How to make my PC faster in Windows 10

How to make my PC faster in Windows 10

Although the Windows operating system is very well optimized, your hardware resources may be limited and that makes your PC slower. Have you asked yourself how to make a windows 10 pc faster? Even if you don’t have the best RAM or processor, there are a number of tricks that will help you get there.

In this TecVideos article we tell you what you can do if you wonder how to optimize windows 10 and how to make your laptop faster or desktop computer. Increase speed and reduce tasks that slow you down, let’s get to it!

Determine what slows down your PC

Knowing what makes your startup slow is very simple. You just have to right click on the taskbar, and open the Task Manager. Once there, go to the Start tab, where you can see the applications and their impact during the computer startup.

If it shows as Enabled, it means the program is running at startup. Also, if you have a high impactit is convenient that you disable it for speed up windows 10.

How to make my PC faster in Windows 10 - Determine what slows down your PC

Reduce system graphics effects

The windows 10 animations They can consume various resources. Therefore, if the hardware components of your computer are somewhat low or you have low graphics memory, this is one of the main modifications that you can do if you are wondering how to make your PC faster. To reduce its effects, follow these steps:

  1. On your PC keyboard, press the Windows + R keys at the same time.
  2. A window called Run will appear.
  3. In that search box type sysdm.cpl and press Enter.
  4. The System Properties window will open.
  5. Click Advanced Options > Performance > Settings.
  6. In the visual effects tab you can configure the system. check the box Adjust for best performance.
How to make my PC faster in Windows 10 - Reduce system graphics effects

Employ the high energy performance plan

The power plans used by Windows 10 affect the performance of your computer and its components. For example, the economizer mode reduces energy consumption, but also its performance.

If the hardware of your computer is powerful, with the balanced mode you will achieve a good performance. On the other hand, if it is limited, the best option is to use high performance to recover the speed of your computer.

For set up your power planthe procedure is the next:

  1. In the search box on your computer, type Edit Power Plan and enter.
  2. Choose the Change advanced power settings option.
  3. Select one of the default plans or create a custom one.
How to make my PC faster in Windows 10 - Use the high power plan

Clean system boot

have a clean boot will help you increase the availability of resources. To achieve this, the process to follow is this:

  1. In the Windows search box, type msconfig and select System Configuration.
  2. In this dialog, go to the Services tab and check the Hide all Microsoft services box. Then click Disable All.
  3. Now, within the same System Configuration window, head over to the Windows Startup tab. There click Open Task Manager.
  4. Once there, go to the Home tab, select all the items and hit Disable.
  5. After closing Task Manager, go back to Start in the System Configuration box. Click OK and restart your computer.

Remove unnecessary apps

To know how to speed up a Windows 10 PC to the maximum and without programs, it is important to clean it from time to time. If you use your computer a lot, you may constantly install applications for specific uses. However, the time comes when they are not useful or functional.

Apps not only take up storage space and RAM, they also load up your startup. For this reason, you can go to Add or Remove Programs on the home tab. Once there, select the apps you no longer need and want to remove. We recommend sorting by storage space to see the programs that take up the most space.

How to make my PC faster in Windows 10 - Remove unnecessary applications

Optimize your storage by freeing up space

If your storage drives are low on space, the performance of your operating system may suffer. To optimize your performance, it’s easy and effective free up space with the following methods:

  • Delete applications as in the previous procedure.
  • Writes disk cleanup In the search bar, choose the drive and select the files you want to delete.
  • use the function free up space now in the Storage Settings option within the Windows startup.
  • Optimize the storage unit in the section Defragment and Optimize Drives, to find it you can write it in the search bar. Select the option in question and that’s it.

Update system and drivers

Updates generate a great impact on the performance of your computer. Hence it is important that keep all drivers up to date without compromising stability. Make sure you do it like this:

  • Frequently update the drivers, but only their final versions and those that come from the manufacturer’s website, not from third parties.
  • Make sure they are compatible with your hardware and operating system.
  • When it comes to Windows 10 updates, try not to be one of the first to install them. In this way, you will be able to know if they have problems before using them on your computer.

Turn off fast startup

Although it sounds contradictory, the way fast startup works in Windows 10 can present problems that slow down the computer. If you want to try to disable it, this is the procedure:

  1. Access the Control Panel.
  2. Choose the options Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Change the actions of the Power and Power Buttons.
  3. Turn off the Turn on fast startup option.
How to make my PC faster in Windows 10 - Turn off fast startup

Keep your team safe

Within a computer system, security has a big impact on your performance. Keeping your PC protected will help speed up its operation, as you will ensure that it is free from all kinds of malware. Always remember the following tips:

  • Avoid accessing unreliable internet sites.
  • Do not open or download files from dubious or unknown sources.
  • Perform a regular scan with the help of a reliable antivirus.

Increase virtual memory

It is especially helpful in those teams that have low capacity in your RAM memory. When it runs out, the system begins to consume space from the SSD or HDD, using it as virtual memory. Although it is usually managed automatically, it can also be configure manuallySo:

  1. In the Windows search engine, type System and select the first option.
  2. Go to Advanced System Settings > Performance > Settings > Advanced Options.
  3. Click Change and uncheck the option to manage automatically.
  4. Choose the unit and values ​​you want to use, and OK.

Also, it could be very useful to use a hard drive RAID if you have storage problems.

Maintain your PC

More than system maintenance, it is important that you frequently clean the structure of your CPU. Dust and dirt can cause the ventilation to be blocked, increasing the temperature and causing performance issues. In order to take care of your equipment, be sure to perform the following processes:

  • Deep clean your equipment at least once a year.
  • Change the CPU thermal paste every couple of years.
  • Check the temperature of the GPU after the second year of its purchase.
How to make my PC faster in Windows 10 - Maintain your PC

Disable Cortana assistant

Windows 10 has a virtual assistant unique in the operating system. Disabling it on your computer can help improve its performance. If you decide to do it, you must open Settings in the search bar and access the Cortana section.

Make sure “Hey Cortana,” “Lock Screen,” and “Keyboard Shortcut” are disabled.

Delay some services to load later

To the delay execution of some services, the boot will be faster. To do so, type run in the system browser, and enter Services.msc in the frame. There you can begin to review the description of each service and determine if it is possible to delay it.

If so, double-click the Startup Type, and change it to Automatic (Delayed Start).

Accept Windows Help

The wizard of this operating system makes revisions in order to determine performance issues. Using this option opens Control Panel to the start button. Click on “Troubleshooting”. Among the given options, select the area that you think has problems, and check to determine if there are performance problems in the system and how to solve them.

Clean malware or adware

As you browse the web, programs or plug-ins may be installed without your consent. These are known as malware or adware, and consume resources stealthily. To find and get rid of such software, it will help to use programs like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

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