How to merge several PDFs into one without programs

How to merge several PDFs into one without programs

Using PDF documents has great advantages. They are secure files, easy to share and translate, and are compatible with any browser. Either to facilitate the sending of documents or because they ask you as a requirement, you may need to know how to merge several PDFs into one without programs.

The best way to do it without using programs is using websites that will allow you to combine multiple PDFs online. Here we tell you the best ones that you can use, as well as other options for Mac and Windows, in case you decide that it is better to work with programs. In any case, you can always uninstall them after using them easily. Keep reading this TecVideos article and find out how to merge PDF quickly.


How to merge two PDF online

On the Internet there is a great variety of pages that allow merge multiple PDF files and make them one. In addition to this, they have other useful functions, such as compressing a PDF so that it weighs less.

In general, they are the favorite options of many, since we do not need to install any program to use them. Next, we introduce you to the most recommended websites to join PDF.


To use this web tool, you only have to access its official page. Once there, you can drag and drop PDF files what you need to join After uploading them all, press the “Combine your PDFs” button and wait for the platform to complete its process.

To finish, you just have to download the resulting file to your device, save it in the cloud or share it. Additionally, the platform has chrome extensions that you can install in your browser.

I Love PDF

The operation of this platform is quite similar to the previous one. You can upload files one by one, or drag them all together and drop them directly on the web. In addition, it allows you to use cloud serviceslike Google Drive, and get the documents from there.

This website also allows you to split PDF, as well as compress them or convert them to other reading formats.

Merge PDF

This free online tool allows you to combine multiple PDF files into a single document of the same format. The procedure is just as simple, needing only to open the site in your browser, upload the files and click “To combine”. Combine PDF also allows you change the format of your PDF files in case you need to send it as a Word document, a text document or a JPG image.


In addition to merging PDF files, it allows you to join documents of different formats and convert them to it. Is compatible with different operating systems, and its operation is very simple. Enter the web, select the documents you are going to combine and click on “Join files”.

The page will then begin the process and provide you with the file ready to download or share.

How to join several PDFs into one without programs - How to join two PDFs online

How to Merge Two PDFs on Windows

When working with Windows, the most effective option when merging PDF files is to use programs, as there is no native Windows application for merging PDFs. We recommend using programs especially when you carry out this work on a regular basis. Thanks to best programs to merge pdfyou will be able to do it easily and quickly.


This is, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives among the Programs to merge PDF in Windows. It is a software that you can get for free from its official website, and it is very easy to use. Once you download and install it on your computer, you just have to start adding the files as follows:

  1. Open one of the PDF documents, click Print, and select PDF Creator.
  2. The application interface will appear, including the Merge option.
  3. Before using it, open the second PDF and hit Print as well, this time clicking Combine.
  4. The two files will appear, which you must select and click on “Combine selected”.
  5. Click on Continue and choose the name and path of the resulting file.


It is a program designed to work with files in PDF format. It’s a open source software which has been one of the main alternatives when editing these documents. To get started, go to their official website, download and install it.

Once opened, select the files to merge, configure the settings, choose their name and location, and you’re done.


This simple tool is also available for free and is easy to download and install on your computer. Its interface is very intuitive and simple to drive When you open the program, select the option you want to run, in this case it would be “Join”.

Another screen will open where you will choose the files you want to merge. You can also locate them on your computer to drag and drop them onto the interface. Both files will then be merged into one.

How to merge several PDFs into one without programs - How to merge two PDFs in Windows

How to Merge Two PDFs on Mac

The process for merge PDF on Mac It is much easier than in Windows. A very particular feature is that, to do so, this operating system no third-party programs required. This is so because it incorporates a very simple, effective and fast function: Preview.

To get started, you need to open one of the PDF files with this program. Once you do, follow these steps:

  1. Within the interface, click on the View menu, thus activating the thumbnails.
  2. Next, open the folder where you have the second PDF file to merge, and drag it to the left sidebar.
  3. When they are joined, click “Save” or “Export as PDF”, and determine their name and path.

With this tool it is very easy to customize the final result of your file. You can select page order according to your preferences. To do this, you just have to drag them through the thumbnail sidebar and place them in the corresponding place.

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