how to log out amazon prime on tv


How do I logout of Amazon Prime app on my TV?

To sign out of Amazon Prime on your TV, navigate to your settings from the Amazon prime app or website and select Manage Devices. Then, select Deregister beside the device you want to sign out from.

Why can’t I sign out of prime?

Try again – temporary connection issues cause some sign-in issues. If you are unable to sign out, browse to Account & Settings > Your devices on the Prime Video website. Then click Deregister next to the device you want to remove.

Can not sign out of Amazon app?

Logging out of the Amazon app isn’t as straightforward as it can be, since there’s no easy-to-find button to sign out. Open the app and go to the Menu (three vertical lines icon) tab. Open the Settings section and tap on Not (your name)? Sign out.

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