How to make a golem in Minecraft

How to make a golem in Minecraft

golems are some neutral beings large ones that can help you fight looters or other monsters during your Minecraft adventures. You can find them in the villages, but you can also create them yourself. The process to create golems is very simple and you can create them of all types, be it fire, iron, earth, snow or more.

In this TecVideos article we will tell you how to make a golem in minecraft without mods and we will clarify more doubts about this type of creatures, their purpose in the game and how to use them in the best way. Go for it!


How to make an iron golem in minecraft

For make a protective golem in minecraft to defend the villagers and you from monster attacks, you will need only a few ingredients:

  • Four Iron Blocks (36 Iron Ingots)
  • a carved pumpkin

You will need this amount of materials for each iron golem that you want to create. Then, you will have to place the four iron blocks in a T-shape, so that three of them are next to each other and one below, acting as a body.

Then, put the pumpkin on the central iron block, you must place it last or you will not be able to summon the golem. In addition, you will also have to do it in an open area so that the golem can spawn, since if there is no space you will not get it.

The golem will spawn automatically and you can now use it for your adventures. Iron golems are most commonly used to defend villages, and the golems will create a friendly relationship with the villagers the longer they spend there.

Also, you can use them to resist zombie attacks in the villages. You can then use the zombie meat as wolf food.

Another use of the golems is that you can use them to make iron farms and collect more of this material that is, on its own, difficult to find at times.

How to make a golem in Minecraft - How to make an iron golem in Minecraft

How to make a snow golem

Snow golems are very similar to iron golems, but they are weaker. However, they are very useful to protect you from the attack of the Blaze, some hostile creatures that you can find in the fortresses of the Nether. In case you want make a snow golem in minecraftyou will need to:

  • 2 blocks of snow
  • 1 carved pumpkin

To summon it, all you have to do is do a tower with materials in an open place. Place the two snow blocks first, and the carved pumpkin last. The golem will appear automatically and you can now use it to fight other hostile beings. In addition, the snow golem has the peculiarity that it leaves trails of snow when walking, so you can use the snow to make balls and throw them as an attack at your enemies.

The rain will kill your golem, so be careful. He will also take damage in biomes such as the desert, jungles, mesas, and savannahs.

Iron golems and snow golems can fight each other, but the iron golem will always kill the snow golem as it is more powerful.

How to make a golem in Minecraft - How to make a snow golem

How to make a golem from other materials

You may be aware of the existence of other golem types, such as fire, diamond or gold golems. However, the only way to get them is by using mods. These mods will allow us to use other materials to create golems that will be more or less resistant depending on the type.

You can make golems of up to 22 different types with various materials. For example, you can make straw golems (weakest) or diamond golems (strongest).

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