How to open a JSON file

How to open a JSON file

If you are just starting out in the world of web programming, it is likely that you have come across JSON files. It is a format that works with JavaScript, although it is not exclusive, and that is of great importance in the storage of data during the creation of web pages and other programs.

In this TecVideos article, we are going to explain what it is, what it is for and how to open a json file, either to display the information inside or to edit it without damaging the structure of the code. In addition, we also tell you what are the easiest ways to convert a JSON file to PDF o Excel, easier reading formats for other users. Go for it!

A JSON extension file (JavaScript Object Notation) it is based on a standard format used in data exchange. It’s text-based, and it’s very lightweight. It is used, above all, for transmit data between a server and a web application.

The JSON format is independent of JavaScript and has become quite compatible with various programming APIs. It is often used when programming Ajax web applications, and is an increasingly popular alternative to XML. The exchange is usually carried out on computers connected to the Internet.

Many current applications use this format to store configuration information. Also, it is used when saving structured data or sending notifications to the server. In addition, it allows downloading the status of the program or web application.

How to open a JSON file - What is a JSON file and what is it for

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Because it’s a text file, the easiest way to open a JSON file is using a text editor. It is easy to modify and save without requiring special software. However, if you break or alter the format, the application will crash while uploading the file.

Therefore, it is recommended to use applications that allow you to open the file and edit it without altering it. Here are different ways to open a JSON file for each operating system.

JSON on Windows

To handle files of this type in Windows, there are several effective alternatives. One of the most recommended is Notepad++, being a source code editor that supports multiple languages, such as Java and HTML. Using this simple interface, it is easy to open files of various types, including those in JNLP format.

Another tool that allows the opening of these files is MozillaFirefox. This is one of the most customizable web browsers. It uses JSON format to create backup copies of users’ bookmarks. This feature makes it a good choice for opening these types of files.

It also stands out FileViewerPlus, a more advanced file viewer and used to edit and save multiple formats. This will show you the metadata and hidden information of each file you open. None of these editors are included in the Windows package, so you must download them from their website.

JSON on Mac

Included in this operating system is the AppleTextEdit, an open source text editor. With this editor, it is simple to read or edit files of the type JSON and similar formats. It even allows you to insert videos, audio or graphics into the document to convert them to RTFD.

BBEdit is also widely used in source code editing for free. Its functions range from basic text editing to programming. To obtain this application, you need to access its website and download it.

JSON on Linux

vim is a recommended source code editor for users of this operating system. For its use, some experience in programming is required. It has extensive functionality and is customizable.

On the other hand, it is Pine Composer, or PICO, a more basic editor. It offers several functions, including editing commands using control key sequences. It is very effective with plain text files.

The editors used in this type of servers are used for professional work or with experienced users.

JSON on Android

There are several apps available to open these types of files from your Android device. A highly recommended one is JSONViewer, designed specifically for viewing these files. After downloading it on Google Play, you can see the content of the format without altering its structure.

Through this application you can select the file from your device, or open it directly from the platform you got it from.

How to open a JSON file - How to open a JSON file

Converting from one format to another is very easy using the right programs, and the same thing happens with JSON files. The most common method of doing so is online through pages designed for this purpose. An excellent platform to convert these files to PDF is AnyConv. The procedure you must follow to convert a JSON file to PDF and make it easier to read is as follows:

  1. Access the AnyConv website.
  2. Click on the “Choose file” button and select the JSON file from your computer. It is important that it does not weigh more than 100 Mb.
  3. Hit the “Convert” button, thus starting the process.
  4. After the conversion is complete, download the PDF file.

The conversion is quite fast, it takes only seconds. In addition, the web is very secure, thanks to the fact that uploaded files are automatically deleted. In this way, no one has access to your personal information.

In case you want to convert a JSON file to an XML file, you can also use websites like Online Toolz.

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