.
  3. Click on the section name and another menu will be displayed to change the name.

Do not make any changes, because you must first use an application that pretend your location is Indonesia. Any VPN will work for you, such as Solo VPN. Of course, you can use any other, since all these apps work in the same way.

  1. Open the VPN app that you have downloaded.
  2. In the drop-down menu find and select the country Indonesia.
  3. Click on connect.
  4. When a connection is established, it returns to the browser.

Now the time has come to leave only your first name, eliminating the last name, and it would be done as follows:

  1. Locate the box Nama Belakang and delete everything that is there.
  2. If you want, change your first name, keeping in mind that you will not be able to do it again until after 60 days.
  3. Click on Tinjau Perubahan to end.

If you see a pop-up window with a box to type, it is because you are being asked for the password to confirm. You just have to write it in the space and click on Simpan Perubahn.

Finally, put the language back in Spanish and with this you have finished the configuration.

How to put a single name on Facebook - How to hide the last name on Facebook

How to change my name on Facebook

If all you want to do is change name on facebook, regardless of the last name, the procedure is much easier. There is no need to use other languages ​​or install additional applications. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook in the browser and click the arrow on the top right bar.
  2. Choose privacy settings and then settings.
  3. Click on it Name and enter the new one you want to place.
  4. Click review change.
  5. Enter the password and save the changes.

Do not forget that after this you cannot change the name of the after 60 days, so choose it wisely.

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How to put a single name on Facebook - How to change my name on Facebook

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