How to number pages in Word from page 3

How to number pages in Word from page 3

It is quite common to need to create a Word document by numbering the pages differently. For example, when doing some type of project, you may not want to list the first few pages, such as the cover and table of contents. In these cases, it is convenient that the numbering starts from the introduction of the content.

Although it is strange, the text editor does not provide a simple and concrete option to carry out this task. Doing this takes a bit of time, but nothing that can’t be fixed. There are a number of steps you can follow in order to number pages in word from page 3and in this TecVideos article we explain them to you.

Steps to follow:


Perhaps at first glance it does not seem so necessary, but numbering pages in Word from any page, such as page 3, can become essential. To start the process, the first thing you need to do is open the word document with whom you want to work. Then follow the procedure.


Place the cursor or pointer at the bottom of the page before the one you want to list. In this case it would be on page number 2because you want to start the numbering of your document on page 3.


Proceed to go to the “Format” or “Page design”, depending on the version of Word you are using. There, click on “jumps” and “Next page”. At this point, 2 sections will be created, with the second starting on the page you are going to list. Both sections can be displayed by double-clicking on the footer or header.

How to number pages in Word from page 3 - Step 3


The box “Same as above” indicates that both sections are linked, you must unlink them. To do this, click on that box and click on “Link to previous”, in the “Design” tab, to uncheck the option. Now close the footer on the “X” icon located at the top right.

How to number pages in Word from page 3 - Step 4


Place the cursor inside the page where you want to start the count. Since we are interested in numbering the pages in Word from page 3, you should place the cursor on this page. Then go to the “Insert”, and click “Page number” and then in “Top/Bottom of page, depending on where you want to place the enum. There you select if you want the number to appear in the center or in one of the corners.

You will notice that the numbering will start on the current page, but with the actual page number of the document, like 3 or 4. Since you want the number to be 1, you need to modify this and this is where the “Layout” tab comes into play.

How to number pages in Word from page 3 - Step 5


Double click on the number and go to the options that the tab gives you “Design”. Click on “Page number” to display the menu. There select “Page Number Format”. A window will open with different options.

How to number pages in Word from page 3 - Step 6


Inside the pop-up window, click on “start in” and type 1. This is how you manage to number in Word from page 3, getting it to start with number 1. It is a process that requires patience and concentration, but allows you to achieve your goal. These same steps are used to list in Word from page 2 or any other that you are interested in marking as the first.

Now you can modify your Word documents and adapt them to your needs, and even make them more attractive by downloading fonts for the editor.

How to number pages in Word from page 3 - Step 7

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